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  1. BBC story link Surely if you have to pay 4214% interest when you buy something on credit - YOU CANNOT AFFORD IT! 1. Why does the govt let this go on? 2. Why are people dumb enough to take these loans out? Imagine if debt were not possible. Would the world be a better or worse place?
  2. will watch this on iplayer. from what i read today the ritz hasnt paid tax in 20 years. what a joke. it would appear taxes are just as voluntary in the uk for business as they are for our friends the greeks.
  3. those photos in the Mail look like most villages in northern france. ie empty.
  4. Some may be legal and some not. Those dumb enough just to put cash offshore and not declare the income are committing a criminal act.
  5. trouble is the Revenue arent actually doing anything. this is all journalists. nothing even to do with the authorities who actually have some power to stop this.
  6. guardian link short video included in page link above
  7. this will be very interesting. will anyone go to jail i wonder? and how can panorama uncover this and the revenue not?
  8. and hence thats why the aim should be to reduce corporation tax to zero.
  9. not sure member states of the EU would have the will to stick the knife into their respective tax havens. it looks good to question tax paid by large corporates but none of the EU leaders who the stomach for such a battle. the only was to resolve the unfairness of the tax system is move toward a land, inheritance and wealth taxes and reduce corporate and income taxes.
  10. thats certainly positive in terms of a plan but of course until the germans voting public say "ja" then i may as well have come up with the plan personally. the markets will like the sound of a plan being hatched though.
  11. i could not believe my ears when at one point phil said, in answer to the girl saying she wouldnt comtemplate living in such a dump, you just live in it a few years, tidy it up a bit and sell it on for a profit. OMG. What a f*ing irresponsible idiot. the guy should know better. :angry:
  12. Agree one again. I often imagine being in a history class 200 hundred years from now and the teacher is talking about the consumer led debt boom and bust. It just seems so simple that people were blinded by shiny things. And it seems so amazing that govts totally slept on their watch
  13. Yes. People had been repaying unsecured debts post 2008 but in the last 6 months this has been rising again , not due to confidence, but due to it being the only way many can pay their living costs. The bank downgrade, being discussed on the slyness thread, could be the catalysts whci raises rates and puts a final knife in the back of many families struggling to cope
  14. Trouble is most infrastructure spending is not efficient spending. Look at Japan and their bridges to nowhere. Will markets really lend over indebted nations more money to build unnecessary infrastructure? Whilst it will kick start the economy, it will not be sustainable and would lead to a greater collapse once people realise the money was wasted ie non income generating, and just leaves behind more debt.
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