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  1. The Isle Of Anglesey- that amount of money can get you alot , and I had the best childhood ever growing up here. The beaches are gorgeous, mountains, rivers and lakes not far to get to and you meet loads of people and the crime is next to nothing where I live. loz
  2. My sentiments exactly, the machine you used to buy about 10- 20 years ago were much more energy efficent in the fact they would last for years. The problems started when manafactures were making appliances to suit the big boys, that means todays appliances only last about 2-5 years. Manafactures also started charging astrinomical prices for spare parts even though it cost them penny's, so if you wanted to fix your machine it wouldn't be cost effective to do so. Then you have to go and buy a brand new machine and scrap the old one etc, and people end up doing this on average every two years. They should go back to building quality that would last about 20 years and charge alot less for spares so it could be repaired and not end up in land fill.This would seem a more efficent way of doings things in my opinion.
  3. I'm in the domestic appliance repair trade, nothing is manafactured in this country anymore. It's because of the like of currys etc that the repair trade and sole traders of electrical good were nearly wiped out, i for one would be glad to see them suffer.
  4. Whats in the past is in the past, why should the hardworking generation like my mother and father and me and my partner have to suffer due to theft and acts of colonisation conduted hundres of years ago as you say! I've paid tax through my wages, council tax, stamp duty, etc etc and will continue to do so for the public purse, yet you want me to just give up all the things that i've worked my buttocks off to the state!!! May I add, do you honestly think that all this extra money recieved from this 100% inhertiance tax you would like to introduce would actually go to help us public folk, or to the money grabbing MP'S/landowners who think they know how to spend our money better then we DO!!!!
  5. I've just managed to sell my flat (thank god), and are lucky to get away with just £2000 out of it. Me and my partner are moving back in with my parents to save up a deposit etc, however i can't see that this is the bottom of the market. I think that the people that have bought recently are the ones that waited and saved a massive amount of money and those that STR just before the brown stuff hit the fan. For everyone else it is near on impossible to buy at the moment, where i live for a decent two bedroom house or bungalow your looking at about £150k , but the problem is most people only earn about 12-16k round here and you have to have a deposit of about 15-25% LTV. That is a huge amount of money for people like me and believe that prices will start to come down again from about autumn/winter this year. I can tell you we wont be buying for a few years to come and many people and friends i know are going to be doing the same thing.
  6. Don't agree with you at all on this one! If you've worked all your life and paid all the taxes under the sun, then it is up to you what you do with the things you have EARNED!
  7. You need to check what the lease states! When i purchased my flat i was told we couldn't let the property out or have pets, however I read over the lease some years later and found that you can rent as long as you recieve the permission of the freeholder, which by law they can not unreasonably refuse!!!!!!! People get confused as most leases will state " must be only in the occupation of the leasee and his/her family" so they automatically think that you can't rent. Yet, futher on in the lease it will state" must not sublet with out permission of the lessor in writting and the contract between leasee and the sub-tenants must contain the same convenants etcccc" So when you sub-let the property to a tenant their contract should state that the property can only be occupied by the sub-tenant and his/her family and any other convenants that you have to abide to. I hope this helps!
  8. I beg you to walk away from it! If their already in a dispute and withholding information then theres serious trouble going on. I should know from experience with my flat, it got that bad that i was on the verge of just handing the keys back to the mortgage company. Stear Clear, i'm suprised your solicitor hasn't advised you to do the same, the cost you've occured now will be nothing compared to what you'll face when you have a dispute with the management company. The sellers are hidding alot from you, all they want to do if offload the s@*"t onto someone else. that is a dead cert!!!!!! Tell me are the sellers withholding the accounts for the last three years at all??? The management company can also request monies for additional maintenance etc at any time and you have to pay up within 21 days , and it doesn't matter if you can afford it or not!!! They can then take you to small claims for breach of lease if you don't pay, then your faced having to pay there legal costs as it will state you have to in the lease.a
  9. Go to www.lease-advice.org/ as there are criteria you need to meet before you can buy the freehold. As I have said before from my own experience, do not touch leasehold at all because when things go bad they really go bad. Get a place that is freehold, because then you have no one telling you what you can and can not do and if something needs doing to the property you can save for it because with leasehold they can just give a figure and you have to pay it within the time limit they give. (doesn't matter if you can afford it or not!!!) loz
  10. Those figures can't be right at all, I live in anglesey and the average wage here would be lucky to be above 15-16k a year. loz
  11. The nhs have actualy done a study on the gentlemans method that I used to get rid of my anxiety and panic attacks, it also stops ocd behaviour and agrophabia which is all related to anxiety but in different forms. They have come to the agreement and also psychologists who refuted his method at first that this guy is right that anxiety isn't an illness just a habitt. Its to do with the amyglada (dont think i spelt it right) which gets set at a high level and gets stuck due to the amount of stress someone has been under. In order to get it back down to a normal level you need to change your habitts and many other things, it a bit complicated to tell other people, but is common sense when you put it into practise. The gentleman that came up with this method suffred from all forms of anxiety for 20 years, been to every doc, pshycologist been on very medication which just made it worse. In the end he did his own study into people who had actually got rid of their anxiety and came up with his method and is now anxiety free and med free. Depression on the other hand is an illness, it does help do some of the things that anxiety sufferes are now doing but it is something that does need to be controlled by medication. They will always have depression and it doesnt take stress etc to just set it off, it just happens as i've seen with my auntie.
  12. I think things need to be cleared up on this anxiety, depression thing! Depression is an actual illness caused by a chemical imbalance unfortunatly, my auntie had it for years and she would go from massive highs to really bad lows. luckly they managed to balance the tablets right and she's been fine for over two years. anxiety and panic attacks, which i did suffer from is not a mental illness or a physical illnes. It happend to me after i had been in a stressfull situation for over 18 months, when it calmed down by body was still in a stressful state out of habbit. For the fella that said that we need to grow a pair has never suffered from any of the above, the feeling is like hanging outside of a plane, at the same time your body is causing pains like a heart attack so you seriously think that your going to die. You feel like that constantly and can't get to sleep etc is the most frightening experience of my life and i thought i was going mad. Luckily I found a chap that cured his anxiety and followed his method and don't experience any anxiety or panic attacks! Yes the gentlemans right that suicide has gone up, but 50 years ago the syptoms of stress back then was stomach ulcers, now it's chronic back pain and sciatica. I was never a material person, my problem was that I always worried about things and never took time out to just relax and have fun and i think it's so true of people of this generation. They have to be either working all the time or just doing something because there afraid of missing out, instead of just doing nothing at all once in a while. Some counsellors are good but only if they have experienced what you have, i.e anxiety, deprssion etc! Otherwise there just the blind leading the blind.
  13. Can't believe this has come up on HPC my flats on there aswell, just want to get rid of it so I can start saving for a house had no joy yet, even though I've had plenty of views. http://www.getanoffer.co.uk/property/171/q...y-ll74-8tg.html I'm going to be expecting some criticism, Loz
  14. Looks like the EA's still loving it up, houses are still selling at a steady pace and people renting has increased could be seasonally affected not too sure? Loz
  15. And another thing since my origianl post me and my partner has split up because of it aswell.
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