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  1. Well I am sure that the house is mortgaged as his statements come here. I am going to ask for proof he is allowed to rent the place. As a side note, if it is his only house and he receives rental income on it does he still have to pay income tax or is that for people with multiple properties? Thanks again.
  2. I'm sure there has been a post on how to check if your LL has a BTL mortgage, can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Kev
  3. ........says the BOE on Channel 4 news now, or 4+1 later.
  4. I saw this and thought of you This is a new one
  5. I am bearish and think we are close to drop number 2 but I think the scale of these graphs gives a false impression of the rise / decline.
  6. I'm typing this on a Samsung nc10, had it for about a month now. Keyboard size is good, resolution reasonable and battery life is amazing at a genuine 6 hours with wireless on. I work in IT and did a bit of research first and the nc10 was the winner, shame about the via chip on the hp. I got mine for 290 from staples, but i guess they may be cheaper elsewhere? and there is an nc11 or nc20 (can't remember which) coming out soon so maybe cheaper still.
  7. Yes both interesting and worrying! No he rents, and would likely be refused for a mortgage and would be unable to buy me out. In an ideal world he would sell, pay off his debts and start again in credit. As he is financially blind (in denial actually, GB would love him - spend borrow spend) I had mentioned to my mother to put a clause in that forced him to sell to pay his debt but she thought that was unfair. She has bailed him out all his life, when she has gone I wont be doing that so he will have to learn fast - which he wont. As you correctly identified, he needs protecting from himself.
  8. No the value is well below the threashold. Inteteresting point, although the loans are not secured can they force him to sell the house to pay his bank loan that he recently defaulted on? Can they do this with shared ownership?
  9. In the days of liar loans this may have been possible, but not now.........
  10. Sadly my mother is terminally ill with cancer, having bravely fought it for nearly 3 years it has now spread to her brain band she is near the end. She has discussed her wishes with us (completey un prompted as we told her to spend it)and everything is to be split 50/50. However, my brother is a genuine spendaholic, aged 34 he acts like a teenager, 25k+ in debt, defaulting on a 20k+ loan, moe going out than coming in and still spending on rubbish. In contrast I have a bit put aside for a deposit and have no debt. I would be the one responsible for the upkeep as he is simply not capable, this is something I'm not prepared to do. My question is simply can he stop the sale?
  11. Firstly, apologies for clogging up the main forum for this I know its a bit OT. I am shortly due to inherit a 50% share of a house with my brother having the remaing 50%. All debts in th estate will already be settled so we will own the full 100%. I am keen to sell and move on as the house id miles away from me and of no use. He on the other hand wants to keep it and use the rent as income. It should rent out at £500 p/m so £250 each. Trouble is, I don't think it is worth the hassle and I could do with the money for a deposit. Anyway I calculate my monthly vield after tax and insurance at £125 (40% tax), so accounting for rental voids, maintenance etc it could be negligible. So, why doesnt he buy me out? As a near bankrupt with no sense of financial responsibility he will not get a mortgage. I also dread to think what would happen if something like a boiler or roof needed replacing as there is now way he could raise the funds. I think the fairest way is to sell and split 50/50, but what is the legal position on this? Can I force a sale? Thanks, PS the will hasn't been completed yet, should I bring it up?
  12. Maybe it is just a simple case of GB writing off the UK as being able to drag themselves out of this mess and is relying purely on exports?
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