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  1. Hello everyone. It's been a while since I last contributed to HPC because I've been travelling around the world - but I'm now back and I need some advice about renting. I sold my house before I went travelling, in mid 2004. I always believed that there must be a correction, although I've always said that I don't really have any idea when it will happen and I don't believe that there necessarily needs to be a "trigger" to initialise it. I accept that I could be wrong but I'm prepared to take the risk because I have much more faith in the correction" theory than I do in the "stagnation" or "
  2. But I am very optimistic that there will be a wopping 50% drop in house prices over the next 5 years... I am not gloomy at all - well not when it comes to this subject anyway. Why is it that these people keeping trying to present us as doom mungerers when we are in fact the spreaders of good news. Fact is, a crash would be good for most - and there´s plenty of people out there who want one - period. Apologies if I take a long time to reply again but I am currently travelling around the world - having sold my property at the peak.
  3. That is beautiful – a sight for my sore eyes... If this is the sort of person who has benefited from the boom ( and will probably be begging on the streets for food after a crash ) then let the crash roll on. "Past performance isn't an indication of future performance you complete moron!" But it is when it suits you! "I, as a PROFESSIONAL, not as some jumped up little *****" Professional what exactly... bully boy, thug, con man? "very confident that there will be no crash even if the reality turns out to be negative growth." OK – well at least he agrees with us then – there may be hope
  4. If you're interested in the new pension rules ( allowing inclusion of residential properties within a SIPP ) then have a listen to this Radio 4 broadcast. It was sent to me by a friend who has been seriously considering taking advantage of these new rules - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/insi...ney/4708593.stm Actually I did have a SIPP when I started contracting in IT, so I know a little about them – and one thing I can tell you is that most people will be very upset by the charges!!! This is the only reason that I scrapped my SIPP. However, it is still something that would intere
  5. Very predictable response from somebody who, presumably, assumes that everyone else is as daft as he is. But it makes no difference to me because I'm 100% confident that I did the right thing and things are looking more promising every single day - especially when tw*ts like you spout up. As for being fleeced, well I doubt it considering how hard I had to work to sell it for the price I wanted. I don't believe anybody could have got more money for it. Furthermore, I knew a couple of those estate agents on a personal level - they were old school friends - so I tend to believe it when they
  6. I've been out of the UK for the past 6 months so, thankfully, I've escaped all those sickening house buying / renovating programs which miraculously appeared, out of nowhere, about four years ago – once the boom was in full swing. So, I was wondering, are they still using your license fee to produce all that trash – or has Kirsty now given up work due to depression or anxiety attacks? If the beeb ( or itv ) are interested, I have some ideas about programs which can tell people all the ways of benefiting from a property price crash – but I want to be paid at least as much much money as Kirsty
  7. Generally speaking, from my experience, the BBC and the government react to things roughly 3 years to late. Indeed, by the time they react, the situation has already reversed itself and so they just make matters worse by increasing the pace of the reversal. Does anybody remember what the BBC ( and other experts ) were saying between 1995 and 1997 – roughly the time that prices started edging up again? I remember very clearly... they said, and I quote, “there will never be another boom like the one prior to 1990 – too many estate agents got their fingers burned and learned from that mistake”
  8. I'm not like estate agents because I do have a social conscience – and I firmly believe that most people will benefit from a large correction followed by gentle, sustained and sensible growth. Furthermore, as most of us know already, a crash is inevitable – it's only a matter of time now. But, even so, isn't this really a fantastic time now to really start spreading the good news that a house price crash is coming and that it's something to really look forward to. I think now is the time to really “sell” this idea and make people realise what a wonderful thing it would be – just as the VIs
  9. Don't worry... and don't panic. All of us ( on this website ) are confident there will be a "crash". Many ( like myself ) are so confident that we already sold our house and things are looking more promising every day!!! But, I put the word crash in quotes because it is not a crash in the same way as a stock market crash. Stock markets crash in days or weeks because they can be sold in minutes - house prices crash over a period of many years because it takes many months ( or years ) to get rid of them. So, don't expect to see cheap houses next year or the year after - I'm in it for the lo
  10. I believe that most people have a social conscience – even most estate agents ( with the possible exception of Kirsty on the BBC TV show ). They are, however, sales people and it is their pitiful job to hype up the property market. Show some mercy for them – imagine how it must feel to tell such hideous lies that will ruin peoples lives for ever, if they do actually have a conscience. They are prostituting their souls to the highest bidder. But, if you build a little rapport with people ( even estate agents ) then they find it hard to lie. I tried this tactic last year when I decided to s
  11. Sorry if I missed another thread that already mentioned this but, as far as I've noticed, the main line of attack on this site is against those who can't see the reality – that there must be a huge correction. But, in my experience, there are another group of people – those who aren't sure either way – but they console themselves with the conventional wisdom that house prices always bounce back up again. In fact, I know a number of FTBs who went ahead and purchased in 2003 on this basis. Obviously, if you have loads of money to lose, and you really want to own your own home ( for reasons
  12. When Bulls Become Bears I have now read so many opinions on this subject - from both "experts" and from the "mere" home owners who have so much to lose - that I couldn't keep quiet any longer. But it is a sensitive subject and one which needs to handled tactfully because it seems to breed more anger, resentment and contempt than all the world religions combined. I know this because I know how bitter I was, over the past few years, when I saw everybody elses house gain two or three hundred thousand pounds whilst my 3 bed semi only appreciated slightly due to its location. The whole thing ha
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