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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Financial_Services_and_Markets_Act_2000 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bank_of_England_Act_1998 He had something to do with these no?
  2. But they steered the ship onto the rocks - how can you not blame them? Who created the regulatory framework which allowed the bubble to form? T'was the man who ended boom and bust - surely he must shoulder the blame?
  3. Excellent bear food. Particularly like this bit: 'Making a long-term investment in a property at this point in the valuation cycle is complete madness and cannot possibly prove to ever be a good investment from any point of view.'
  4. Genius isn't it? A bit like getting everyone dependant on heroin and then threatening to take it away if they dont vote for you
  5. "THE Assembly Government yesterday asked the Treasury for a £100m advance to spend on new roads, schools and hospitals in the run-up to the next Assembly elections." Our nationalist / socialist leaders want a £100mill to spunk away on more ludicrous public sector 'investment' just before an election! It almost defies belief that people are so gullible but then before the last election they gave everyone free prescriptions and got re-elected. Meanwhile in other news it was recently announced that 60% of Wales' GDP is from the public sector Could I take this opportunity to thank my Englis
  6. You confuse corporate capitalism with a free market. We live in a world were corporations and government work together to control us through a series of oligopolies. This has nothing to do with capitalism and everything to do with national socialism. BTW Guido has not 'descended' into supporting libertarianism - he has always been a consistent advocate.
  7. +1 Also not including house prices in their measure of inflation was stupid reforming the lords without any clear vision of where they were going going with it, effectivly replacing an unelected cabal of hereditary troughers with an unelected cabal of crony troughers. Things can only get better.........
  8. To quote the late great Bill Hicks: “I'll show you politics in America. Here it is, right here. 'I think the puppet on the right shares my beliefs.' 'I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking.' 'Hey, wait a minute, there's one guy holding out both puppets!'” not much different over here imo.
  9. 'what next - Ross Kemp on the joint chiefs of staff?' There is a thread on conhome about it. Amazingly most of them think this is a good idea. http://conservativehome.blogs.com/torydiar...el-gove-se.html
  10. Stanislav is genius. 'Stuff like this, it needs a head-banging, eat his own shit, barking at the moon, scratch himself until he’s bleeding, the drugs don’t touch him, lock him up for his own protection madman to sort this lot out. Let me explain, encouraged by me, the banks did too much lending – the more money they loaned to people who would never in a million years pay it back, the more money they were able to pay themselves - and as the people did too much borrowing and spending this caused the High St boom in tat and rubbish shipped in from the Chinese who now own all the real money, and
  11. Quite. I had my suspicions that mdf and chipboard might not be in any way luxurious but who was I to argue as these developments were providing much needed accommodation for the thrusting new welsh executive class so prevalent in Blair's Britain.
  12. Flippin' heck!! 2004-06-30 17, Sapphire House Mostyn Broadway, Llandudno, Conwy, LL30 1YN Flat, Leasehold, New Build add details... £220,000 View Location Map When they came on the market these were marketed as 'luxury executive' apartments.
  13. Crazy price for a flat in the middle of one of the most drug infested areas of the uk
  14. I thought dairy was tanking as new markets (china se asia) focused on buying subsistence foods rather than luxury items? And lamb doing well because of supply shortage as many farms converted to dairy to take advantage of 'boom' in dairy prices? (It is not unheard of for me to be completely wrong btw)
  15. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/ambrose_evans...riously_alarmed "The slide in sterling has turned "disorderly". We can argue over whether or not the first phase of devaluation acted as a shock-absorber for a badly mismanaged economy, providing a cushion against debt deflation and the housing crash. But the latest dive has a very malign feel. For the first time since this crisis began eighteen months ago, I am seriously worried that British government is losing control. The currency has fallen five cents today to $1.39 against the dollar. It is now perched precariously on a two-decade support
  16. Some would say getting rid of the tax breaks on pension contributions, disincentivising savers by getting rid of tessa and replacing it with poor relation ISA and excluding house prices from measure of inflation created a very different environment that the one that Ken Clark left. Last time I looked Ken Clark was not in the libs
  17. Why would parity be a good time?
  18. 1. getting rid of the Tax brakes for pension contributions. This has condemned a generation of people to an old age of poverty or encouraged them to 'invest' in property instead for their 'retirement.' 2. Standing 'shoulder to shoulder' with the Merkins. 3. Setting narrow definition of inflation for MPC helped create the 'good times' but has led to not such a good time. 4. ID cards 5. Detention without trial 6. Allowing the torture of our allies enemies 7. Lying about the referendum 8. Lying about WMD 9. abolishing boom and bust; this has to be their lasting legacy
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