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  1. Thinking of bidding for a flat in london sometime soon, either that or wait another yr for prices to drop? Never done one, got any advice on where I start? Have large(ish) deposit. When viewing the property, is it worth getting a survey done, or is it all sold as seen? Any particular sites to check up on?
  2. I've heard that its possible to check the last sale price of a property with the land registry for the paltry sum of £3. Anyone got details?
  3. Hi Looking at the odd flat now and again, no real intention but good to keep my hand in, always good to see whats going on out there etc. How do I go about checking the selling price of a property with the land registry. At £3, just to see the look on the sellers face with their %50 mark up will be priceless.
  4. With the financial tsunami on the way, I advise all to head for the high ground! Maybe you could build a yurt? For £4000 scottish pounds even!
  5. No. they were too busy chasing the bikini girls and doing their hair!
  6. Where can I get a HPC shirt, or are you having a laugh?
  7. Went to the homebuyers show in Excel to attend a seminar on auction sales. Like many, I see this as the only short term solution for myself, other than spending another year waiting for the market to properly fall apart as the owners of £250,000 shoeboxes realise that they've been well and truly duped by brown and pals. The seminar - was ok but you can find most of the info out about it on the net. But whats £7 in relation to hundreds of thousands of pounds anyway. As for the show, I've never seen so many bored looking EA's and desperate middle aged obviously unqualified salesmen (I'm 45 so its not a pop at the age issue) kicking empty plastic water bottles around the place. There were even a few arguing with each other, a bit like teamates in a footie team when you're 3-0 down and you know you're crap. Inside track still had a stall, though there was'nt a soul inside it! (on another level, inside track has never had a soul inside it anyway). Never seen so many gimmicks - free cakes, goody bags, sweets, pens, even a free massage (a good way of grabbing your attention as you can't go anywhere!), there was even a stall with a couple of bikini clad girls in it! My seminar was about a third full, surprising for midday on saturday? There were tumbleweeds blowing about in the main hall, and the place had the atmosphere of a run down charity shop. No doubt excel will say that the event was a success with unprecedented levels of interest (since joining HPC, I can now speak like an EA (in other words a load of b****x). My conclusion - the cats out of the bag for the hsing market, and about bloody time!
  8. Au revoir inside track - and don't let the scumbags back! I'm off to the homebuyers show to take the piss - just like the good old days!
  9. To all those driven by the greed that the "great housing scam of the century" has caused, welcome to the real world. You created the debt, along with misery and resentment for millions of others who ask for nothing more than an affordable roof over their head. Like the housing market, you're gonna crash & burn! Enjoy the ride!
  10. I 'd love to believe that yes, the BBC as squeeky clean and only reported the facts as they are. But as we're fed lies and veiled bits of truth one after another, surely a blind man could see whats going on. Everyone knows that the housing market is way out of control, a simple look at you average high st with every second shop being an EA with greased back hair shows the nature of the chaos encouraged by our caring sharing government. What next to destroy social cohesion and create resentment amongst the haves and have nots? Whats the next "must have" ladder to get your foot onto? The sooner people wake up and smell the chaos, the better. And you'll recognise it when you do! ps. I had a 16 yr old girl in slippers from an EA (no lie) show me around a property in SE london a couple of onths back, so it looks as even the schoolkids can get in on the game. Jesus wept!
  11. Thanks for reply. Could you explain the "unstuck" bit? What should I be particularily looking out for? Could have a £45,000 loan from a relative to help me out. Could I not get a mortgage on the surplus, say 70-80.000
  12. Hi Just booked a seminar at the Homebuyers property show in Excel, London, called (in big shiny dayglo letters) "Why now is such a fantastic time to buy at auction!. All the usual fanfare and smell of greed. However, I've decided its worth a look. Circumstances like lots of others. I'm 45 yo, I rent, have a middle income job, can't afford to buy a shed, no access to social housing, lost my hse when I split up with the missus 3 yrs ago, etc etc. So have people got any experiences on this side of things? All replies greatly appreciated as I'm not only new to the site, but in a sense new to the whole game. ps. this is my 1st post having recently discovered the site. I'd just like to say thank god there appears to be some sense in the world. I thought I was on my own thinking that the state of the housing market was one of the greatest crimes of the century. Well, it is, and I'm not! P
  13. Hi all First post here, having just found the site a few days ago. I have to admit, its a relief find others as frustrated and disheartened as I am about the whole housing game. Theres only 4 words for it -"Crime Of The Century". A quick introduction - I'm a mid 40's male, had a hse 3 yrs ago but due to me and her splitting up, had to sell up (at a distress sale price). Since then I've been renting, and holding onto the illusion that one day I'd be able to own my own place again. Perversely, I'm an outreach worker for a large LA funded charity providing housing for the homeless. Been doing it 10 yrs, and to put it mildly, the absurdity of providing social housing for others whilst I can't afford (as a single male on an average salary) a permanent roof over my head, does leave me with a very bad taste in my mouth. However, I find solace in this site, and the fact that maybe there are people as frustrated and undervalued as I feel. Like you all, I'd like to see some realism return to the housing world, and I guess its just fingers crossed. I hope I can contribute positively to this site, cos lets face it, finding ANYTHING positive to say about housing in london is pretty damn difficult! Have a nice day S
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