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  1. That's the one. Not quite as glossy as the 3D renders make it out to be, but they have done quite a good job at making it pleasant. It doesn't qualify for London HTB as far as I know, although the prices weren't as bad as I had feared. The 2-bed flats that I was looking at were up for £260k, which compares quite favourably with similar properties in neighbouring developments. Unfortunately for me, Greenhithe is very popular with London commuters for whom £260k is a steal compared to London prices.
  2. Not sure what specifically you're referring to here... the development is called St. Clements Lakes, and the place left unsold was a 3-bedroom one.
  3. Can't come soon enough. I checked out a housing development near where I work (Greenhithe/Dartford) today, they launched the final phase on Saturday. All but one sold that weekend.
  4. This was the worst bit for me. The teacher (allegedly) who had no idea that interest rates were the lowest they'd been for 300+ years? Seriously? With this level of obliviousness it's no wonder we're in this mess. And I really wanted to punch that housing minister.
  5. I've noticed this too, although I think the more common one is mobile phone contracts. I'd rather find the cheapest TCO and if I can't afford that, I can't afford the item.
  6. Might want to change the title to say 2013 instead of 2012...
  7. I'm just glad they got it instead of Ubisoft or Activision. I'd love to see Creative Assembly put out a Warhammer Fantasy game using their Total War engine. The main concern I have is that no-one seems to have bought the Homeworld IP, would be a shame to see another great idea go the way of the System Shock series.
  8. Well, I say Software Engineer... I do a bit of everything. This was my first job out of university and the pay was pretty crap at first, got better over time. I'm a Delphi developer and my company makes a physical access control system (you'll forgive me if I don't mention which one), but because management have all come from a hardware manufacturing and installation background it operates differently to how a software company might approach problems. I haven't had to opportunity to professionally work on any web stuff (despite my wishes), I mainly work on N-tier stuff (Win32 services connect
  9. I got a Ford Focus in October, a recent payrise and 6.5 year old base model car had me looking at an upgrade. Could have bought it outright but they were offering £1500 off if I took out finance. So I took the minimum amount to qualify for the minimum time period, and I'll probably pay it off early too.
  10. Sorry DEATH that wasn't meant to be a reply to your post
  11. Software engineer in a small, family-owned firm just outside of London. I got a £500 bonus this year (it's been either £500 or nothing in the recession years, although my first bonus was £1000). I also got a salary increase in September which was nice (£28-32k).
  12. Well, statistically speaking 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape.
  13. I'll throw in my +1 as well. Although it feels deeper for me; nowhere really feels like home, I don't feel like I can relate to anyone else or that I fit in in this country, I don't like going into London but nearly all of my friends have moved there. Fed up with this shit.
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