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  1. Most likely the tenant will get evicted and sued for the remainder. Alternatively, it may be like council tax in England. When I used to rent, I paid the council tax directly and I was liable for it. The charge may be on the value of the property, but it is to pay for local services which the tenant not the landlord will be using. All those people who STR and love living in big houses owned by other people may be in for a shock if this comes into the UK mainland. They will be getting charged every 5 years for any rise in the vlaue of the property, but they will not be getting any equity from i
  2. There have been a number of policies in NI in recent years designed purely to piss off most of the people. This is one of them. All the local parties are aginst it, especially as there is no maximum amount you can pay. The NI minister responsible has said that if the NI parties form a government they can overturn it. It is basically a big stick rather than a carrot approach. If the NI assembly forms on 24th November, this new rating system will be one of the first things to be overturned.
  3. Oh right. People could die, lives ruined and all you are interested in is house prices. Seriously, you should have a serious look at your priorities. With regard to the split in the republican movement, it has been well known for a while. The biggest issue seems to be policing. Sinn Fein are going to accept the policing board before the 24th November deadline, and this will cause a split. It will not however necessarily cause a return to violence. People in NI have no stomach for it, and if there is to be a united Ireland it will come from democratic means. In the post 911 world, there will a
  4. Have to disagree. We made our money back on our extension and about 10 grand, based on other similar 3 bed properties in the area. They had 6ft x 10ft kitchen. We had an 18ft x 20 ft kitchen diner. Turned the old kitchen into a downstairs loo and utility room. It added more value than it cost to build. It was designed by an architect and we spent extra on reclaimed London Stock so it would fit with the rest of the House. Agree about the Garden thing though. We had a 50ft garden, now it is a 30ft garden, which in London is still big enough. If we had started with a 30ft garden and left a 10ft
  5. Actually, I started getting these through the door last june. We were looking to sell and we did in early August for above asking. There is a shortage of family properties in our area(West London), and we were told in the leaflet that they were goping above asking such was the demand. The leaflet was right. We got three valuations and put it on at the higher end of those. A bidding war started after 1 day on the market. Just so happens that they did sell one down the road. Its still happening coz my neighbour sold theirs in 5 hours for asking price. The leaflets are still coming.
  6. Actually, the build quality on new houses is very high. Superior to new builds in London anyway.(I have experience of both).
  7. Not seeing this in Ealing either. My house went for above asking price in July. Agents have said that houses expect to get asking or better. I didn't believe them, but they were right.
  8. Sure, you clutch at those straws. Two doors down sold in 5 hours at asking LAST WEEK. Hows that for up to date info. It also went for 10K more than ours(bought by one of the people who missed out on our bidding war)
  9. I have just exchanged in selling my house in West London(Ealing). It went for Above the asking price as we had a bidding war. EA's all said that there isn't enough 3 bed family properties on the market. We sold within 48 hours of going on the market.
  10. Need more info to decide if it is negative equity. She may have bought the house for £120,000 on a £100,000 interest only mortgage, its now worth £160,000, but her loan is for £70,000. This is not negative equity, but she needs £170,000 on a £160,000 property to pay off her loan and her mortgage. This is all conjecture but it is feasible. As I said, there is not enough information to jump to the concluson of negative equity.
  11. It may not always be a problem. When I sold my house, I expressly told the agent not to pass on any offers below a certain price as I wasn't interested. If someone came in under that figure, I would never know about the offer. Not illegal, as tha agent is acting under my express instructions.
  12. Realist Bear has been taken up on this before. What he has selectively quoted is priced of detached houses(Fulham for example) or semi-detached, whichever he can see the greatest fall. Detached houses in London are always fluctuating because they vary so much in size and cost. According to the Land Registry, Fulham has gone up by 13.5% in the last year. Believe Realist Bears VI figures and you would think they have fallen by 14.7%. The 37% fall is for semi-detached houses in Islington(of which there cant be many). What Realist has done and usually does is be very very selective in his figures
  13. She is about 8 months pregnant. Not very fair to have a go at her size at the minute.
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