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  1. Lovely area - just bought a house about 3 minutes up from there. Price seems pretty normal for the area, so fair. That said: you frequently get much lighter / more spacious places even with gardens in the Cotham / Redland borders area. Generally on the market for around 270 / 280, but sell for 250 and seem to offer more than the one you looked at. Based on the pics, I'd wait for something better to come up ... but obviously I haven't seen the flat... Hope this helps.
  2. Been offered quite high multiples from HSBC - 4.5X joint income (with 40%+ deposit); Weirdly first direct offered quite a bit less.
  3. Slightly different experience (in recent months only I might add ...) - EAs very keen to push for viewings ... even after I pointed out that I considered the house overpriced. Suggested that low offers may be expected; obviously did not indicate what they considered to be a low, but reasonable offer ...
  4. Thought it would be interesting to start a local thread to collect anecdotal evidence on the state of the market here. Particularly interested in your recollections of estate agent comments; own experiences when trying to buy / sell (e.g. how great a % below asking was offered & what was the response). Would be great if there were EAs out there willing to talk about sentiment among sellers ... Own recent observations include: two different sellers struggling to attract viewings (one BS6 another BS3) - market described as dead & both sellers accept that price will have to be lowered, but size of expected reduction limited (c5%). Estate agents have been very proactive, i.e. phoning to arrange viewings for houses back on market (even before re-listing appeared on rightmove); other agent has encouraged me to view property well over budget (>10%) - described situation as a buyers' market with agents having plenty of stock on their books, and suggested that it is worth making offers well below asking price. Would welcome any of your observations .....
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