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  1. robbingXpat

    At what price will HPC people buy at ?

    My 1st contribution since 2011! (long story). I started following HPC with great enthusiasm in about 2006, totally convinced that a crash was around the corner, so we STR in early 2008. My HPC hero in those days was ERIC, plus, I find 'Durhamborn' is very interesting, and worth following. So, since my exile over 7 years ago we have reversed our STR decision, and rejoined the OO, but sadly, we are surrounded by renters. 'Sadly', because the LL's are of my generation, pricing out the young from owning, rather than renting. Our cash in the bank was earning not a lot, so reluctantly we did buy again, a new build 4 years ago. A neighbour has just sold at a figure of £40,000 more than the purchase price, so £10,000 per year HPI, that's way more than some can save! I'm still waiting the 'correction' that I put so much faith in (on HPC), in 2008, but HTB etc. has kept it pinned ever higher, still when the crash comes (still around the corner 10 years later) it will be greater than it would have been, without the government props. I don't believe that buying property now would be a sound investment, but, I thought the same 10 years ago! IT CANNOT CONTINUE, can it?
  2. Can UK plc really afford to underwrite these games? I'm sat on the fence (not 100% for, or against the olympics) but did labour seriously do the mathematics to establish the true cost of this event before bidding? I know it has already provided employment, but for which nationalities? More debt upon the huge existing debt will probably go unnoticed, but does it provide any cheaper housing in London?.
  3. robbingXpat

    French Property

    Utter garbage, please provide some evidence of what I am accused of. Infact I'll even donote 1000 Euro to any charity of your choice when you prove what a multiple poster I am. I am self taught (not too good I'm afraid) on me computer. My interests (obsession even) are France, HPC and motorcycle racing. The only 'forum' that I ever post on is here (HPC, and not regular either, until this 'capital of Limousin' dispute). I have absolutely no knowledge of any 'expat' forums, I am not interested in being a little England'r in France and I'm not even tempted to 'Google' to find them. So prove your statement (again) and I'll provide the cash. I imagine that it shouldn't be too difficult to establish the id of a computer to prove your point, but I'm no computer tech, so I've no idea. Best of luck.
  4. robbingXpat

    French Property

    Redwine, Please explain to what you are referring, because I have no idea (moving 29/3/11) not me, sorry, we moved some while ago. I do NOT sell property, I am happily retired in the Limousin, and have a full time (except for visiting HPC) job looking after the garden. multiple ID's, totally untrue, where? I assure all readers (on my children's lives) of this little dispute that I am not a poster on any other forums Please note, I do read many motorcycle race forums, but I am neither a member or poster, I only check race results, nothing else. but I am addicted to HPC, just arrived in UK, unloaded the car, and now reading HPC. But back in France by the weekend . For your information we left dept 87 on sunday am, and drove to Cain for the overnight ferry to Portsmouth, now we have just arrived in Glawster. I have no ifone(?) to have any access to the WWW for the last 24 hours. Please, please, provide the information so that (we can all?) I can also read about the other Xpat from the Limousin. So, besides getting a regional French capital mixed up you have now managed to get anonymous HPC posters mixed up! oh dear. Regards, Very truthfull, Robbinxpat.
  5. robbingXpat

    French Property

    Not aware of what you are referring to, the only 'forums' I use are HPC and bike racing related. My computer knowledge is minimal. 'Bitter', not me I'm very content thanks.
  6. robbingXpat

    French Property

    My, my, a pretty unpleasant pheasant plucker estate agent, have you nothing pleasant to say?
  7. robbingXpat

    French Property

    Thanks for explaining, 'We all need estate agents from time to time' do we? 'They normally react like this', thank goodness I don't know any. Crikey, a respectful, professional, estate agent, is you pulling my leg? Wouldn't you think if he was a proper estate agent he'd be more knowledgeable? I'd hate to be putting money in the pocket of an agent with the chips he got on his shoulders. OK, I'll let it pass now, seems that agents are like politicians then, they never know when they're telling 'porkies' A genuine, proper, estate agent, no, I can't believe it. Any salesperson I've met in my 60+ years have always been friendly, a new best friend , (until they have my cheque, then they move to the next punter!). Thanks again.
  8. robbingXpat

    French Property

    Redwine, I'm an oldie with no computer training, I have no idea how to post a 'link'. However I just 'Googled' Limousin and this is what I found, (1) "Limoges, the historical capital and largest City of the province of Limousin is the Capital of the Limousin administrative region". and (2) "The Limousin region of France borders the Dordogne to the south west and the Loire valley to the north. It takes it's name from the Capital Limoges, which is known for it's exquisite enamel and porcelain". But everyone except you already knew that. Interestingly your prefer to tell us that the area is full of poor, elderly, suicide peasants, and to follow that we're to be told about people who vanish, and the drug problems. Are you suggesting (even if it's true, I don't have confidence in your 'facts' now) that no other region has any similar 'problems' ? I fail to understand why you hate this region so much, is there some history (Ex G/F or B/F?) between the Limousin and yourself that makes you so bitter?
  9. robbingXpat

    French Property

    OK Redwine, I will reluctantly reply (but still waiting for you to right your wrongs!) I grew up in very rural Glawstersher (and had me first bike, an ex WW2 'Corgi' scooter around the fields from about 6 years of age). That environment is so different now, too many 'townies' moved into the country and keep tryin to change the ways of life (no, I may have moved, but I'm not tryin to change anything down ear). No obvious poverty around me, but is a veg patch an indicator of poverty? cause we got lots of them. No, the 60+ year old's are not the parents of the school children, we got a fleet of Merk sprinter mini buses running children from nearby hamlets and villages to our village school, no parental 4X4's going to school here. I don't remember stating that 'no expats around here', I only said that we were the only Brits in this village, re-read my quote. We have plenty of non French around here, but not in this village, and not only Brits. 2007, blogs stopped, whats all that about then? Are you still adamant that Guret is capital of Limousin?
  10. robbingXpat

    French Property

    Still not prepared to correct that statement? Why are the poor, elderly and suicidal (12-24 years olds, suicide is the 2 nd cause of death in Limousin) the butt of your humour? No understanding or compassion for the less fortunate than yourself, folks in this world? Do you have any friends?
  11. robbingXpat

    The Coalition Calendar

    Pretty good, but equal opportunities? Not enough women represented.
  12. robbingXpat

    French Property

    Redwine, Write as much as you wish, your just digging yourself a much bigger hole Well, you know so much about Limousin, except which is the capital of the region Would it not be much simpler to admit that you made a mistake, correct it, then move on? I'm not bothering to read your drivel. I'm very happy in Limousin, never regretted buying here, lovely French neighbours (no other Brits in this village), just perfict .
  13. robbingXpat

    Spanish Property

    Not a good read if you own property there then (we have family relatives that own 3 'holiday' properties, adjacent to golf courses). The future for French property, who knows, who cares? Too late and too old to care about it, life's for living now, not practicing for a 2nd. time around!
  14. robbingXpat

    French Property

    Redwine, You know so much about the Limousin, except the important fact of which is the capital of this region! Why so much dislike of this area? I don't dislike your location (where ever it is), or anyone else's, we all make a choice for different reasons. I had a couple of hours out in the sun today on me trail bike, and counted more birds of pray than motor vehicles, my quality of life down here is priceless to me, lakes and forests, quiet country roads, no traffic jams, it's just superb for me. so similar yet so much better than I remember my area of the UK 40-50 years ago. Our village has a school, shop, bar, restaurant, hotel, boulangerie, garage, post office, etc. it has all that we need (pop 400+). Certainly no signs of the poverty that you tell us exists here? Why are you so prepared the damage your reputation? I just don't understand. Are you just to proud to admit to making an error, then so we could immediately put an end to our dialogue.
  15. robbingXpat

    French Property

    I am already well aware of your dislike for this beautifull area. I ask only that you correct your two mistakes regarding this region and we can then stop this dialogue. Thanks again.

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