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  1. While music is being mentioned, I wonder if Elvis Costello will be keeping his promise? I hope age has softened him.
  2. I reckon they'd hoped to be showing Davis Cup tennis, which was a very good comeback v Russia apparently, but was streamed live on the LTA website, and I presume on some channel or other. The sort of thing BBC used to have on regularly. Still, at least the MotoGP was on in HD.
  3. No EPC shown. The heating bills will be massive with rooms that high.
  4. I seem to remember councils bleating a fair bit about the money raised from 'right-to-buy' being ringfenced and they couldn't use it.
  5. I wouldn't have been unhappy at that. I actually only wanted about a 30% LTV loan (HSBC do very low interest rates up to 60%). Borrowing rates are so low with some providers, you'd be better off having a mortgage even if you have the cash in hand. Of course, I'm old enough now that I wouldn't then spunk that extra cash on hols and a 4X4. But if you're offered a massive IO mortgage in your 20s with no means to pay it off, that's a disgrace. I had to prove I had policies in place in 1988 but by 2000 (with the Coventry BS anyway), you just signed to say you were aware that you needed the capital at the end of the term i.e. they took your word for it.
  6. I wanted one to last 3 years until I had policies that would mature and repay it. This is the position of some people who still would prefer IO mortgages (and not just because the monthly payments would be lower). I didn't bother in the end because many of the lenders have a minimum income threshold before you can have IO. And I wasn't over it.
  7. Reported here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-22042626
  8. Apologies for it being the Wail, but there's no article on the BBC News website yet, despite them just announcing it. "A young filmmaker is believed to have frozen to death while making a documentary about sleeping rough on the streets as he tried to impress Channel 4 bosses." http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2304443/Lee-Halpin-Filmmaker-27-freezes-death-sleeps-rough-make-documentary-homelessness.html Sad, but I wondered if one day, one of these stunts would go wrong.
  9. Good point about the end of the UK tax year, in the same week as Easter holidays too. But it's the same Europe over. DAX down 2% today and has had 3 bad days as well.
  10. I can't see why. All the gains since mid January wiped out in 3 days. The news has all been what you'd expect, or is there something 'unexpected' that hasn't been reported? Surely not the N. Korea kerfuffle?
  11. They've realised it isn't any more. The duty on unleaded fuel is now less than it was in 2010. Labour thought it was, it went from 40p per litre in 1997 to 58p by 2010. http://customs.hmrc.gov.uk/channelsPortalWebApp/downloadFile?contentID=HMCE_PROD1_023552 Problem is, the revenue from fuel is dropping, so they'll need to raise it elsewhere. Cut spending?? Still waiting.
  12. Hack attacks hit Bitcoin exchange rates http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-22026961 "Trading on the MTGox exchange, which handles most trades in Bitcoins, was sluggish yesterday as the site fought off an attack. The attack helped to force a swift fall in the price of Bitcoins." Also: " Instawallet has shut down "indefinitely" after hackers "fraudulently accessed" its core database." Classic ponzi?? If it is, get out now.
  13. It isn't so recent to be fair to them: "The latest purge on fraudulent tenancies follows a campaign that led to 191 properties being recovered in 2011/12 from people who were either subletting or had obtained their homes through deceit." Quite a few have been taken back not because of sub-letting, but because they were fraudulently obtained. "...the investigation of documents to check their validity, and data-matching with other private and public sector organisations." Shouldn't they do this at the time of application? Why wait months / years? "Those prosecuted include a woman who used a fake birth certificate and other forged documents to pose as a homeless mother and gain a council home. She was jailed for six months after pleading guilty to four counts of fraud." I expect it's widespread in big cities where the council depts get over-whelmed.
  14. Ridiculous question about the employment of people you know socially. All the perceived middle-class occupations are there, solicitor, teacher, doctor, etc, but almost no working class ones. Lorry driver is there, but no mechanics, engineers, fitters, designers, etc. And what about carers. That's a job now. a friend of mine has given up work to care for his father-in-law with dementia. Doesn't that count? Drivel.
  15. In the USA, mortgage interest payments are tax-deductable on your own house. However, with ZIRP, the tax deductions are very low so rents don't have to be suppressed so much any more to compete. Hence, the rise in 'buy to rent' as they call it.
  16. The chap in question apparently has Sky and broadband. Cue clichés. He had an inheritance too. Also, he has a house paid for by HB, when he is basically single, although he has his kids to stay. Most single people claiming HB are expected to be in a flat or even HMO accommodation. IDS had to say he could live on £53 a week (And it was could if he had to, but he doesn't does he?). It's what many people have left, or less, but it is AFTER rent and council tax is paid. The answer would either be then to turn to crime or starve to death.
  17. Yes. Martin Lewis mentioned this on his TV show last week. "In March 2013 the Government told the ITV team on the The Martin Lewis Money Show it will push the Valuation Office Agency to consider appeals no matter when they are made. In a statement to the show, Local Government Minister Brandon Lewis said he has agreed to write to every council to tell them "the right to ask the VOA to check their band is not limited by time"....."
  18. Without improvements, the band doesn't usually change. And then it only usually changes when it is sold. Is it possible the previous owners improved it without telling the council, and they've just found out? Compare it with all the houses in the same street, and other streets if the houses are similar size.
  19. May be better than no patrols at all. I haven't seen a beat policeman in 5 years.
  20. Oh please. There WILL be people putting money in, to pay their bills. In many EU countries, utilities and community maintenance bills have to be paid by d/d because so many people scarpered without paying up. Bet they stay beloe €100k though.
  21. This is not new. Commercial helicopters (coastguard and Bristows) have been covering the Solent from Lee-on-Solent in Hants since 1988. It was formally HMS Daedalus that closed in 2000, but the airfield remains open.
  22. A lot of people have gone to prison for mortgage or housing benefit fraud (admittedly usually if it's on a large scale). The first one I found on a google search got 3 months for fiddling £28,500: http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=22082 Here's one from last Friday in Luton, 2 years for £84k: http://www.24dash.com/news/housing/2013-03-22-Father-and-son-get-lengthy-sentences-for-84k-housing-benefit-and-mortgage-fraud And unless you think there's going to be a boom in prices (!), what would be the point? You'd have to pay a whopping amount of stamp duty and other fees for buying and selling a depreciating asset. If you are legitimately using the scheme to buy a house fair enough, but to have to fiddle the loan, it would only be worth it if you are going to make money out of it.
  23. Frequent practice on old 60s cars and before, when you could remove the vin plate (it was only screwed on) and put it on another one. Modern ones are stamped with VIN numbers all over the place. That said, they only get checked at a serious accident, the auto cameras only read number plates....
  24. Don't you have to borrow 70% on a mortgage to qualify? Good luck getting a lender who'll play ball if you're 62. If you can just put down 5% and get 20% interest free, then I'm in.
  25. Remember it? I was in the USA in Nov 2012, it was almost $4 then, for Premium. I remember buying it at $1 in 2003.
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