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  1. The only way to get to Spain by road in 14 hours is using the toll motorways in France. Better to save the €100 ish in tolls, take a more leisurely route and stay in a motel for 1 night. The fastest route is by no means the shortest route so you burn more fuel as well.
  2. There was a wealth tax in place until 2008 for everybody, but the threshold for non-residents was €0. One of the justifications for it was the presumption of renting a holiday home out. It was scrapped by in the incoming govt as one of their 'promises.' Now they're bust, they re-introduced it for the tax years 2011 and 2012. But, the threshold for residents as far as property is now €300,000 according to this: http://www.spanishpropertyinsight.com/tax-and-pensions/spanish-wealth-tax-patrimonio/ There's also a €700,000 allowance on 'wealth' for everyone. The EU declared having different taxes for residents and non-residents, regardless of nationality was not allowed. I'm amazed they obeyed it, at least in part!
  3. With the personal allowance now to be £10k (and go up annually I'd expect), you'd only almost no tax on a pension of £12k leaving you over £900 per month. And as I said, you shouldn't by that time have any debt. So, council tax, utilities, food etc wouldn't be more than half of that? Many people support families on less than that, you wouldn't have to live like a miser. And anyway, the OP was talking about risking going into BTL to get a retirement income of MORE than £25k. Risky I'd say.
  4. I think the obvious thing is - why do you think you'll need an income of £25k a year once you retire? Of course I presume you will no longer have kids to support, no mortgage and no debt, like most (but not all ) pensioners. Are you projecting what you'll need at 65 or are you using today's figures? Working on today's costs, as long as you don't want 3 months a year in Florida or 3 x luxury cruises a year, I reckon you can live fairly comfortably on half that. Also presuming we don't have Zimbabwe levels of inflation of course.
  5. I buy peppers in bulk when they are cheap, slice into strips and put them in the freezer. I add them to sauces, curries and so on as required. You can do the same with many vegetables, and its OK with mushrooms too.
  6. I had one in 2009 under the scrappage scheme for £4995 plus my old Vauxhall Cavalier. I agree, it's a better car than the 107 / C1, I did a lot of research at the time. It has no cambelt on the Kappa 1.2, standard air-con etc. The other one I nearly had was the Fiat Panda. But... the i10 was shocking on fuel. I've driven a 2010 model since that was not much better. 40-45 mpg. The 107 I hired in 2011 did 50 mpg + all the time. I was promised 50-60 mpg (Hyundai forum showed hundreds of buyers similarly disappointed) but couldn't get past 35-40 mpg, even at a steady 65-70 mph on the motorway. I only kept it 6 months and then sold it.
  7. Unexpected? http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/gva/gross-domestic-product--preliminary-estimate/q1-2013/sum-gdp-preliminary-estimate--q1-2013.html
  8. A lot of them up in Salford these days. Marc Riley gets to do his show from 'Media City.'
  9. Since it's for existing borrowers only, it must be for those who are under water or want to move and are willing to take -ve equity with them. Max lend is £8m though ?! Surely not available for BTL. :angry:
  10. If the lessons are of high quality, and the students shut the f*** up, they wouldn't need to be longer. They discussed it on R4 earlier and as usual, there was the presumption that poor kids all play video games at home time and hang around town centres while wealthy kids do 'educational stuff' during school holidays. Rubbish, it's often the other way round. Museums and libraries are free, video games and shopping need money. Duh.
  11. Nor did the place I sold in 2007. But then, I used one a cheap solicitor found through an online brokerage. Muppets who made mistakes, including informing the LR it seems.
  12. You're not suggesting that old people use their houses like 'cash machines' are you? I mean, they wouldn't want to leave all an indebted house behind them, would they? Not all 'old' people are pensioners, depending on your definition, and not all those with pensions are old.
  13. And old people must be completely hacked off (as am I) at the pitiful savings interest rates. Cash ISA now at 2% and there's nothing out there better that allows any transfers. Online savings a/c with Halifax last year was 2.8%, best they have now is 1.7%. It's thievery. The only way to match inflation is to lock your money away for 3 years +. :angry:
  14. That article symbolised the peak of the bubble in the yellow stuff I think, and couldn't have been timed better (I presume it's now only worth $200k?). Like the massive building projects just as the credit bubbles popped in Dubai.
  15. I saw him on RT tonight (with a lovely view over Tower Bridge behind him) and the woman from, I think, Realassets was unsure about bitcoins, but they showed a guy buying a burger and fries in a shop with them by pointing his smart phone at a screen. This was after he laid into Maggie's wastage of the North Sea oil income.
  16. The much maligned SMI doesn't kick in for 13 weeks so debts would accrue pretty quickly for these people.
  17. So do Aldi I think. I'm going to try a tin, once I've got through the 20 or so in my 'store' that I got when they were discounted in Asda. Did I say I like tuna?
  18. I was so annoyed at ING when they slashed my interest rate in 2008, that I left £0.02 in it. They send me emails and have to keep writing me letters informing me of rate changes, etc, including the transfer of my money to Barclays. The UK rule about proving it's yours is undoubtedly about stolen or laundered money in old accounts which could be opened without id not so many years ago. Banks write to people about unused accounts but they move, emigrate, go to prison, die, etc.
  19. News of the plans cam out in Feb: http://www.seniorau.com.au/index.php/more-seniorau-news/3522-seizing-inactive-bank-accounts-attack-on-property-rights We already have it here. it started in April 2012, for the Big Society Bank. They have to be dormant for 15 years here though: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-2124953/Big-Society-Capital-bank-launched-Cameron-raids-400m-dormant-bank-accounts.html If the owner suddenly pops up and asks for his money (or most likely his estate, if they know about it), they'll cough it back. "Bank customers will still be able to claim back money given to the Government if they can prove it is rightfully theirs."
  20. Been living in Stourbridge on and off for 30+ years. Parts of Wollaston are over-rated in my opinion. There are 2 one way streets near the High St that are like race-tracks and the bus stop / pubs have gangs of 'yoofs' around them all evening. Further up the road toward the cemetery is quieter. Posts are right about the traffic out towards Kingswinford, it's dreadful, but the Hagley Road is even worse at rush hour as all the commuters travel down it. Train links are quite good. Be warned that some insurers consider the DY9 postcode riskier than DY8. Not that much in the big scheme of things, but a consideration for home and car insurance. Stourbridge High St is very tricky at the moment whilst they are building a massive Tesco (opinions differ on that!) but at least it's free to park. Merry Hill (or Merry Hell as I call it) is a huge shopping centre about 3 miles away too. Traffic everywhere here during rush-hours and school turn-out times is very busy really.
  21. There's a down arrow on the bar that reduces it to task-bar size. If I use my log-in first, I don't even get it. Edit: If I clink a link to a rightmove posting on this forum,. that bar appears, but If I go to Rightmove direct and view any, it doesn't. (?)
  22. Not how the 'gentry' should behave is it though? Perhaps, despite the property prices, the same sort of people live there as 20 years ago.
  23. Size reduction is the thing you have to keep your eye on. Frozen pizzas has slowly got smaller and lighter but stayed at £1 in some supermarkets, but the stealth reduction has been in tinned tuna. 6 years ago, John West, Princes, s'market own brand were all 200g gross weight per tin. Then they went down to 185g. At the end of 2012, I noticed many of them were reduced to 160g (112g drained). That's a 20% cut in product over 6 years, along with some price rises, something I bet a lot of people haven't noticed. I never pay the £6 plus for 4, they're often on offer at one s'market or other for £3 - £4 for 4. (To be fair to S'burys, their own brand is still 185g, but is £4.50)
  24. I wonder what the recently gentrifed of Brixton think of the Thatcher party last night?
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