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  1. When I asked them 18 months ago, they had a minimum income of , I think £35k for an IO mortgage.
  2. They would need to take out a 70% mortgage. Some lenders may be happy to lend 70% LTV and as long as they stump up the 5% deposit, I doubt he seller will be that bothered. How many EU banks would lend 70% to a UK citizen to buy in another country? I don't expect it would be many people, but it's the principle of the thing ne c'est pas?
  3. A rating of 'G' is applied to a house with no roof! Scepticism aside, a 'G' rated house would be horrendous to heat. Anything from E upwards is mostly the same, but then I've never seen an 'A'. It's right that switching the lightbulbs can bump you up a grade. Insulation in the loft is just obvious.
  4. I reckon they're only good as a comparison. I.e. houses the same size will be cheaper to heat as a 'C' than a 'D.' That said, when I sold up in 2011, the EPC was more like a tick-box list. Double glazing, tick, The fact it was 15 years old, metal framed (not PVC) and was basically knackered wasn't mentioned. Type of boiler, combi? Tick. Standard or manufacturer's name not a consideration.
  5. UKIP had the political slot after the Ch 4 news tonight. They are chasing hard for Labour voters, pointing out how they have been totally failed by Labour govts encouraging immigration that removes their jobs and housing. A point made in plenty of places but now mainstream. Even used a scouser (deputy leader of the party) to highlight some of the most deprived areas of Liverpool have had Labour MPs for 50 year plus, and for what?
  6. John Major seemed to overcome a price correction. From 1989 - 1992, we had a plummet in house prices, and yet he won the GE. There are many factors to winning an election, and the weakness on immigration & EU and 'apparent' cuts will probably lose it for them.
  7. They let anybody open an account apparently, without even an id or name check. Cue massive laundering. Banks have had it coming for a while regarding bitcoin, Sardinian 'sardex' etc. Charging you £20 - £30 to send currency to another country is so 20th century and a rip-off. It's electronic and is the push of a few buttons. 'Costs' my a**e.
  8. No water rates, no gas and electric bills. And no TV licence. If you can live in one room, it can be OK short-term. Especially if the weather is OK to get out and about. (Alan Partridge had to do it, Travel Lantern wasn't it? ) I seem to remember a couple actually doing this out of choice a few years ago. By staying long term, I bet you could get a discount; they often have £15 nights on offer all over the country.
  9. From a friend who goes there a lot: To try and catch money more (large black economy), it is now law to receive a printed receipt at a café for even the smallest transaction. The purchaser is also breaking the law if he walks away without having insisted on receiving one. On the spot fines abound.
  10. I presume, being a member since 2004, that you are being ironic? I caught the end of it, JD pointing out countries such as Singapore have growth. The woman was Ann Pettifor I think,
  11. Hadn't heard of him before, but judging by his wiki entry, he's worth more time: "Mr Bloom was ejected from the Mansion House in 2009 for heckling Lord Turner for giving staff a bonus after the massive regulatory failure of 2008/9. According the Daily Telegraph he was the first man to be ejected since John Wilkes in the late 1800s. Mr Bloom also signed the petition in disgust at the knighthood for the failures of Hector Sants. Mr Bloom from the very beginning of the banking crisis has advocated criminal proceedings against bankers - see speeches on his website. Mr Bloom is a member of the Von Mises Institute. Bloom in the FTAdvisor on the credit reference agencies' being 'castrated' by the EU. In October 1992 Mr Bloom launched a campaign to help people avoid mis-selling of pension schemes. It was very warmly welcomed by the press, particularly the Observer. It was the very first indication of the problem. An employee tape of the advice was produced for all human resource departments as part of a redundancy package. It can be heard on his website. In 1996 Mr Bloom warned, in Money Marketing, that ‘split caps’ were not the solid safe investment people thought, and late in the year explained in Financial Adviser the dangers of what was to become ‘precipice bonds’."
  12. Not in my experience. Anecdote time: In 1988, I bought my first house similar to, and in the same road as this one in Yeovil for £36,000, now up for £120k: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-38542649.html?premiumA=true OK, mine was end terrace. BUT, in early 1989, my neighbour paid £56k for his (yes they were going crackers). So, anyone who bought one then with, I presume a 25 year mortgage has barely doubled in price, less than CPI I expect. Yes, anecdotal, but when I moved in 1993, I got back a whole £500 more than i paid for it. Up like a shot and down too. Whoops, and I was lucky I reckon. Some people, including friends of mine were in NE for over 10 years round there. Edit: Land Registry shows my old house sold for £105k in 2011. That shows what lucky timing can do, 1993 - 2011, tripled in 18 years.
  13. Stephen King just been on R4 today. It was a recorded interview I think. I and a small number of my friends agree with him that this is the new norm, and that the recent decadesjhave been the blip. His points about the emancipation of women, globalisation and other factors being one-off 'false' boosts to Western GDP growth are good ones. I may read my first ever book about 'finances.'
  14. He went bankrupt and then completed the conversion using all his benefits on it. Is that a shirker or a worker? Both?
  15. Conversely I'm happy about the HPC (Hog Price Crash). Pork / Bacon is back to 2004 prices in many places.
  16. Betting that firms would go bust is just.., well.. wrong? The stuff about MF Global dipping into clients' accounts is also covered in their wiki entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MF_Global "Rolling Stone reported in April 2012 that the number stands at $1.6 billion, and that "nobody disputes the fact that MF Global officials dipped into customer accounts and took...customer money."
  17. Spark Energy being a rip-off has been around over 6 months: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/view/280553/Not-such-a-bright-spark-as-tenants-face-fuel-rip-off/Not-such-a-bright-spark-as-tenants-face-fuel-rip-off
  18. On Tuesday, he had Mark Campanale and Luke Sussams of CarbonTracker.org on, about unburnable carbon, wasted capital and stranded assets. They mentioned the unwinding of loans to companies looking for more oil. Crystal Ball?
  19. I saw her appearance on the Cashlady advert on Dave during Top Gear this afternoon. Or is that a different ad?
  20. I know of someone who just turns on the waterworks at any interview. The interviewers buckle. Basically a drunken waster, but is now trying to get diagnosed as bipolar. Her family reckons there's nothing wrong with her. This may not be classed as 'fraud' as defined but I reckon there are thousands of such cases.
  21. Most of the drops are 2 - 3%. That will really get the punters flocking in. I mean, £235k to £230. Pointless.
  22. Even Rod Liddle agreed with some of Starkey's points in the Spectator: http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/rod-liddle/2013/05/starkeys-right-yesterdays-question-time-panel-dont-know-the-meaning-of-struggle/?ico=^editors_choice Comments underneath worth a read too.
  23. Did you do that just to prove Godwin's Law? After 17 pages, the probability must have pretty well been 1.
  24. Maybe, as you say, AFTER the next election. In the meantime, it completely stuffs the chances of a majority govt for the Tories in 2015. And although they won't admit it, Labour couldn't get a majority at the moment.
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