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  1. I am currently not overpaying my repayment mortgage as am on a +0.23% tracker and I am still getting 2.5%. Save the difference and take the higher interest.
  2. Was hoping that someone could dissect this post
  3. "Still, Northern Rock is well on it's way to being mended. Once they have repaid the loan to the government, and sorted out their funding, they should be in a prime position to be floated on the market. I expect the government will wait a few years though" http://snowflake5.blogspot.com/2008/10/loo...ne-year-in.html
  4. Did you send the offer in writing ? Agent is legally bound to pass on then I think.
  5. Christ's Pieces Flats go on sale http://www.savills.co.uk/residentialSearch...spx?pID=N228539 Yours for only £575k.... 2 beds with a fitted kitchen
  6. I think however bad it is for the Grand Arcade, it could be the end for the Grafton - it's a s**t hole now and getting worse.
  7. Fox-Pitt, Kelton cut its target price for B&B shares to 43p on Monday on the assumption the rights issue was completed at the 55p subscription price and the Bank of England and Financial Services Authority ensured B&B did not "fail". "However, we cannot rule out the possibility of an effective failure, with shareholders receiving little or nothing for their shares," said analysts Fox, Pitt-Kelton.
  8. Assuming a 25yr mortgage - when is the break even point ? I guess you have to assume rents rise with inflation etc where as mortgage payments are only linked to interest rates.
  9. All you need to know about Flint is here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-43...sband-life.html
  10. If they'd saved £125 a month in the FTSE for 25 years they'd be minted. If something looks too good to be true it usually is..
  11. Thats why you have to make the offer in writing - I've had personal experience of EAs not passing on verbal offers.
  12. Fax through an offer of £155k - the EA has to pass on the offer to the landlord - when he goes bankrupt his creditors may bite your hand off
  13. I'm sure you are correct - however I'd be amazed if I was the worst mortgage on their books - and if anyone paid 2% (without adding it on to the mortgage).
  14. I had an Alliance and Leicester mortgage until last month. Never missed or was late for a payment. LTV ratio was 55% on a 3 bed terrace in Cambridge over 20yrs. I came to the end of my variable/discount period (2yrs) - they wanted a 2% arrangement fee (£4k) or go to SVR. Abbey gave me the same discount rate for £599 - I'm not suprised they are going to the pan.
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