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  1. “If you are of modest means and your boiler blows up, somebody please tell me what to do,” she said. “Perhaps I will go to David Cameron for a loan.” You ..... Yes You pay for it not me. (Out of the salary that I pay you)! Because when my boiler breaks I have to pay for it out of money earned in the private sector that has already been taxed (to help pay for corrupt MPs salaries & expenses such as boilers, or fraudulent mortgage claims and *anker bankers bonuses, and bailouts) Unfu**ing believable ! :angry:
  2. Or more likely... A bank can lend any mortgage it wants. But if a mortgage falls into arrears for 6 months, it is written off and paid for by taxpayers..... moral hazard out the window.
  3. On Yahoo please see link: Keep them in the houses Just so happens that all the banks mentioned that are supporting this government scheme are those that are owed by the government. You can see Gordon Brown, trying to delay the crash in the vain hope that he will be re-elected (or should that just be elected?) Plan A - Help the titanic coast along for a couple of years, win election....then in 2 years, chuck them out ...(oh and more public debt) ... ah sod 'em....I'm a sociopath PM.
  4. Here here ..."Necessity is the mother of all invention"
  5. New Labour must arrest the Sun. It has been commiting these nuke offences repeatadly for a very long time .... Damn sunshine Bar humbug. P.S. Wonder if the PM is going to trial a Pig for Economic Witchcraft ?
  6. I normally don't bother signing in (shame on me). However after reading your post i wanted so much to say "Ye Gods man ! Perfect set of questions ! and shamelessly bump it along.
  7. I don't have any clear answers, but i started looking at the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhanpipeline oil pipeline...... the pipeline runs through Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey, and is fed oil from the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli oil well in the Caspian sea which is interestingly run by BP (Bp having had some considerable trouble from Russia) Then i looked at the world map and noticed for the first time that Iran is sandwiched right between Iraq & Afghanistan (... the 2 countries that the US and the UK have taken over), Persian Gulf (Sizable American, English and French fleet build up) friendly Pakistan and Saudi Arabia ..Georgia ... and Azerbaijan.... Then found this :http://blog.wired.com/defense/2007/07/tradoc-uses-a-s.html Planned world war III ? I mean all bankers like a good war .... and they are a bit tight for cash at the moment... plus we need another bubble .... lets buy shares in the "defense" industry ! ...... maybe somebodies remembered that the great depression was cured by WWII ...so before we have a second great depression lets get the preventative jab of WWIII ? I don't know what to think .... apart from the fact that it all stinks.
  8. So .... inflationary pressures caused by bailing out the banks, should result in young couples struggling to make their way in life and aiming to one day afford ONE child should stop having such reckless thoughts and get back to helping bankers keep their bonuses? My thoughts of providing government assisted childcare stems from not trying to encourage the UK population to explode like a herd of rabbits that have been fed Viagra, but to help people increase the quality of their lives, and by keeping two wage earners, it helps the economy and increases the revenue that the government receives....., more disposable income, means more spending, meaning more jobs....meaning more tax ..... I am sure the scheme would pay for itself. Please see my last post to understand my viewpoint on this matter. We waste so much taxpayers money on leaches - those that do not help or benifit the economy, this would actually help people improve there lives and the economy, i am surprised that the first couple of responses have been so negative? How about lets bring in a tax to help pay for those people who pretend to be incapacitated and aim to spend their whole lives on income support.... Oh we already have that ! ........ We should cut out waste and implement useful practical projects that reward and encourages people to work, (like the example above) rather than schemes that encourage people to do sod all and which generates no further income for the state or public .....
  9. I believe I see your point. If the government taxpayer paid for the subsidy, you would argue that it would make little impact on a families earnings as the government would tax the same family the same cost as if they had purchase it themselves privately and directly? If this is your view i can agree up to a certain point, however the reason why for example the NHS is affordable to many is for the prime reason that the many will pay for the few that use it at any one time in their lifetime, and that the service is provided with no profit margin in the cost. Aside from this the enormous benefit in allowing two wage earners to exist in a family, creates disposable income, this disposable income would create further jobs in the economy and improve the families quality of life. The extra jobs created would afford the government with taxable income and the excess money spent by the families and newly employed would also be hit by VAT, making the cost possibly quite small to all taxpayers. Sorting out your own childcare is fine, but for those people on low incomes that realize its cheaper for one of the parents to not work than leaving them in a nursery, which then drastically reduces there income and quality of living (as there is now only one wage earner) is worrying. Yet if they both sat on there arses and did not bother trying to work and better themselves they might well be better off ? We pay people to watch TV waiting for there next Giro, whilst local councils waste millions of our money on ill thought out schemes and employ over payed officials, whom seem to not help society as much as their high wages should suggest. I think we can afford such a direct helpful service. - What we cant afford is such an abundance of waste.
  10. Just to make you feel even better ..... A friend of mine who has just had a child told me not long ago that he had heard... that child care is subsidized in France enabling both adults to work. It costs apparently about £7.00 a day as apposed to almost £50.00 here in the UK. Even if this turns out not to be true , i think the scheme should happen ..... to me it makes a lot of sense. I would rather have my tax pay for a child carer (a worthwhile job) which helps a family directly (whilst also helping to increase the purchasing power and disposable income of the family, which in turn would help the economy), than for a traffic warden to prance about slapping fines on the already indebted public. Our government, and local councils seems to concentrate on targeting the people for more cash rather than concentrating on economizing its spending, and should use this money from the masses for the masses, having long term plans for the country and investing in its future. What tangible asset has our government actually created with all this public money ? What have they actually managed to finish ? and what have they done successfully after 10 years in power ? This is not a rhetorical question ! Seriously please can somebody list anything that they have done? I can only create a list of failed/problematic projects (I think the National Lottery has done more for this country) Failure List: The costly Olympic village Trident The two expensive air craft carriers without their new plans Soldiers dying due to MOD being financial poor and mismanaged. No Nuclear power station investment No renewable investment plan that i am aware of NHS - i think the NHS is a success but powered by the doctors and nurses.... if only the government would stop constantly triggering with it, It should be treated almost like a business - financial managers being more accountable, realistic targets, etc. the extra money the government pumped in was tragically wasted, poured down an unaccountable black whole. The number of people on benefit and the culture that goes with this. House price boom Inflation Unelected prime minister Irag war and the WMD ! Uk's BIG debt bubble - both government and public Social mobility gap Poverty Trap - Child & OOP Poverty Why back in 2003 that only 50% of the UK population receives 7% of the UK wealth - the last 5 years have not been recorded...! (i would think this figure to be grossly worse in 2008) Sorry i know a bit off topic but when you wanna rant ...well you gonna rant ....Grrr
  11. For F*** S*** ! Honestly now that the BBC can't spin " Look into the TV .....you are feeling sleepy , very sleepy .....now invest in property! and enjoy negative equity ! Yeah , Horrah ! " because all other forms of media are stating that house prices are plummeting. It now has to try to tell voters how on the flip side everything is rosy as well ! News report from the BBC, just in..... It doesn't matter what the value of property is, as now we can confirm that prices go up and down! - and so will the number of sellers & buyers ! So sod it ... all you need to know is that everything is great and happy, and that Gordon Brown and the Labour Government are just wonderful...... next week we will be looking at our old repeat on .... How to tie a blindfold around you head to help you go off and buy the most expensive asset in your life - just make sure that you don't do your research. Breaking news...! ..... A new report shows that the value of the pound is decreasing in value by way of inflation....It is rumored that this will make obtaining more pounds more affordable ... it is expected that the number of pound millionaires will boom in the coming years. It is hoped that , the majority of the UK population will become millionaires like its Zimbabwean rival.
  12. I had a look at the exact definition of the word naive.... na·ive Audio Help /nɑˈiv/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[nah-eev] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –adjective 1. having or showing unaffected simplicity of nature or absence of artificiality; unsophisticated; ingenuous. 2. having or showing a lack of experience, judgment, or information; credulous: She's so naive she believes everything she reads. He has a very naive attitude toward politics. 3. having or marked by a simple, unaffectedly direct style reflecting little or no formal training or technique: valuable naive 19th-century American portrait paintings. 4. Northern Rock, Bradford & Bingley, BTL ers , majority of the UK, Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling, George Bush, I though post number 4 was uncanny.
  13. Hope the Link works http://uk.news.yahoo.com/skynews/20080519/tuk-house-sales-may-fall-by-40-per-cent-45dbed5.html ...... Its just getting worse & worse ...... The level of negative news regarding this house of cards just keeps on going and going ...... 10% ..... do i have 10 ? 15...15...15 % .... Thank you Times ...... Oh 20% to the FT .... 25% do i hear 25 ? ? ? come on .... the values have gone up way above earnings ratios and the plug has been pulled on the credit supplying this mess......this is a bargain front page headline ... You sir , well done 25% to the Daily Mail ..... any advances on 25% ......any ? .....well done Guardian ...30% .....35% ? No ...? Oh well done Yahoo straight to 40% with your RICS...anymore ?? Oi! you wake up back there ! yes you the SUN come on, come on......
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