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  1. I my self saw the boom coming and jumped on the band waggon made a nice few pounds and now I am jumping off the band wagon as its crashing all around me.
  2. 6 months ago it was crazy and I mean crazy. Lies on top of lies As soon as property came on the market people were told there was 3-4 offers on that property already so properties on at 150,000 were going for 175,000 people were being more or less forced to act quickly before the property goes, they did not have time to stop and think they just took out these amazing mortgages. Like I said greed and lies.
  3. I visit this board a hell of a lot, this is my first post. I run 2 EA in the North East. I am closing one office but keeping the other open, on the road I have my office there is 7 other EA offices all dead and empty. I make my living now by managing properties for the BTLs Boards going up all over the NE and nothing and I mean nothing is shifting. Sarah Mains EA still continues to put propertys on the Market at silly prices the whole area is in denial. I am getting out now and concentrating on property managment... I am sure the worse is yet to come. There will be no spring bounce. Lies and greed helped create this mess.
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