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  1. Update: The EA called to find out what I though after viewing the property. I was very frank with him, saying the property was very over-priced.... Looks like it worked to a certain extent, as the price has come down again – now £320K
  2. Viewed a house in SE9 the other day after my enthusiastic (and nice) EA called me... "It's on at £350K, but they are open to offers as they have found a bigger house they want to buy...." says the EA. I viewed the property (link below) without checking out its sale history... and it had been reduced to £335K on the day I viewed already. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30475366.html Checking the previously sold price for this house, I discovered it went for £310K in August 2007 - somewhere near peak prices. The house next door went for £292K a few months ago (a high price for this type of house IMHO). So it looks to me that, despite all the recent media coverage about house prices decreasing, sellers are still stuck in the mindset that they will still be able to make a profit, even if their house was bought at peak prices back in 2007. Hmmmm...
  3. Well, it's been a while since I last posted about the thrilling SE9 property scene... have you all been on tenterhooks? Thought not... Anyway, I've been in a very nice rented house for the past 15 months, but I'm beginning to get bored of paying the "very reasonable" rent, while my nest-egg makes booger-all in the banks. Been to view 4 houses last weekend... 1. Edwardian 4 bedder in New Eltham: on busy road, but a reasonable size and has been on the market for 18 months... just been SSTC a few weeks ago and is now back on after a reported gazzundering. I suspect it might be more to do with the the wobbly nature of the floors and the slightly drunken angle of the window sills etc... The EA was amazing (as per usual). No answer to the Rightmove email... no answer to their own email... finally got a viewing by phoning. Did they call me back to ask what I thought about the property? Erm... no. 2. A Corbett era 3-bed very near the station... probate sale. On at £279K. Nice EA (no, really!). Viewing revealed a house that still had gas mantles in some rooms... needed new wiring, new CH, complete gutting and renovation of all walls and floors. Oh! I almost forgot.. a big crack up the front (visible from the front and inside too)... It was sold, but the buyer pulled out cos of the crack.... I suggested that the vendor had priced in order to get offers under the Stamp Duty threshold, considering the poor condition of the property. Oh no! They want close to asking price! I said farewell to the nice EA! The other two houses were fine... both on busy roads... but nice houses and reasonable prices I thought... I may even make an offer for one! Yes, I'm mad BTW.
  4. Looks like this thread has dried up over the past months... any updates on the Ayrshire property market? I'm looking at a property in North Ayrshire which has an asking price of O/O £90k. I'm a cash buyer, so I am tempted to put in a cheeky offer... The highest price on this short street was £85K back at the end of 2007, so I think that the vendor is perhaps in being a bit optimistic. Any opinions?
  5. Fully aware that this the guide price... but I know that other Liverpool properties go pretty close to guide at auction. I have "local" info now, which perhaps explains the extreme drop. As the flats were only developed in 2008, their condition can't be that bad. However, despite its proximity to the city centre, it appears that neighbourhood has developed a reputation as a stronghold for the travelling community.
  6. This is one of them: http://www.mustbesoldlondon.com/index.php?option=com_propertylab&task=showproperty&id=1847&perpage=20&start=20&order=&type=forsale&minprice=1&address5=&maxprice=&minbeds=&auction_id=17&status=&live=0
  7. What's going on here? mustbesold.com are listing six flats in Irwell Chambers, Liverpool L3 to be sold on 21 July. The guide prices are from £35K to £40K, but the flats originally sold in 2008 for £200k plus. One actually went for £271K... Has Liverpool's property market really collapsed to such an extent? Or is there something dodgy with this specific building? I would love to hear from anyone who has any more knowledge on these properties.
  8. There is a big demand for small, economical, cheap cars. I have been looking at Fiat Panda prices for the last 6 months. Even ebay prices seem to have risen by around 15-20% over that period. Some dealers are asking £3500+ for a 5 year-old Panda which could have been bought for around £6000 new back then. Makes a mockery of residual estimates now of course....
  9. Update: The Craigton Road house was back on with David Evans... I went in on Friday and was told by a very pleasant lady that there had been an offer accepted on it just the day before (at below asking price of £299k)... but with conditions (exchange within 21 days I think). So it might well come back on the market soon.
  10. I've just had a lovely conversation with a letting agent, responding to an email enquiry I made 6 days ago! After he had enquired that I was still in the market for a property and how much I wanted to spend, he started asking more questions. AGENT: What's your address? ME: No problem, though I don't want mailshots in this day and age. AGENT: Are you employed at the moment? ME: I'm self-employed... AGENT: What do you do exactly? ME: Erm... what's that got to do with me asking what properties you have to rent? AGENT: Oh... we have so many people looking for places to rent that we like to make sure that prospective tenants are suitable. ME: I'm just enquiring about what you have available... I'm not trying to adopt a child! AGENT: Well, if you don't want to register with us then that's up to you.... So the rental market is so competitive at the moment here that agents are pre-assessing prospective tenants at the enquiry stage? The fact that my email address makes it quite clear what I do is besides the point of course... Sigh!
  11. Just a bit of info from a a friend who works for a big bank. She got a 5-year fixed rate from her employer 3 years ago: 4.40% The base rate at that time was 4.75%, so it was a good deal. New rates have just been announced for the lucky staffers... The new 5-year fixed rate is 4.6% I don't need to tell you what the base rate is at the moment. But perhaps it suggests what it may be in the near future?
  12. But is there any extra security afforded? I'm looking to rent a house in the next few months and have been rather worried by the various stories from tenants who have been forced out of their rented properties as lenders repo the properties after the LL goes bust. As far as I can gather, EAs or Letting Agents don't guarantee that the "owner" of the property they are letting out is in a fit financial state. They do, of course, make sure that the tenant has their credit checked (and make you pay a ridiculous premium for it), but they do not "credit check" the owner of the property.
  13. Just been looking round Eltham and the Craigton Road house seems to show as sold in one EA's window but still available in another's (David Evans). On a separate note, I just had the most pathetic experience yet with an EA - initials are BS, for those who wish to know. I'm seriously interested in a property in one of Eltham's nicest roads (only available through BS), though it needs some serious work done. I sent an enquiry via RightMove's email - no response. I sent an email via BS website - still no response. So today I went into the office - same two unsmiling drones at their desks. Me: "Hello, I've sent 2 emails to you with regard to viewing the property in ******** Road for sale at £300K." DroneA: (sharply) "Oh... what about it?" Me: (slightly taken aback at the sharp response) "Well, I would like to view it?" DroneA: "There's a block viewing on Saturday at 11am!" Me: "Oh, it's Wednesday now, can I see it before then?" DroneA: (irately) "There's a block viewing on Saturday at 11am!" Me: "Don't you have the keys for the property here?" DroneA: "Yes, but the soonest you can see it is Saturday" Me: "So you are not interested in selling it then?!" (walks out of office...incredulously) What are these people on? Do they really want to sell the property? I know the property is a probate sale, so I suspect something is up.
  14. Have a look at this spireite: http://fiatsupasaver.com Gives you an idea of how low the Fiat dealers should be able to go... although I know from bitter experience just how useless they are. They can't even sell you a car when you go in waving the dosh in their faces.
  15. A very nice EA (I know!) was showing me round a rental property the other day in SE London. I explained my situation - STR in Aug 07 - and said I might be looking to buy next Spring, when I suspect HPs will have come down another 15-20% again.... He didn't even hesitate - he just agreed and said he would do the same - that is, wait for at least another year before thinking about buying. I was surprised!
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