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  1. Would do fine as a BTL due to proximity of Sanger. FWIW, we've just bought a house the other side of the A505. One of a row of identical houses bordering a village green. We have paid 50K less than the last house to sell in the street, which sold in the last year. The difference between the houses? Ours has an extension.... So there are decent value properties out there.
  2. Homecheck wasn't particularly accurate for one property I checked when compared against what we found out when the solicitors did the search so beware.
  3. Second Massucco Buttress. We are using them for our purchase and to date they have been excellent.
  4. Take heart guys - we've just had an offer accepted of 10% below asking for a house in one of the South Cambs. villages. The nice thing is, an identical house sold for 50K more last year.....this is around the FTB stamp duty threshold, so not 50K off a 600k property! We're happy. Will fill you in with more details once we've exchanged - I've become a leeetle paranoid/supersticious
  5. Irish 'in bailout talks with EU' Second item on the BBC news front page.....
  6. Speaking as a chemistry graduate from Imperial College, the maths content of a decent chemistry degree is at least equivalent to that of a physics degree for the first two years at a decent uni. Some of my statistical mechanics and thermodynamics courses (essential for theories describing how reactions proceed) are hugely maths-based. About 50% of my graduating year went into the City - finance or law - with appropriate salaries. Although chemistry graduates still had to do a conversion course to do law, they had no problems finding firms to sponsor it. Compared with friends from King's who took out huge loans to pay for further law conversion courses. Biology, in my experience, is mostly counting snails
  7. Must be something about Ulsterwomen - We offered 60K below asking and told the EA we were his best hope of commission this side of Christmas
  8. No sign of a crash here. Just off the phone from Pocock and Shaw about this place: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-27370144.html Estate agent said he could show us around but there's already been 60 people round, 10 of whom put bids in. Currently the highest offer is 390K, 3 parties still interested and EA expects it to go above 400K... EA couldn't quite believe it, for a house that in his words needed about 40K's work doing on it... Am fed up with this house buying lark. There's stuff on the market but it's either dross or overpriced. Should have just bought ovepriced crap 5 years ago like everyone else :angry:
  9. The key thing here is that in all cases the couples have been able to keep the flats. No forced sales. Bank happy for them to run two mortgages (or at least, the bank hasn't found out yet). Until people can't move because they can't sell their original property (in all of your examples the couples could move), no HPC.
  10. This is what worries me - until banks start refusing consent to let, I don't think we'll see much movement downwards if rental demand stays strong. By renting the house out, they get to move, paying over the odds for their new home as they can use equity from their old home, and they're not a forced seller on their original home.
  11. Hooray for Rightmove! We're looking at a similar house that's on for 70k more than it sold for 10 months ago. Buyer has done nothing. Planning permission for an extension is already in, so no added value there. And when we went to view it, buyer admitted he was selling because his landscape gardening business had hit the skids.... We did put in an offer and even the estate agent admitted the buyers were having a giraffe....
  12. Bit behind the times, surely? Addenbrooke's staff are charged £2.20 a day to park, and there's far from enough car park spaces. Consultants of course get guarenteed spots, and yet they're the only ones who can afford to live near the hospital. Oh, and the car park charge has to rise to ensure it's always more expensive than the Park and Ride...
  13. I'm hoping the same, although we got outbid on a property by another FTB (and this was on a family home in the 300-400k range). So although we might be rare, there's a few of us around. Looking for karma after spending years living on a shoestring in a rented shoebox whilst everyone else bought The only saving grace is that most other people looking at family homes have a smaller place to sell....there's an absolute glut of 3 bed semis where we are at the moment, and those are the ones that aren't shifting. And given the demographics in Cambridge (good professional employment and commutable to London, a 3 bed semi as a first house for a couple around 30 isn't unrealistic. For a long time Cambridge agents admitted that FTBs had no hope in Cambridge but that the market was happily ploughing on without them - it looks like the lack of movement in the smaller properties is finally coming into play...Constipated is exactly the word I use for the market at the moment! Apologies for the anecdotal!
  14. I would agree with this - we're looking at family homes in Cambridgeshire and the vast majority of the sellers are people who have just retired and are looking to move to a bungalow (health problems)/move closer to children etc. I don't think any of them are thinking along the lines of "best get out now before our investment plunges in value", they've just reached the next stage in their lives and want to move on. It can only be a good thing to see family homes finally come on the market, and a bit of competition from lots of other boomers selling up will keep prices in check. Bungalows are going to get even more expensive though!
  15. Yep, we've also gotten the vendor's mobile number so we'll be watching with interest. Fingers crossed, eh? Vendors want to move and be settled for Christmas so if this one does fall through then I guess we're top of their list.
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