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  1. As I said use the £ Billion spent every 40 days on HB.
  2. Dissagree strongley with that We have built our way out of recession in the past and can do it again , if fact if the building takes off everything takes off. Who said anything about needing a mortgage . We need social housing that working people can access single as well as married working people . In the long run instead of spending a Billion £ every 40 days on HB , how much would we save by using that money to build houses assets they we would have long term . We have more than enough green belt in order to use some . We would still have plenty left . We do have an accute shortage of housing and that is a priority. There are also plenty of brown field sites that are not being built on quick enough.
  3. That is a drop they are taking a tumble .
  4. I only read this recently but , The levels of poverty in London and other industrial areas in 1900 were higher than they had been in 1800. This happened during the industrial revolution . I was always taught at school that the Great industrial revolution bought goods to the masses and many jobs. However the truth was that the new ways of mass production destroyed many skilled trades and jobs, those people ended up as the Factory Fodder for the rich vctorian factory owners. Much of the goods were exported bringing much money into this country but most of it sucked up to the top lucky few. As the industrial revolution caused much unemployment the greedy employers cut wages and kept the spoils to themselves. I have been reading a book where a woman has traced her family back to the 1820 where her great great grandmother came from a comfortable home the daughter of a skilled weaver . Her daughters ended up doing low paid 12 hour shift in the cotton mills and lived in poverty their whole lives. So comfortable people went to poverty in just two short generations. Compare this with today , the industrial revolution of 2000 has been computers and outsourcing . The average and low paid have become less wealthy and again the money is sucking up to the top as it did last time around. Are the grand children of the boomers going to go back to poverty ? The children of the boomers are a long way down the road towards it.
  5. The Olympics will come and go . Crossrail will be great but is a good few years away. Stratford, Bow, Mile End , E14, E16, Greenwich, Southwark, El , have a massive supply of new build flats coming onto the market in the next few years. If the investors from the Far East do not live in them they will either want to let them or flip them at a profit . Many Brits are priced out of buying them so they won't be buying them from the investors and giving the investors a profit . They are also priced out of renting them at a price that will give the investors a decent return. There could be a point of saturation too many new build flats. Look at the second hand market now in Docklands and it is struggling . The far east investors buying off plan do have a habit of not completing on their purchase and walking away from their deposit if the market is not in their favour at the time of completion . 2013 will be interesting.
  6. Well what do people expect , the two tier London economy needs people doing the NMW jobs , to keep it going . A one bed flat in a cheap part of London is £250 p.w. + , these people bought over to do the work that the Brit is priced out of need somewhere to live . Or should the young Brit with his/her degree and a mountain of debt take these sh-t jobs and save towards a rental deposit on a brick built shed in someones back yard.
  7. A much smaller one . Farmer , plumber, builder, doctor , car mechanic along with many others will still be trading but at a much reduced level . Not saying that we need as many diversity twit's as you call them , however there are plenty of other jobs that need doing which the country fails to get someone to do.
  8. Everyone has needs and wants , they therefore create demands . Something that all businesses need to survive. We are all dependent on each other, businesses need customers with money for customers to have money they need a way to earn it , without one there will not be the other. If the masses have so little they cannot afford a t.v. are the t.v. manufactures going to sell millions of t.v.s to a few billionairs ? Rinse and repeat for any product or service that you want to name.
  9. You cannot lie with numbers they will always catch you out in the end and we have been caught out now. If we had had the true figures , wages would be higher , Interest rates higher which would have led to people being less inclined to borrow higher multiples of earnings and hence lower house prices. The system and the free markets ( something that the capatilists say they love ) would have found their own true level in wages, house prices ect and it would have carried on working like it did prior to the lies. They rigged a free market and now we all pay the price.
  10. There will be a lot of that . Asians buy houses they very rarley sell them.
  11. Could you tell us where you come from , and compared to which European countries . I have been to Spain , Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, France and a few others in the ones I have mentioned I found every aspect of service slow compared to England I also found excuses for not being able to do things quite irritating.
  12. Lol If you are saying the whole of Essex is like Beirut then you are only showing your ignorance.
  13. The ones on the dole . You say it as if everyone on the dole comes from the group who cannot read and write. Do not tar everyone with the same brush , there is a whole cross section of people on the dole , which was my point in another post on this thread . The employers moan about people not haveing basic skills but will not look at people with them for other reasons , the biggest of those reasons being age.
  14. My Dad lives just outside London in a nice area of Essex. Friends of his in their mid 50's have just sold up and are moving to Kings Cross . There are always people moving both in and out of London.
  15. No There has always been a certain amount of people who are unable to read write and add up . It is more likely that the employers who are complaning pay so little money that they only attract these types of people . As we all know any company filling decent well paid roles are inundated with decent applicants and will have no trouble finding the right well educated to fill their vacancies.
  16. +1 They have been giving out the same sh-t for ever . If it is not basic skills we lack , it is the British work force is lazy and produces less than otheres , we work less Blarr Blarr Blarr........... Funny thing is they also will not look at people over a certain age , unemployment for the over 40's is high and higher still for the over 50's , if the young lack the basic skills why do they not mop up the excess older labour ? Answer because the whole report is as you say an excuse to employ migrant labour.
  17. 3.5 x 20k =70k mortgage . infaltion adjusted five years later 3.5x 25k =87.5k mortgage . Buys same house as five years prior. 87.5k is the same amount of money as 70k was five years ago. 3.5x 20k =70k mortgage . infaltioin adjusted five years later 3.5x 25k =87.5k mortgage but x it by 2 as the second income is taken into account =175k so they pay 175 for the same house that should have been 87.5 k. They are not doing this because wages have risen but because two incomes have been needed to buy house. That does not make them better off they now need two inocmes to service the mortgage on the same house as inflation adjusted it has doubled in real price. Their incomes have only risen with inflation but the house has doubled. No one has said lower earnings , what we have said is if you use two incomes to buy the house the houses will double in price.
  18. You have not got a clue . Will repeat it again see if you can understand this time . I said and listen very carefully HOUSES HAVE GONE UP AS PEOPLE BUYING HOUSES USE TWO INCOMES WHEN BUYING INSTEAD OF ONE. There is x amount of employment does not matter who does the work there is only x amount . If working mothers gave up work those unemployed men or single women without kids would take the jobs . There would still be the same amount of employment .
  19. Still cannot answer the question can you !! I did not say there was 1 person in employment and now there was 3 . I asked if 3 people clubbed together pooled their wages and bought a house for more money would that make the nation richer ? Will answer it for you as you are to thick to understand the question . No it would not as it would just be a case of 3 wages being needed instead of 2 or 1 as it was 20 years ago to purchase the same house.
  20. Who said unemployment was 30% and is now 10% ? No one has singled out mums what I have said and others have said is that people using two wages instead of one when buying houses has pushed up the costs . Quite simple really if you think about it.
  21. Your first paragraph means nothing cannot make head nor tale of it quite frankley. In real terms wages have fallen in the last 20 years . Read some of the posts on this site they will confirm that . Going back to the 1960's the working week was slightly longer than it is now . Most women did not work full time once they had had kids . Housing was cheaper . As for the standard of living yes it only took one wage to buy and keep the house , plus pay all the bills . The few familys where the woman did work would have had a far better standard of living than the double income family have now. If you think people paying more for houses due to using two incomes instead of one proves that the nation is wealthier then why have they had to borrow higher x their wages for the same thing ? Go back to the 60's it was 2.5x main income and 1x second income or 3x main income. If we still used those multiples and houses had risen like they have then we could say everyone was that much more wealthy as those income multiples would show the incomes had grown. But we do not use those multiples any more we use 4 and 5 x joint THAT IS WHY HOUSES HAVE GONE UP. Did ask you in the other post :- if 3 people clubbed together and used 3x their joint income to buy a house and pay more for it would that make the nation more wealthy ? you did not answer why ?
  22. Wrong again What has you asking is the uk in its own economic bubble got to do with what we are talking about ? Nothing ever stands still , it either moves forward or backward . Quite aware that the economy is the sum total of all activity. Going on recent figures there are currently 8 million economically inactive , that is about 1/3 of the adult population excluding pensioners. That is adults who do not do anything as there is nothing for them to do .A far higher amount than 10 years ago. So in that case why have house prices not come down already ? Let me answer that one for you . Because those that are economically active use two wages when they go and buy a house . That is the reason house prices rose so much and stay high . I never once said rising wealth was the reason ( however rising wealth will have an impact ) , LET ME REPEAT I said using two incomes !! UNDERSTOOD. Using two incomes does not demostrate rising wealth on its own rising wealth is when each component is wealtheir on its own merits not because two people have pooled wages . If 3 people clubbed together to buy a house and used 3 wages and paid more again would that prove that the uk is more wealthy ? Can you not tell me what I want . Housing rising or falling makes little difference to me . If it rises this place goes up , if it falls this place goes down but so does the next place rise or fall in line with this one. For Me personnely makes little difference ! I have a Sister who has to work , who has kids and would really love to give up work but the cost of housing keeps her and the other 30 somthing women in her office still in work. While she and the others she works with would love to quit working they cannot and while they work they keep the next generation ( many of them in my family ) out of the work place . RINSE AND REPEAT THOUGHTOUT THE LAND. So looking at it logically housing falling in price would be good for the 30 somethings and the 20 somethings and those even younger . Ask any young couple taking 4 an 5 x their joint salary to buy a tiny starter home and ask them when they think they will be having kids ? They will tell you not yet . And I bet they will be way over 28 already the prime age for the women to have her first kid 15 years ago. If we have got so much more wealthy as a nation why are they not having them younger than 15 years ago ? Why is the age of the first kid going up all the time ? Answer is in the above.
  23. Why can you not do those things at home with kids ?
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