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  1. No one knows as no one has a crystal ball. There are many different people and many different circumstances that people find themselves in and circumstances that change for better/worse for everyone concerned. At present you have decided to stay out of the market , but one day you will be entering that market and will have an affect on it . How many people like yourself have the cash to buy outright and prop the market up ? Who knows.
  2. We all know nothing is guaranteed and I never said it was for those who start out in business with money backing them . However the better chance is a much better chance . " if you have a viable business plan that may open up credit lines from backers ...including banks.... " If you have money to start off you do not need credit lines from banks or other backers who will want interest and can pull the plug at any time . You also do not need to worrie about the small things in life, i.e. Feeding you and yours , housing them and clothing them.
  3. For every business the most important thing is CASH FLOW . For every person who needs a roof and food the most important thing is CASH FLOW. When starting any business however you set about it, what ever service you give , what ever contacts you have . If you fail on CASH FLOW the business will go under . Those that have money backing them when they start will have a much better chance of success what ever service they deleiver.
  4. Not sure about the other two , but Richard Branson's qualification was money from family to set him off at the start . Many people who have made it in big in business or even just made it have had money to start off and or a saftey net when they set up. When Anita Roddick started the Body Shop her husband was paying the mortgage , bills and food. Very different from someone who has to pay those giving up a steady job and risking a business from scratch.
  5. I remember going to the local co-op and you were only allowed to buy 2lb of sugar . Funny our head master did not blame your workmate he said it was a woman out shopping telling a friend she bumped into who started it.
  6. There is a bigger gap in America between the haves and have nots. In most films that we get from hollywood they are nearly always high profil Doctors , lawyers living in massive houses or the penthouse apartment . The reality for many is very different. The loss of a job can send someone living a very good middle class life to the streets very quickely . Have seen documentries time and again of the poverty and lack of hope. Homeless familys putting their kids with relatives and living on the streets and in tent citys is common. Are we going the same way ? Who knows.
  7. I remember those times I was 12 . You forgot the oil crisis , oh and shortages the dockers were always on strike and there was a sugar shortage. Comparing to now , they seem like long ago dark days but if I think about it we were in a much better position then to now . Why do I think that way ? Because unemployment was only just over 1 million and there was not the personnel debt mountain that is a way of life now. Back then inflation that was matched by wage inflation destroyed peoples debt's. Today with no wage inflation but high cost inflation peoples LARGE debts are getting harder to service not eaiser.
  8. Stop digging no you stop If it did not refer to the young paying for the pensioners what the fk does it refer to ? Explain .
  9. Bully for you , lucky boomers have not got to work for all the years you have , hope it keeps fine for you lol
  10. Your post did not blame pensioners !! go back and read it when speaking about social security you said " offering to take of the young to give to the old " .
  11. Really You might think im a deaf old bugger , in that case your a blind young bugger. Im not going to throw stones at another generation like you , however will just say this how many young are unemployed ? how many unmarrried mothers are there in the generations that followed the boomers ? You can call the boomers greedy fine most humans are . Stupid No . lazy no wrong again.
  12. Exactley Worth looking at oz to see how they put in place a decent pension system , everyone got around the table the workers the govenement and the companies. They have now put in place a system that works. In Europe there are social security systems that work . Over here we carry on and have got to the stage now where the govenment have resorted to getting the generations to blame each other like the post I answered who blames the pensioners . FOOLED . Over here what came first the young unmarried women who had kids without a father or the fact that going to work and doing the right thing made her worse off as the benefits were so good ? Chicken and Egg .
  13. Rubbish It worked and could have carried on working . Works in other countries , it is only in the last 20 years that it has fked up read your history. With more and more women returning to work after having children , outsourcing , and technology the need for labour has reduced the profits of companies have gone up at the same time . However instead of sharing out the spoils and reducing the working week so more people worked but did less the people at the top kept most of the spoils. Pushing more and more people onto the state benefit system , the saftey net became a way of life , NOT WHAT IT WAS MEANT TO BE. You have muddled up social security with pensions , people accross the age groups collect social security SO DON'T BLAME THE PENSIONERS . Since 1945 govenments both labour and Tory have failed to re access the situation and on going needs for both pensions and social security. Hence the present situation of the figures not adding up . Nothing to do with your fabled BLAME IT ON THE PENSIONERS PYRAMID SCHEME.
  14. My brother is 43 and single , he lives in a shared house in East London paying £120 per week , bills on top. His salary is not bad about £35k and he has some savings . He just missed buying prior to prices going through the roof as he had been a bit silly with money and had to pay back debt for years . That has haunted him the rest of his life. My other brother 8 years older lives in a council flat , his ex home is with his ex wife who got it in the divorce with a mortgage of £20k she works in a pub and has kept the house . What a difference 8 years made. Will the younger brother ever buy ? Only if the inheratance is not spent on nursing home fees. Many people are in this boat .
  15. Then it got better . After world war 2 the working class said no we are not working 60 hours a week with no paid holidays , sick pay and giving up most of our hard earned to slum landlords. Chruchill said yes you are so they voted him out. The NHS was born , the social security, council houses , the working week got down to 40 hours , paid holidays and sick pay arrived. Many young people boomers and pre boomers had a choice a council house or buying and they made their choices, the swinging sixties came along and things just got better and better . Now it is all going the other way and things are getting worse and worse . Many people on short term contracts get no or little sick pay , they have insecure employment the dole queqes are getting longer , the pensions are being destroyed , the young cannot afford to buy and the chance of a council house are the same as winning the lottery. In real terms the wages are dropping . Yet you are fooled into beleiving things are getting better due to the fact that mass production has made it possible for the working class to get their hands on a few imported bits of consumer tat . Don't be fooled.
  16. A few years back there was a proposal for safe storage boxes outside peoples houses . They would work like nite safes in banks, things could be put in them but only the householder could access the box and take them out. . They do not seem to have caught on. The supermarkets deliver late into the night , there is no reason why deleviries have to be day time Monday to Friday why can these companies not deleiver up to 10 -11 p.m.
  17. The policy is to make it as difficult for people like your mother to claim as they can. If she is a person who has worked all her life they feel that she is more likely to go back to work soon than someone who has been unemployed or on the sick for a lot of their life. By making it difficult to claim they hope that people like your mother will give up their claim and find work. The life time claimers they leave alone. In 2009 I claimed the sick after major surgery it was made very difficult they came out with lies like they had not received certificates ect. One certificate they claimed not to have received was in the same enverlope as one that they had received , when I told them that both certificates were in the same enverlope they denied this. After 9 months on the sick it was almost as difficult to get the claim stopped as it was to get it started , they paid me for 3 months after I had told them I did not want to claim anymore , each time I saw the money show up in my bank account i phoned and got a different excuse each time why I was still getting the money . They never asked for it to be returned. The whole purpose of the welfare state has been turned on its head , it was meant to be a saftey net for people like your mother , they pay in and should be able to draw out when needed. However with people now making it a lifestyle choice the limited funds are unable to help many people like your mother. The high unemployment numbers and low wages have put a massive strain on the whole system.
  18. Then re spends a massive amount of that % on HB , plus other benefits for those who have been priced out of work . High house prices gave the economy a boost for a while but are now strangling it. No different to someone adding to their wages each month for ten years by taking out credit they have a far higher standard of living than they would if they had just stuck to their wages. But after ten years they have to live on the wages only as they have reached the end of the credit line, plus they also have to pay back what they owe with interest so are now far worse off than they were prior to living above their means on credit.
  19. The old cash cows are not calfing anymore , for years they just put up the taxes and docile paid them . Now the money is just not there welcome to the world the pr-cks have created.
  20. The first is a trap The second has to be paid back . Reading this book this young women lived a very good life in her teens completley independent and she worked a few nights in a bar which funded her fequent trips to London to see her boyfriend. How much would the train fare be now ? far more than a few shifts in a pub.
  21. I think you miss the point Which is 500 people applied for NMW jobs in a shop , which shows how desperate the job market is , in the past these types of places had a massive turn over of staff and jobs in them were taken as stop gaps , people took them if they had nothing else and they were always avaliable .
  22. Have just read a very interesting book about the life of a middle aged women who was bought up in Scarborough . She was born in 1957 and was the Final year of children allowed to leave school at 15 in 1972. Dropping out of Secretrial Colledge she took a job in a solicitors and decided to leave her abusive home at just 15. Her wages covered a bed sit , food , entertainment and clothes . Very few children who leave school now at 16 would get a job and if they did the low wages would barley cover travel costs and giving something into the parents home never mind being able to set them up in a bed sit. I know 15 is very young but many 18+ people used to do this and get that first taste of independence , another thing that has been taken away by our low pay high cost economy.
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