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  1. I am a boomer myself , a tail end boomer born 1963 , but I do understand the situation for the younger generation. When I hit 30 I fking hated it , it took me years to accept that I was getting older . Im now 48 and wishing my life away counting off the years untill I can get my mits on a very good pension that I can claim at 55 , fingers x it does not fk up . Just 79 months to go now . Being tale end I have noticed how the goal posts were changing as time went by, the people I worked with 5 and 10 years older than me were that much further ahead of me . When we were made redundant in 2006 those 50 and over were able to retire . They had the extra years in the good job and the extra pension contributions the rules had not been changed and you could still draw a pension at 50 . If I could have had another 5 years in that job and was being made redundant now and you could still draw the pension at 50 the redundancy pay would have got me to the pension at 50 , so I would be retiring now. However as I did not for the last 5 years I have been in and out of temporary low paid work. and have another 6 years 9 months to go. I thank god that Im 48 and not 28 or 18 , for the next generations the future looks bleak . You are right though so many boomers do not understand the situation and think that they did it and so can anyone else. Which we know is not the case.
  2. How do you know that you would be able to get hold of the repair shop , or that anyone would use your wifes ironing business. There are so many desperate people that the customers have so much choice and they may not chose to use you.
  3. Yes I used to do car washing , when I was a kid for pocket money . Now you point it out as a new carrer for the young . Told you jobs were scarce.
  4. Your job was well paid compared to the costs of housing in relation to wages and the cost of housing today. Your experience of what people want is irrelevant . Some want all those things some don't expect them , however the figures speak for themelves houses have gone up in price far more than wages. The young making sacrifices is not going to enable them to buy a house as it did in your day. Literacy might have gone up or down im not sure , but 4 year olds who cannot use a knife and fork when they are dumped at Pre School , has nothing to do with the cost of housing and also nothing to do with the fact that litterate highley skilled young people who were able to use a knife and fork when they went to Pre School cannot afford to buy a house and watch wage inflation clear the debt for them.
  5. There have always been those that could not read and write , there have always been those that balls up the chance of an education , there have always been those that did well at school. There have always been jobs for life , there are less now than in years gone by , however jobs for life is not what anyone is asking for . Opportunities have always changed , some have gone and some that were not there in your time are there now. The opportunities that you had, plenty of well paid employment ( compared to the cost of housing ) that could be replaced if the job you were doing became redundant and the opportunitie of buying a house and watch without having to do anything as wage inflation destroyed the burden of the debt in a few years have gone.
  6. Yes those who went through the same inflation/wage inflation as you and have always been totally dependent on the state , did not take the oppotunitys that were there for them. But that is not the fault of todays young people , who have seen the oppotunitys that you had gone.
  7. It is a generalisation , but one which I have heard since I was a kid 40 + years ago. Youths are like that and so are many older people . What is the best way to get the youth or people in their 20's to grow up and take responsiblity ? Answer : a home , a steady relationship , a partner and children. The problem is that route that has always been open to the youth has been snatched away from a great many of the youth of today. You cannot run a home never mind paying the rent or mortgage on it on £6 an hour short term temporary work. The path from irrisponsible youth to adulthood has gone and peoples youth is being stretched out into the rest of their lives.
  8. You might not owe the youth anything but the person you do owe will never come calling for collection that person is THE FAIRY GOD MOTHER OF INFLATION COUPLED WITH WAGE INFLATION. Don't say she did not help you out as you bought prior to me and she was still there when it was my turn but not as generous with me as with you. Back in your time and even in mine you took a hefty mortgage and it skintted you , but only for a few years, wage inflation destroyed the debt. When I took out my first mortgage I did not have a pot to p-ss in after making payments each month. 25 months and 3 pay rises later I was buying a new car. Even very soon after that when IR hit 15% the payment was still less of my take home pay than it had been at the start.
  9. Correct What is the saying " the band was playing as the Titanic sank " Have seen it a few times where people who seemed to be doing ok all of a sudden went tits up. After the event it was evident that they had been heading into trouble for a long time , they just had not told anyone untill everything came tumbling down.
  10. Never bothered to check on unemployed Americans crisp eating habits. Can tell you that unemployed Americans will be creating less demand in the economy than when they were working.
  11. The less people that are in work the less both the above will be required . Even the demand from those in work will become less as the fear of unemployment for them will be greater the more people become unemployed . Sentiment is one of the big issues for anyone and high unemployment affects everyones sentiment. I know from your posts you think many people are not worthy of a living but everyone is dependent on everyone else in a growing forward going economy.
  12. Well of course it won't last for ever , no jobs no customers .
  13. Correct I really think the people and their representatives the unions have been asleep for the last 30 years . Cutting the working week should have been at the top of the agender since the last cut , but it has not what a pity. When I left school in 1979 we were told we would have moving pavements by 2000 and the leisure age by the mid 80's. I never thought the moving pavements would ever happen , however during my first year at work when the working week was cut from 40 to 39 hours I thought he we go this leisure age will happen , 31 years later apart from those forced into total leisure ( unemployment ) we have moved no further down the road to the leisure age.
  14. So back to the question I posed why has the working week not been cut since 1980 ?
  15. If there ae more jobs predicted for machines , not people, why has the working week not been cut since 1980 ?
  16. We always had the crumbs compared to the elite . But those crumbs were ok if you came from them and most people around you had them . By crumbs I mean a job , a home , and a standard of living. If you paid into a pension you knew it would pay back. Crumbs compared to the elite but Mr and Mrs average were quite happy with what they had. You had hope ( when I was young I had six years of dead end jobs but hope and the better times came ) that is being taken away now. The elites ect have got either so greedy or stupid or both that they have fked up the system and destroyed even the crumbs that the average , working class/middle class people had . As you say the general public are waking up , times have been good and bad in the past but now people are waking up to the fact that this is now something different not just a downturn for a few years . IT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME.
  17. Speaking to a woman a few weeks back she said the Lakeside shopping center in Essex was inundated with applicants for the temp jobs this Christmas. I think this shows how bad things are for many people , even the jobs that people took if desperate are not there anymore.
  18. Correct They have that im alright jack attitude and think that things can never change for them .
  19. Be careful what you wish for there are currently 8 million inactive adults in this country . Some claim some don't . If they were all forced into taking anything and everything one might nick your job , or the amount of people fighting for any work could see pay for people like you drop very fast. The saftey net is a cusion for those out of work as well as those in it.
  20. No the gap is not meaningless , people might move up and down but many stay within a small range. Very few go from rags to riches or riches to rags. The thread is about the gap between rich and poor whether those in these two groups change or not. To say the gap is not getting bigger here due to wages rising is not the whole picture and the effect of that gap does have a massive effect on the poor.
  21. That is debatable Are the figures arrived at taking into account the inflation figures that we are given ? If so they are not a true reflection of whether incomes have or have not risen as the inflation figures are false. Also real incomes rising does not mean that the gap between rich and poor is not getting bigger in the U.K. Assets that the rich have more of have risen more than incomes ( housing springs to mind ) which will increase the gap even if incomes have risen. How much a poor person needs for the basic essentials compared to the rich will also have an impact . To get a true picture of the gap income is not the only factor to look at.
  22. When I first worked in a pub 1981 the cheap larger was 52p. In 1985 Guinness was the first pint to go over a £. There was uproar when we opened up that night . The other week my Dad paid £4.20 for a pint of it in a London pub.
  23. If there is a massive collapse reset , those with the 9x income mortgages will be no different from anyone else , their homes will be worthless their debts uncollectable and they will walk away and start again like everyone else after the reset.
  24. Rail fares going up , up and up has been going on long before there was even a wisper of the Olympics.
  25. But his figures were based between 1975 and 1988, I think I did hear a mention of 1991 at one point. Why did he not come up to 2011 , what has happened in the last 20 years is the truth . What has happened since outsourcing and the reliance on credit , the subprime crisis and the wages dropping.
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