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  1. " EMPLOYEES HAVE TOO MUCH JUST NOW " Could you expand on that and explain how and why as I do not agree at all.
  2. This is so true and so sad. The People need unions and need to join them and change them . The ultra left wing at the top of these need to be got rid of and the needs of the members need to be put at the top of the agenda. I blame the left wing within the unions but also the memebers for not doing anything and putting themselves out now and again for the benefit of everyone. I was a union rep for a while ( never again ) people would come up to me shouting things like " what is the union doing about x,y and z " I would reply with something like " well there is a meeting at : - and give a date and time " They would make an excuse not to turn up as they could not be bothered yet they would moan like fk about anything. Also remember one guy shouting about the unions and screaming he would never join one as he remembered the power cuts when he was a kid.
  3. Don't fall for it , yes seeing that foreign family who have just arrived in this country getting £2300 a month HB winds me up as well , and I would think would wind most people up. The problem is they are using them as an excuse to cut the rug from under everyone . When I was earning good money I could sit there and think the same about people not working ect. However when I lost my job I saw the other side. Remember going to the job centre and seeing just 11 jobs in my location . These included 1. Part time leaflet dropper 2. Nude camcorder operator ( job in the sex industry ) 3. Job's in the council ( bet they were already pinpointed for someone but were being advertised as that is how council operate ) I was lucky I had had a good pay off and now work in temp roles , after 45 it gets quite hard to get another perm job, job agencies looked at me as if I had two heads and asked why I was changing career's so late in life , the reason was jobs that I had done have now been outsourced. It is very very tough out there now when it comes to jobs and at present the Govenments attitude to those who are unemployed due to no fault of their own is very scarey.
  4. NO way , if and when you become unemployed they only look at the last two years . I know someone who paid for 30 years went abroad after being made redundant and returned 18 months later . He got fk all as he had not made full NI payments over the previous two years. The other 30 meant jack sh-t.
  5. They never answer that bit apart from showing the BLOND BINT at the job centre saying that there were half a million jobs at the last count . So unless they come up with a way of getting 10 into 1 there is no answer.
  6. You answered questions I did not ask you and failed to answer the ones I asked . Will try again . Are you on NMW ? If yes would you like a pay rise ? If no would you like to earn NMW and if you were paying rent or mortgage do you understand that you would have to compare your wages to benefits ?
  7. Turn it around , increase the wages now. Thirty years of getting wages down is why this country is sick to the core. Are you on NMW ? if yes would you not like to earn more , If no go and try it and if you have rent or mortgage to pay you will find that you have to compare your wage to benefits.
  8. Now we are in the GREAT U.S. of A. bet they don't show the familys who have had to dump their kids with relatives or friends and are now living in tent citys.
  9. I want to smash the telly, what a one sided piece of sh-t. , and what a patronising c--t he is .
  10. X the beer by 1000 and the pint would be £30 if the price had kept pace with the growth in debt . Then add in things like PFI that we did not owe on back then and the black hole in public sector pensions that had not grown to the extent they have now , and that Billion looks like peanuts compared to the DEBT this country now owes.
  11. Yes we have got two hours of it tonight . How about some tv showing the life styles of those at the top who have ripped us off . The Bankers, MP's, those that got shed loads when our utilities were sold off, those who ripp off our pensions , the land owners, the developers, im sure there are many more but cannot think of any right now , maybe I need two hours of the BBC showing me some more.
  12. I think you will find there was a Tory policy to shove as many people who were unemployment onto the sick to get the numbers down. Nothing set in stone or any links but have heard that areas of high unemployment also have high numbers of those on the sick. Will a slimmed down welfare state provide any more jobs ? For many people the welfare state does only provide a very basic safety net . The stories we hear in the press of people living the life of riley on benefits are not the norm that is why we hear about them . Anyone under 35 without children will now get a room in a shared house and £65 pw cash . How much more basic do you want to go ? As for the sex change on the NHS , yes I used to think like you untill recently I saw a few programms on this , the Doctors and Medical experts have proved that there is a whole spectrum of people who's X and Y chromosomes' have not behaved in the way that produces just a male or just a female being . Like everything medical what is termed as normal in these people has not occoured . Why should they be denied medical help to lead the best life possible ? Or do you know something that the experts who are highely trained and have spent years reasearching these conditions have yet to come up with ? Reminds me of a kid at school who grew female breasts when he was going through puberty. He was taken into hospital and they were removed . Should a person like that of which there are plenty be denied medical help ?
  13. Correct Add in the massive advances in Technology since then and we have a problem. We were told years ago that the leisure age was to come and we would only have to work a few days a week. Well since then the working week has only ever been cut by 1 hour in 1980. If anything for many the working week seems to have gone up not down , unpaid overtime has creeped in more and more for the lucky that do have jobs. Like the debt mountain that was ignored so has the lack of work problem been ignored . There was a time when govenment seemed to accept the situation and without saying anything encouraged people to live without work i.e. single mums were engouraged and many on the dole were sidelined onto the sick . Now the govenment debt problem has kicked off they need to cut somewhere and lay the blame somewhere , at present the unemployed , the sick and the neets are the target.
  14. In the Mail today there was a piece about a group of 5 typists who in either 1967 or 1969 cannot remember which , started a back Britain campagine . It got a lot of air space at the time and then fizzled out . However they did say the balance of payments defict was £1 billion back then . OH HAPPY DAYS.
  15. I just missed the nightmare of NE , I bought in 1986 and the place doubled by 1988, I sold half way down as I had to move for work and bought at the bottom of the market in 1991. Well it turned out it was not the bottom of the market so the money I had left from the first place dissapeared in the second place. However I did then buy at the bottom and got a very good deal. Remember working with people around 92/93 who were in NE , but said due to their pay rises and IR dropping to below 10% the mortgage they had taken out in 1988 was now getting smaller and they could accept the NE as the cost of the mortgage had dropped so much. Anyone who buys today with a 4/5x salary mortgage who finds themselves in NE are not going to be seeing their mortgage payments get easier as IR are only going one way and wages are not keeping up with inflation . DOUBLE WHAMMEY . Remember one guy I worked with who bought a flat in 1988 for £62k , they were just getting married and were 21. They sold it in about 95 for £27k and borrowed £30k from inlaws to clear the NE and put down a deposit on a 3 bed semi. The loan to the inlaws was to be paid back over 7 years we all thought he was nuts. The 3 bed semi was cheaper than the first flat ( think it was mid £50's ) A few years later after prices had started to rise but had not gone silly , they sold the 3 bed paid off the inlaws and put down a small deposit on a four bed detached. I think the four bed was about £110k and they needed a £101 k mortgage the wife had a mental block about having a mortgage of over £100k , so they opted for a £99k mortgage borrowed £2k on a CC and paid off the CC as quickely as they could. Then prices went nuts. Their house must be worth £225/250k now. So a sh-t start had a very happy ending after a period of about 10 years . I don't think anyone who buys now and ends up in massive NE will have an outcome like they did.
  16. + 1 thanks for that Greg I thought i was the only boomer to admit that we did have it better than those younger people today.
  17. Where was your mother looking ? What was she looking for ? part time housewife work ? She would not have seen many of the jobs with average wages in the places she looked . Look in the local paper today the job centre and most advertised jobs will be well below the average uk rate, that does not mean that the average uk rate is not what they tell us , it means that those average paid jobs are not advertised that much in these places , but they are there like they were when your mother was looking . Many jobs are not advertised they are filled by agencies , word of mouth , head hunting, people applying directely to companies ect. Don't worrie about the 98% head line rate of tax back then only very few paid it , or was your mother looking to be a film star rock star ?
  18. Quite simple really . The deposit needed is more . PLUS In your parents time and yours and mine , we took out 2.5 , 3.0 x salary mortgage . None of us needed to pay stamp duty and the bills once we had got the home were a lot less. just one indication I earnt £12k when I bought my first home and my water rates were £40 per year. I worked the night shift in a Brewerey . Today the water rates are £400 a year x 10 , do you think working a night shift in a brewerey if you could get the job would pay £120k a year today. The interest rates were higher back then I started out paying 12% but tax relief bought it down to 9%. Today you might get a mortgage rate of just 4 or 5% but would need to borrow 5x salary . So one cancels out the other . The higher IR on only 3x salary would be about the same as the lower IR on 5 x salary. Now here is the bit where it has really CHANGED AND GOT HARDER . Under the old way you got decent pay rises year on year , 8,9, 10 % were the norm in the 80's and 90's , in your parents day the 60's they were even bigger . So that 3x mortgage very very quickley became 2.5x and then 2x , a few years later it was like a CC debt. Today wages are not even keeping up with the false inflation figures , they say 5% inflation when it is more for essentials like food, travel , energy ect and many people are getting 2% pay rises , no pay rises , or pay cuts. The common fact of unemployment is ever present with the chance of getting a new well paid job becoming smaller and smaller all the time ( the jobs you mentioned in an earlier post do not pay mortgages ) . Taxes at the average and low end of the earnings scale have gone up over the years , the head line income tax rate might have dropped from 33% in 1979 to 20% today , but NI has risen from 6.75% to 12% and tax free allowances have not kept pace with inflation , Wages have also not kept pace with inflation while house prices have gone up way way above inflation . Miras has gone , married mans tax allowance has gone , vat has gone up . IT IS HARDER TODAY THAN IN YOUR TIME MY TIME YOUR PARENTS TIME.
  19. Said it in another post and will say it again Im a tale end boomer . I can see how much harder it is for the younger generation now and like the younger generation Im getting more than a tad fed up with boomers who cannot see how the system has changed and how the younger generations have been fked.
  20. Sad as it is I think there will be very very few FTB's who buy from their own money that they have earned , if they are not given money or inherit money they will not be buying . The only other way is for familys to club together and buy bigger houses ( the asian community have done it this way ) . I have two brothers two of us are tale end boomers one is a bit younger . The eldest lost his home in a divorce , I have a small paid for place ( yes I fked up in the boom years ) and my younger brother rents in a shared house at 43 . The only way we will all be sorted with decent homes is if we inherit the family home , it is willed to us but Dad might end up spending the money on nursing home fees yet , the money is not there untill the solicitor has sent that cheque.
  21. You could only have been in that very tight position for a very short while , as THE FARIY GOD MOTHER OF WAGE INFLATION KICKED IN . I had to do the night shift when i first got my mortgage and get the night bus home if we go sent home in the middle of the night ( no car for the first few years ) but after 3 pay rises I was able to give up the night shift and I bought a car.
  22. Yes I have noticed the extra staff being hired in the shops for Christmas. Tell you what go and apply ( a women told me a few weeks back that the giant lakeside shopping centre in Essex was inundated with applicants for those jobs this year ) I think you might get a shock. There were not many Macdonalds or Burger kings around when I was growing up , but there were plenty of other shop jobs ( people did take them when they had nothing else ) more important than that there was plenty of other better paid employment about so the shops were a last resort . As for the post office temp jobs this Christmas message UNEMPLOYEDYOUTHAGAIN and ask him about his experience applying this year ( he did post it on here the other night but cannot remember on which thread ) . Yes people can earn a bit of pocket money at a car boot sale. Great . So lets pretend a youth today gets one of those fantastic jobs we have both mentioned . Would they be able to obtain a mortgage on the money and buy a house ? Answer NO. There is no point in continual further education if there are no jobs at the end . When I left school and that was at 16 we all got jobs and so did those other boomers who left prior to us the reason for this is the fact that there were jobs back then , unlike now . The boomers had it GOOD very very good and Mac jobs are not going to cut the mustard for the youth of today.
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