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  1. Not sure about that one . However have heard they have been known to shot the sewer children who live below the streets in Brazils main citys.
  2. No that is part of a different problem , one that we will never stop in any walk of life it's called mistakes the police make them like everyone else does in any job. You also forgot to mention it was not a Brazilian electrician taking the tube , it was a Brazilian electrician who was here when he should not have been taking the tube , if he had been here legally he would not have run and would not have been shot.
  3. Very good points . I think a lot of the problem in the last 20 years is as the private sector shed jobs instead of looking at the situation and maybe cutting the working week in this country the govenment just took on the surplus people to keep unemployment down. Over the last 31 years the last time the working week was cut by 1 hour in 1980, the need for labour has dropped but no govenment has looked at the stiuation and done anything about it. If the non jobs or leeches in the bureaucracy were got rid of tommorrow what would the costs be of keeping them unemployed ? or what else could they do ?
  4. But your second choice the state allocation of resources is why so so many can not take the first choice. Not due to a single mother wanting a free house , but the state not allowing people to build an average home on a small piece of land. The state then hands the single mother a house and you blame her for everything instead of looking at and seeing the real culprits and the real problems. We have the land ( it is not in such short supply as they lead you to beleive ) but they won't let jo average buy it and build on it. If we could all buy small plots of land and build our own homes at a reasonable price we would not have the problems that we have. If the land was not kept in such short supply the price would be low and even many single mothers with the help of family and friends would be able to build their own homes.
  5. Went into a sports shop in Lakeside a few weeks back and bought a pair of shorts. Cannot remember how the conversation strarted but , the lady serving me told me how she was fked off with this country , the pay, the bills , the doom and gloom, said she wanted to sell up pack up and go. My Dad had the same conversation with a guy who came to lay a new carpet last week. I think in both instances and the one with the postmaster that the op describes people have just had enough . The postmaster pointed out the DLA people , but for others it will be a different moan . The more people you talk to and broach the subject the more dissgruntled you find people have become.
  6. Last crash , if you could not pay you were out, many people who could pay would not pay and gave back the keys. There were plenty of repossessions on the market and the market tanked hard and fast for about 5-6 years. People had lots of NE , but by the mid 90's wage inflation and IR dropping from a high of 15% to about 7-8 % had made the debts payable for most people . The £60k FTB mortgage that was a mile stone around people's neck was now ok. This time around with the debts so much bigger and no wage inflaion , IR already at an all time low that they can not go any lower many are stuffed. The BOE is giving those whos debts are unpayable time to find a buyer instead of waiting for those debts to become payable . Will it work ? who knows.
  7. And there lies a massive part of the problem , " THIS HAS THE POTENTIAL TO LEAD TO MORE LEISURE TIME ". Instead of the more leisure time they have kept people working the same hours or more ( last time working week cut was 1980 ) but used less people so the surpluss people have had to take forced leisure time . The more unpleasent word for it is unemployment.
  8. Im tale end boomer . It is a bit like walking accross a bridge and im half way there when suddenly the part of the bridge im walking towards is getting taken away and im going to need to jump the gap at the end to get to the other side of the river. The gap keeps getting bigger . All generations have had things hard at times , this is my third recession since leaving school in 1979 ( however this is more than a recession ) there have always been ups and downs , for the boomers who bought a house way back things have turned out very well.For those that paid into a pension in most cases they will get some or all of it. The fairy god mother of wage inflation did them well. The generations after the boomers have not had it so good and this last lot ( not sure what their name is ) and those that follow are well and truly fked. I do not lay the blame at my generation as such ( a whole generation did not meet on mass and decide to fk those that followed ) but the few elite at the top. I also blame govenments for not taking a look at what was happening and how history is repeating itself. The industrial revolution produced some massive gains for this country , but those gains were grabbed by a few at the top for many they went backwards there was more poverty in 1900 than 1800 due to many skills that people could commarnd a decent standard of living for not being needed any more due to mass production and those people becoming cheap labour factory fodder. We have/are going through another industrial revolution now OUTSOURCING, COMPUTERS , CHEAP PHONES. like those who lost their decent paid jobs in 1900 the many from this generation and the next generations will become NMW poor or unemployed .
  9. Oh give it a rest , Trotting out this old line " the public are too busy with x-factor ect has been done to death " Maybe if you stopped thinking the general public are all fools and that many are now waking up you can lay that line to rest where it belongs.
  10. He's not happy what the fk does he think most of the rest of the population are ?
  11. Im not sure either , I work for an agency and got a letter with a new contract , however im not sure what difference it makes.
  12. I think you will find the whole point of the thread was that people were laughing at this.
  13. In all adverse situations there will be people who come out bettet off when it looked like things were going very wrong. Quite often more due to luck than judgment . You paint a picture of the Foreclosed in the U.S. walking away to a better life than they had before . Maybe this is true in some cases , but the reality for many is far less rosy . The reality of the U.S. for many foreclosed on is a life in poor quality housing and or homelessness ( have you ever seen the documetries on the tent citys ) where working people live while their children stay with relatives ? Not something the states likes the world to see to much . Then there is the knock on affect of the downturn cased by the sub prime crisis that has affected people who never bought a house due to the unemployment rising and the helpless burden of the countrys and banks debts. There is nothing FUNNY about any of this.
  14. We all know that the situation in the U.S. A. is a fking disgusting mess that has seen ( is it 4 million people lose their homes ). In many cases no one has bought the repod house it has been knocked down . Yes people were mugs , they were greedy , not everyone can be as smart as you . Not only that the whole sh-t cart has had an affect on the banks accross the globe , which in turn has had to be paid by people here as well as there . Yes i do know that without more repossesions here prices are not going to drop , the pity is that prices were ever allowed to get where they have got. If the whole housing market had been more controlled then people who cannot afford to buy now could have and those over indebted who are going to get repossessed would never have ended up in the position. Funny after the last crash I thought that the govenment and the banks would never let it happen again , GB even stated it in 1997, yet not only has it happened but it is worse this time MUCH WORSE. . The people should also have been more carefull , but many just wanted a roof over their heads ( no big deal is it ) so now we have this sorry Forecloser mess in the US and repos will follow here . Nothing about it is funny.
  15. umm we did but you could not take barrels of it home to bath in and flush the loo with.
  16. The other big one is water 25 years ago I left home and was earning £12k on the night shift in a Brewery. My water for the year was £40 now it is £400 im sure that if I was still working in the Brewery my pay would not be anywhere near £120k
  17. I think most people would understand that you have to pay your mortgage or get out . But only the sick in the head would deam it funny when it has happened to people.
  18. It does not matter what colour the immigrant is , the fact that they come from abroad is enough for the whites already here to be labbled as racist if they question the policy. The Eastern Europeans might have white skin but are classed as a different race to us. Have you never seen our political elite on such shows as question time shouting down anyone in the audience who has dared to say the influx is wrong and told them how they are racist. Any hint of not agreeing with it and the race card comes out. Only black people in the media can say anyting about black youth culture being wrong. It was only an asian peer in the house of lords who could say anything about the Muslim men taking more than one wife and having lots of kids to get more benefits. A white peer would never have heard the end of it . Ask Robert Kilroy silk who gave his opnion on Muslims , far less inflamatory than what the baroness said , his carrer and standing went out of the wondow quicker than the wind. There has been a large influx of Eastern Europeans into the Asian communities in some northern towns , the Asians moan like fk however not once has any politician told them they are racist. Just one example of when it comes to race and racism the white Brits have a handycap prior to any proper debate on the subject.
  19. Well he would wouldn't he . He is hardly going to admit what a fk up it has been . I have head Whites , Blacks and Asians say that there is to much immigration to this country . The second two get away with voicing their opnions the first get the racist finger wagged at them.
  20. Those that during the 1989-1995 crash took a 50% haircut did not do to bad when you look at the figures in more depth. Houses had risen by about the same amount between 1986-1989. So only those who bought between 86 and 89 ended up in NE . IR were only at 15% for 13 months and then started to drop way below what those people had been paying when they first took out their mortgage. In 1986 the average IR was 11% by 1992 it was 8% , so a person who bought in 86 was paying a lot less by 92. Add in the benefit of high wage increases ( 10% was the norm in 1990 ) the house might have been in NE but the mortgage was getting less of a burden all the time. Worked with a few people who said things like " the house is x amount in NE but the mortgage is not so hard to pay now " Those that hung on ( most did) saw their equity return by the late 90's and the lower than ever IR to boot.
  21. The allocation of social housing has only become corrupt due to it being in such short supply and the alternative Private housing being so expensive. Take London 40 years ago , I had many relatives who got married and got a council flat . They were working paying tax and into pensions. The money they had left at the end of the month was spent and created an economy. I also had relatives who got married and bought houses or flats. There was a choice. In both cases those same people could turn on a tap and receive water , flick a switch and receive electricty , they could also pop out to the supermarkets and buy food. None of those essentials had any corruption invloved as there was ample supply and the costs were payable from their earnt income. Fast forward to today and those same relatives are retiring , they have pensions as the money they paid in over the years has built up to a reasonable amount. Those who bought live mortgage free , those who rented can still pay their rent. However their children are Fked , they cannot get a council flat and cannot afford to buy . Because of the lack of supply in both the council housing and private housing . This is what has led to the system being corrupt.
  22. Stop coming out with rubbish . You said benefits were to high . I said no low wages made them look high . You said flip it on its head benefits were to high . I repeated that benefits only look high to people on low wages because the wages are so low. I then asked why are the top earners not on them and gave the answer that benefits are not high to people earning good money only those on low money. Have not wriggled at all , was just giving you a comparsion to show that benefits are not high . Said it I don't know how many times now benefits only look high when compared to low wages. Do you listen to the Barber when you are having your hair cut or do you ignore what he says and just repeat what you have said.
  23. No you have got it the wrong way around . The only reason after tax wage is so low is because it is so low. That is what gives you the claim that benefits are so high. If benefits are so high why are the top people who have got a 50% pay increase this year not on them ? Answer because their wages are so much higher . When it comes to jo average who has very low after tax wages it is only then that benefits look high.
  24. If wages were not so low and taxes at the lower end of earnings so high , we would then see how low benefits for most are ( yes I know we can always find someone milking the benefit train but for most they just pay the basics ) benefits only look high as wages are very low and taxes very high.
  25. [quote name='ccc' timestamp='1319804406' post='3162026 Already gone through it this week on the otehr thread re.powers of dismissal etc.. Might not be that easy to get rid of someone , however that does not give the employee to much power apart from just keeping their job.
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