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  1. No it tells me that the entire wages, tax and benefits system is screwed up . In the last 20 years tax at the lower and average end of earnings has gone up , for many wages down and benefits have been put in place to compensate . How fking stupid. So lets not blame the tube drivers.
  2. You clearly have not read many of the posts on this thread as if you had you would be able to see where bankers came into the thread , I suggest you go back and read. My own thoughts on the bankers ve train drivers are the bankers are in another league . The tube drivers are not on £50k yet it is £45k and will hit £50k when inflation goes up , so will still be £45 k at todays rates. As for the overpaid question , overpaid compared to who ? how would I tell ? never said I would . What I have said all along is dragging the tube drivers down due to people thinking they earn to much or not likeing the fact of how much they earn will help no one it will all just add to the low pay problem we have in this country . There are many people whos jobs used to pay good money their wages have been slashed over the years and now they rely on in work benefits . The jealous average worker who wants to pull them down as he thinks they earn to much will be worse of in the future not better off .
  3. Well if you care to read the posts on the other pages you will find that comparisons were made with bankers . Never said £50k was low , I said bankers on £millions are in another league , take a look at the past posts.
  4. And that is why so many people with children have to claim in work benefits . There was a thread on here recently where it showed how much people earn and then claim even those earning up to £40k could claim Tax credits as salarys around the £24k mark might be what we are told are average but they do not put roof's over heads and food on tables on their own.
  5. Well it is the level that makes the difference and also the fact that the Bankers destroyed so much for so many. £50 k is a good wage for what the train drivers do , but they are still in the realms of normality and my reason for backing them is that I want to see wages for the low paid and average paid going higher not lower . Dragging down the train drivers will only help to keep wages down . Either or it will have no affect on the greedy Bankers.
  6. Yes there are clear and direct comparisons , but then there are also massive differences as well. I have not ignored either and have taken both into account to reach my opinion , which is the bankers are in a different league to the Train drivers.
  7. . Both go to prison Ian Huntley for ever the drunk driver for x amount of years . Then on another scale the guy who killed my brother in a car accident many years ago walked free from court as he was not drunk . All 3 killed but they cannot be compared as the same . They are all looked on differently intent being a big part of how they are looked at. Ian Huntley was a sick c--t. The DD who killed was under the influence of a legal substance , does not excuse what he did but he was not warped in nature and did not set out to kill. The guy who killed my brother swerved to miss an on coming car and hit a tree, no blame was pointed at him . Yet someone was still killled. Would you compare him to Ian Huntley ? As with this topic comparing £50k train drivers ( yes they are getting a good wage for what they do ) and bankers who rake in £millions, there is a big difference they are not the same.
  8. Exactley So can you stop comparing a guy getting £50k a year and sometimes going on strike to get it to someone who collects in excess of £1 million year in year out who bought the country to financial meltdown, got bailed out by the tax payer and still carries on in his merry ways . NO COMPARISON.
  9. Let me explain When talking about the bankers Im talking about the ones on the megga money not the run of the mill average banker . The ones you now describe as earning very little are irrelevant to the topic by your own words ( you now say they earn less than the tube drivers . So which bankers are you talking about those on megga bucks or those on average wages. No one has a bug bare with those run of the mill bankers, who are just gogs in the workings of things like most other people . Just for the record neither you or me know what the average banker earns . However 1000 + Bankers earn't over £1 million in a bonus last year and from that 1000 some went into £5, £10 and £20 million , these are the Bankers that are in another universe to the tube drivers . NO COMPARISON.
  10. Yes The private sector should be demanding that the money taken from their pensions via taxes on dividends and the fees taken by investors and managers be looked at and changed . However instead of that they swallow the pill given to them that those in the public sector are having a party and want to bring them down to their level.
  11. The tube drivers like most other people did not have a clue what the bankers were doing untill they were called on via their taxes to bail them out. They also have no choice in the matter again like most other people.
  12. I don't think there is much of a comparison between the bankers and the tube drivers. £50k for tube drivers sounds like a hell of a lot of money compared to someone working in a NMW job and it is , but the bankers really are in another universe. They earn lottery wins year in year out . Not only that but after bringing this country to it's knees and almost destroying it they have been bailed out by the tax payer and are now carring on as before while jo public pays for it via higher taxes and job cuts. " WHY GOOD LUCK TO ONE OF THESE GROUPS AND THEY SHOULD BE HUNG UP AND BURNED ALIVE TO THE OTHER " If you look at both and a sense of fair play , the tube drivers are at the top of the pile when it comes to pay ( for manual average jobs ) the bankers really are something removed from all reality .
  13. We also pay for the low salarys of people as the tax credits and other in work benefits have to come from our pockets as well . What is the big difference.
  14. Thats the same for everything and anything we are all interconected and dependent on each other . But the tube drivers get a good pay packet ( not megga bucks like many in the city of London ) and so many people want to cut them back . Just sounds like sour grapes.
  15. No i never said that . Read what is put in front of you or is that above your skill level ? Dought they would take you on the tube . Why would 95% of the populaiton be f*** over anyway just because Tube drivers get £50k ?
  16. No they are not if that was the case there would be one formular for wages accross the country .Wages come about through all manner of reasons . Where i worked when I went there in 1990 it was the highest paid factory in the area and maybe the whole of the country , a guy who had been there for 30 years told me that when he went there it was the lowest paid and people took jobs there if they were forced to by the unemployment office.
  17. Well a lot of people had good wages relative to teachers , nurses ect ( DON'T INCLUDE doctors in that they earn plenty and can earn more by going private while still working in the public sector ) like prison officers , factory workers, builders, office workers the list is endless . However their wages have now been reduced. Has the Engineer had a pay rise or the paramedic just because others had pay cuts ? Answer No. To call for others to have their wages cut just because one kind of job thinks or feels it has a higher skill base and does not like the fact that those working for LU are not as skilled as them just sounds like jealously and will get them nowhere. As for holding the rest of the city to ransom well I bet most of the jobs you mentioned would do the same if they could to get higher pay , problem for them is they carn't . TOUGH . Good luck to the train drivers wish I could have held on to my job that paid the same kind of money .
  18. Im not saying get those on McDonolds up to 50k , what i am saying is why drag people who enjoy good wages down , just because others earn less . Wages in McDonolds could go up without increases in price if the owners were not paying so much in rent for their restraunts. McDonolds and London underground both take big money , in the case of LU more of it goes into wages where as at MD's less goes into wages and is diverted to other areas like rents. There needs to be a rebalancing in many companies and organisations . Said it in the post you answered and will say it again AVERAGE PEOPLE moaning about those earning a good wage are helping getting wages accross the board down , instead of looking at ways other people could earn more.
  19. Why not turn it around instead of saying " people who work in McDonolds in London won't be seeing £50k a year so why should train drivers " Why not say Train Drivers earn £50k a year lets get those in McDonolds who earn very little some more money and bring them up a bit !! Sometimes JO public really is his own worst enemy, no wonder why average wages in general have fallen for many people in the last 20 years, your kind of thinking has helped make it possible.
  20. You have gone a bit off track , the thread is about the universal child benefit . Which at present is not means tested . Tax credits , right to council housing ect are other benefits that are not the heading of the thread and could be for another topic. The amount paid for just child benefit is not meal ticket money .
  21. The amount of money parents get in child benefit is not enough to be tagged meal ticket . I think you are getting child allowance and gold diggers muddled up.
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