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  1. You are so wrong and prove it everytime you post . I did not say the growd who hoped prices would never go up I said the growd who were sure they NEVER WOULD. You have read many of my posts but not all and you prove this by what you answer about what I have written . Very Very wrong about 86 it was not a market flooded with sellers in difficulty it was an ok market just before the 80's boom . No Glory about prices going up over the years READ SOME MORE OF MY POSTS . And then answer the QUESTIOIN , by the way I bet your late 30's maybe even 40+ you had your chance and missed it didn't you , come on own up and have been kicking yourself ever since.
  2. You really must be in panic mode , the man who laughed at the repossessed and was so co-k fking sure that he would buy a house at a rock bottom price has suddnely woken up to the fact that the situation he has been *****--g over for so long is now maybe so bad that everything will go back to zero , debts will be uncollectable , houses worthless and savings gone. How old are you ? You have younger siblings that are old enough to buy houses and your the big brother , no spring chicken are you ! did you miss the boat ? Yes it will be difficult when the younger siblings let you know that they beleived you knew it all and now they think you know fk all.
  3. I bet if had been able to buy in 1994 you would not have had the guts , you would have been one of the " property will never go up again growd " Only read the first few lines of your tripe and scanned it to see if you had answered the question yet ? Answer no. As you have got such a good memory I won't ask the question again but will just ask you to answer it again . Did read the bit about saving home owners as well , I bought my first home in 1986 so instead of seeing my gains lost i would have kept them . ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  4. No i won't leave it at that you were the one who first got very personnel in post 44 . Will ask you again HOW ARE THEY GOING TO STOP THE ARMOAGEDDON ???? COME ON TELL ME.
  5. I don't know if that would work m8 , however at least you have some idears , which is a lot more than can be said for Venger who seems to be very fearful for the money he has saved . He laughed at the repossessed but does not like to hear he might lose his savings. What i do know is that no matter how many bailouts we have things just get worse not better.
  6. You have got a bit of a problem PAL. No let me correct that a BIG problem ! Don't know how many times I have said it but will say it again , it is not what I want , it is something that is going to happen if they cannot sort out this financial mess. Its not my Armageddon it is the worlds . Now how many more times am i going to ask you HOW ARE THEY GOING TO STOP IT ??? You say you have tens of thousands saved well my sister has paid that in mortgage payments so one canncels out the other dosn't it . I hear FEAR PANIC AND JEALOUSLY from you today . NOW HOW ARE THEY GOING TO SAVE THE STATUS QUO ??????????????????????
  7. [quote name='Venger' timestamp='1321038706' post='3175642' Twats = smarter savers who are renting. No you won't be smarter if your savings are wiped out . Read post 23 I said neither saver or buyer was wrong or right they each did what they thought was best for them.
  8. I did not say i wanted a big default listen to the words i said that there is going to be a big default and in the long run many people will be better off. As i said and have asked you time and time again now the system is not working in its present form how can they get it to work ? You want to keep it how it is as you have saved your money and want to buy a house at a price comfortable for you but how are they going to save the system as it is ?? now answer the question . My theroy is it is not going to carry on as it is as it is un workable . Yes your saving will have been for nothing . Yes my old man keeps his house I keep mine , my sister walkes away from her debt and gets her house free. NO not quite fair to people but so much of life including the present system is not fair or do you think it is ? NOW ANSWER TH QUESTION HOW ARE THEY GOING TO KEEP THE SYSTEM FROM IMPLODING AND CARRY ON IN THE STATUS QUO ??????????? By the way im 48 not 55 .
  9. Your making plenty of assumptions , Yes many did just want a home and they have got caught out . That said the system does not work does it ! Im not anti repossession at all , tell me where i wrote that ? Also never claimed savers were smarter where did you get that from ? If you read my post today I said neither saver or buyer was right or wrong , would advise you to read the posts again . After a massive default yes savers are going to be wiped out as they have put money into banks that cannot honnor those savings. That is not my fault , your fault or the fault of those that have borrowed instead of saved , it is just a fact the liquid cash is not there. If those that borrowed see their debts wiped out yet the value of their house erroded then they would have also lost out as like the savers they have been making a big effort to service their mortgage up to the financial system imploding. So they put effot in just like you . No one knows what wages will be , but they will be in line with house prices and living costs if the new world sets out to make sure people can have a decent living standard for a weeks work, like it was just a few decades back. By the way it is not my new world it is going to be a new world whatever happens as the current system is heading for collapse. You made a lot of assunptions about me , now im going to make one about you. You earn good money have saved hard and want to buy an overpriced house outright or with very little debt. Once you have done that you HOPE that the value stays high and you do not give a fk about anyone else who cannot afford to put a decent roof over their heads . Right or Right ? Someones else's repossessed nighmare would be an added bouns for you ! Well news for you that is not going to happen as they system is fked , did ask how you think they can fix the system to keep the status quo ? But you did not answer that one yet instead you just had your rant when savings being wipped out was mentioined . Why have you not answered ? is it because you have no clue how they can fix the system and the truth is to harsh to contmplate for you ? Just like the one who overborrowed you saved for the same reason the reason is you thought it would be best for you maybe it won't be , as the system is fked . Now tell me how they are going to fix it ?
  10. Yes go on pop up the pub , instead of answering what i asked . Remember it was you who was in tears on this site a few weeks back when you got outbid on a small flat in London , do you not think that was anything to do with this broken system . Ten years back those types of flats were bought by postman ect . The system does not work for you and many others and the savings you have are not going to bridge the gap , so quite honestly in this system your cannot win savings or no savings . How about being able to buy that flat with earnings and never having needed the savings ?
  11. Stop making so many assumptions . I can tell that you saved while others bought . Well neither got it right and neither got it wrong. We are all in a system that does not work anymore . The cost of housing has got way beyound what people can afford and it has strangled the whole world economy. The house my Dad lives in which is on a tiny plot of land just outside London was first sold for £600 in the 30's . Since he bought it it has gone up by about 100x in 50 years . We are now in an advanced age of tecnology and yet people cannot afford to live . People whos parents COULD. Something is wrong very very worng and it cannot carry on as it is . As for you you chose to save , have heard that you wish to buy a house with cash or very little mortgage one day . What is the difference between you saving like a madman for x years and paying way over the odds for a house or seeing your savings wiped out and being able to buy a house for what it is really worth ( about 1000 man hours is often quoted on this site ) excluding the land which could be bought for a few hundered £ if they did not keep it horded ? If you want to see the status quo stay as it is fine , but tell me one thing how are they going to fix this broken system to keep things as they are ?
  12. Who could be more vulnerable than a young unemployed single person without any help from family and relatives ? There are plenty of those people in the group who are being told to do voluntary work to get their benefits.
  13. Why not ? If not what does fit your version of a better world ? We have the version we are with now which is not working , the version I describe and now give us yours .
  14. The house would be worth jack sh-t . CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THAT ?
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