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  1. Brilliant comment from Swansea lol. BTL has ruined the game for themselves, too many amateur landlords gambling on new builds, they buy at top flight many of which are off plan, then let it out to anybody, trouble is so has everybody else, therefore you have a bunch of people that treat it as short stay and things go downhill from there. Absent landlords have made their bed now they have to lie in it.
  2. Thamesmead central and North are still lacking due to rail links, but Thamesmead West displays all of the requirements for one of the fastest moving price increases in the next couple of years, the SE28 and SE18 have always been the cheaper postcodes in LDN however with regeneration in full swing and many benefits pencilled into the surrounding areas this has to be a good looking prospect. Woolwich is being regeneratde in the town and the DLR coming in this year will have dramatic effect. Thames gateway bridge is planned for a mile or so down river coupled with the fact that many reposessions have already taken hold show this area to be gutter pricing at the moment, which could suggest massive growth in the next couple of years. Ebsfleet has already started to show promise but the prices are reflecting this, Thamesmead has yet to show its hand. Could SE28 be the profit postcode in 2008/9.
  3. The biggets problem with BTL is the armchair investor. Their are simply to many AMATEUR Buy To Let investors out there that have gambled away their kids nestegg on new build apartments. If buy to let was easy then everybody in the country would have a couple. The fact that the cant afford to keep up the monthly repayments on overpriced new builds means that they cut the vetting on their new tennant and let anybody come in often non-desirables or worse still lower the rent as the previous person said, it has an advers affects on the area and in fact only damages their investment further, a perfect example of this is Thamesmead WEST, poor vetting on tennants produced a bad tennancy, thus lower house prices and letting to un-desirables. Viscious circle, however that is why there have been so many reposessions in that area making it a fantastic investment for sensible investors or live in landlords.
  4. Certain Postcodes in Greater London are currently rock bottom that could capitalise from the recent house price freeze, places to note include Greenwich, Woolwich, Plumstead, Thamesmead (West), Ebsfleet and obviously Stratford and the neighbouring postcodes. Is it too soon to estimate these areas as up and coming or is it a case of Strike while the irons hot. Or the obvious of holding off and waiting to see????? Such recent reports from the like of city news and Panorama, has merely stimulated the investment of such areas of West Thamesmead, Woolwich etc. Are these wise investments or bad choice, the investors think these properties will ultimately be affected but once the regeneration is complete sky rocket, take a slump for a year, then watch it build back up as a five year investment, I know what I think but would like to hear your views. So lets hear it!!!!
  5. You could look at this one of two ways: 1) If there is an abundance of properties coming into a stale market it could be the turn for property cunsumption, ie people selling cos demand is stepping up. 2) The fright of a house price crash has well and truly set in and people are wanting to cash in at full value rent for 6 months and then sell at gutter pricing, dangerous either way as it is hard to say when this market will crash. I feel at the moment it is still early for the slump, this could go on for a couple of months then go either way. One thing that is for sure is that we will not see what happened in the early nineties where it crash's in spectacular fashion. House prices will slump but then pick up again. Even with all of the financial concerns with america, northern rock, consumer spending, and credit crunch this is literally a freeze on the economy at the moment. The worry with many houses coming on to the market is that is creates a crash, panic crash. If you were to find the right spec housing at the right price now it is still a good time to buy. Reposession season is now upon us and there are already some bargains to be had. Specifically in up-and-coming areas. The prices may slump in the next year but when these properties come up the will come up in a big way, buy at gutter price sell at ceiling, easy lol
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