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  1. So you are hoping for a libdem election victory? ID cards are inevitable. A few nutters having a poll among themselves isn't going to change that.
  2. It will be on 4OD - you have to download a player though. http://www.channel4.com/4od/index.html
  3. I declared my VI in my first post - I'm a BTR Bear. I sold at the top - hence the name.
  4. This is interesting because the debate about ‘luck’ came up during a divorce case last year. A husband argued that he had earned his wealth through hard work alone and didn’t feel that his wife should get half of it. The wife’s lawyer argued that in accumulating his wealth he had taken risks – as all entrepreneurs do. His wife would have borne the consequences of those risks (losing the family home etc) so why not the rewards ? I think luck is the difference between somebody who makes a few million and somebody who makes 100s of millions. Is Roman Abramovich harder working than Richard Branson ? And look at somebody like Stelios Haji-Ioannou – one successful business and dozens of failures. He only got lucky once.
  5. Why that would be like putting exceptionally poor singers in front of the x-factor judges.
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