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  1. Bloody protesters! Shoot them all I say. Communist leftie feral rats! Kill kill.
  2. Once you stop giving in to market tantrums they calm down all on their own. Time is suddenly available. Reading bank analysis papers recently or listening to Cameron's government you'd be convinced the end of the world is for tomorrow. The problem is these people have a lot riding on the prospect of ECB printing, if there is anyway they can cause a market panic they will try it.
  3. This is current government policy. It worked really well on both counts during the Weimar years.
  4. The government cannot but we can, if we include our children and grandchildren... So chances are, we will. And if we disagree and protest about it the police will make sure we learn that political protests leave a bad taste in our mouths ... and a few broken bones; much better to cower at home and accept our lot. Which will help us on our way to poverty ...
  5. I'm sure someone will be quick to dismiss this as leftie arguments. You can take a horse to water...
  6. Well that's exactly how it is. UK taxpayers implicitly guarantee all of it. They never asked us of course.
  7. Unfortunately that green debt is the one we guarantee. it might as well be public debt.
  8. Or alternatively, they might have a hand in falling EU bond yields since Monday last week.
  9. Bernanke 2002 speech h/t a ZH poster. http://www.federalreserve.gov/BOARDDOCS/SPEECHES/2002/20021121/default.htm And now the Fed is making dollar swaps dirt cheap to encourage the swap of fresh ECB euros for fresh Fed dollars. Since the Fed stated it doesn't intend to gives those euros to US banks I wonder what it could do with them...
  10. Shares because unlike gold it allows diversification and losses from current valuations while heavy would probably leave something worth having. The CPI is likely to be aggressively targeted for manipulation by the current government. Whoever has income linked to CPI is likely to experience poverty in the next few years.
  11. From ZH as usual, must watch. The more I find out about Kyle Bass the more I think he is one of the most knowledgeable guys out there. Watch out for the 46:00 marker; after spending 45 minutes discussing the need for spending cuts, defaults, etc. he comes up with "I think they're going to print ... the outcome will be much worse." Another interesting tidbit two minutes later is the report of an Obama admin official saying "We're going to kill the dollar". I'm trying to find out more about Kyle Bass, in particular his description of the inflationary outcome which if he has studied it in depth would be afascinated to hear or red. I remember him buying gold but not much more. I find this inflationary outcome quite hard to map in much detail, it would be nice to know what he came up with.
  12. It is only a wealth transfer from cash savers to debtors. Debtors find their 'net wealth' doubled while savers see their wealth halved. There is a side effect in the form of a deterioration of the economy that comes with it but the large scale theft makes it worth it for the VIs when in power.
  13. These are not loans backing up the assets, they are assets the banks bought for themselves. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/debt-crisis-live/8929982/Debt-crisis-live.html
  14. "Newly hired government mouthpiece Mervyn King makes panic inducing statements about Europe as per current UK government policy." Having just lost their independence the BOE now goes full political tabloid. This is cheap prostitution, I wonder if their reputation will ever recover. Expect the pound to suffer as the UK's credibility goes through the floor. And retaliation by our main trading partners as they won't forget these attempts to undermine them.
  15. I think he may well be. A lot of people would like to provoke a financial panic that would force the ECB to print but in truth the situation is not as dramatic as it is portrayed by those VIs. A lot of information, such as applying the day's interest rates to the entire sovereign debt of a country and concluding that it is not sustainable is misdirection. We are getting a lot of that at the moment. If Germany succeeds the focus will promptly shift back to the UK and to a lesser extent the US where the real problems are.
  16. $9, that's the going rate. Slaves have never been so cheap.
  17. At the very least you can buy a basket of the main FTSE shares and you know you will get twice as much in your pocket when you retire. That's what those comissions will do to your savings, in the best of cases.
  18. Financial regulator 'urges British banks to prepare for the collapse of the euro' should read: At the behest of its desperate masters Financial regulator climbs up a ladder and scream 'Fire! We're all going to die! ... unless the ECB prints of course...' If they were genuine about it they would be doing these preparations in secret. They're not.
  19. That law is not enforced and so doesn't apply? Imagine having to pay your taxes in gold at £1 per sovereign or whatever the rate was...
  20. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-11-30/billionaire-prokhorov-touts-gold-as-trump-embraces-foreclosures.html
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