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  1. That's what I would have thought too. But I live in West London too, have you noticed how stupidly expensive rents are? Prices are so high they are even quoting weekly rents now! To me the tell tale sign that rents are coming back down to earth are the forests of 'To Let' signs springing up suddenly all over the place. I've noticed there are even more 'To Let' signs than 'For Sale'. I had expected the contrary but I can see how a market where people simply can't sell will result in a glut of rental properties.
  2. Dear old Telometer is a first class bull, just doesn't have the guts to say it. Gloated today about having 'made' £24,000 on his house based on today's LR figures and admitted he didn't give a f*ck about FTBs. Cried like a sheep for 50 redudant EAs yesterday. Suspect he's a hard line EA or a BTLer.
  3. And to make it worse rents in London will have to come down from their current hyper inflated levels. Subsidising renters or keeping properties empty only made sense when property prices 'only went up'. It's going to be a bloodbath.
  4. Hello there. William from London. STR'ed end 1999 after my flat quadrupled in value from 1994. I thought then that the market was set for a serious correction as it had become speculative... Been kicking my butt ever since ! Still the whole house of cards seems to be coming down now and what a spectacle it is. What I am wondering now is whether it has gone so far that we are now all going to pay for this very dearly. We might find that our joy and enthusiasm at being right were indeed misplaced. Time (and this site) will tell. Thanks for creating this site and to all the posters. HPC has become part of my daily routine and I am thoroughly enjoying it. William
  5. Thank god for EAs, without them houses would be affordable! Or maybe not... Let us all weep at the misfortune of so innocent a group of decent hardworking examplary citizens.
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