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  1. The French had this bright idea in the seventies. They never ceased to regret it since the whole point of these debts is to repay them with devalued currency. Edit to add: I posted too fast without taking time to think this through. This is gold as collateral as opposed to gold indexed.The thing is, how would a country blackmail banks with threats of default if those debts were collateralised? It is not too likely to happen.
  2. They are probably forbidden from lowering the price below a certain level.
  3. Deflation expectations coming back to fashion. If the herd gets moving this could get ugly, it is still civilised for now.
  4. Things are heating up in the US. Maybe the herd is ready to make its move at last.
  5. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/silvio-berlusconi/8896995/Silvio-Berlusconi-releases-CD-of-love-songs.html
  6. But if the judge is only applying the law this is what we'd expect him to do. You seem to be upset by courts or judges intervening but the real problem as far as I can tell seems to be with parliament or more likely Brussels where the laws were created in the first place?
  7. One question: isn't the judge simply applying a law voted in parliament?
  8. I bet the orange woman came up with that one. I wonder what IMF director she used to leak out her latest idea.
  9. +1 Spot on IMO. But if you and I can spot this pattern, I'm pretty sure Sarko and all other EU leaders are aware of it too. If anything it would have been advantageous for the Germans to annouce this approach in advance so the kids know what's coming if they don't fall in line.
  10. A number of alternative investments are beginning to take a beating. Some of them would be good investments if prices were lower.
  11. For the record, so I can stop putting this in my signature. 2011 Forecasts: Commodities and stocks to reach a peak in first half of '11 and crash back down when Asia finally begin to move meaningfully towards positive real interest rates Renewed printing and deflation fears in Western countries after the crash In Western 'democracies', more frequent and violent protests are met with increasingly facist reactions by governments and police forces UK House prices down a further 10% by end of 2011 World governments keep deficit spending on their merry way to an Irish type bust, all despite claims of 'austerity programs' Selling of public capital assets to pay for yearly expenditure takes place at an increasing pace, under the guise of 'public-private' partnerships France under the spotlight and Europe on the verge of collapse towards the end of the year Repeat in '12, '13, etc. until something blows up All of the above forecasts to be proved wrong by end of year 100% guaranteed.
  12. Alternatively you could imagine that were he to criticize the actions of his masters he would lose his job, whereas he can say what he thinks WRT Europe.
  13. The Italian people will fold eventually.
  14. And bump. Asia warming up, CAC40 futures looking particularly ugly for some reason.
  15. No comprendo. The following text seems to be against the protesters? From http://occupywallst.org/article/judge-rejects-liberty-square-reoccupation/
  16. In this sad play you must not forget the important role of the vociferous minion. The vociferous minion will be one of those who fights hardest for the interests of the moneyed thugs, even at the cost of his own democratic rights, in the vain hope he might be accepted as one of them. Both pathetic and tragic.
  17. From Bruce Krasting h/t ZH, highlighting one of France's problem. And look at the UK external debt position! That data highlights the countries were banks have been most aggressive in expanding their balance sheets. http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/thin-ice
  18. Let's hope Sarkozi's reelection next year will be worth all this deleveraging by banks.
  19. We also need lies. More lies. It's important to maintain confidence.
  20. So did I after your post. Premature senility beckons I think, I'm still convinced it was 50% but can't remember what gave me this idea...
  21. And yet, Italy's latest inflation read comes up at 3.8% IIRC. And I'm sure Greece with inflation at 5.5% would show a similar graph.
  22. Rogue banks can destroy the best economy in the world.
  23. Another perspective is to say that the ECB has no business buying a country's bonds. If it does it to help a country in distress and that country's government gives it the finger by saying their fiscal clean up will consist of a 1% rise in VAT and an eventual 2 year pension age increse for women by 2026 then it may have grounds to stop robbing European savers to help that country. Your perspective is correct IMO but it is not that clear cut.
  24. Debt isn't real savings and yet they devalue real savings/capital as they are created. Could they be one and the same, with an increasing proportion of debts resulting in a higher burden on the economy in aggregate?
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