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  1. You mean all of it. This is a gift of a new taxation power to the banks. We should now expect yearly inflation busting rises in the cost of education supported by ever increasing bank credit. The US offers a good example of what to expect regarding education costs.
  2. I suggest you read some historical records about what happens in inflationary depressions to get the meaning of the word 'desperation'. This thread is about depressionary signs and is the context in which I am discussing this point. I am not writing about the pre-depressionary bubble phase during which people have the choices you mention.
  3. Indeed, the prophesy is a small personal anecdote of the author and in no way representative of the content of the article. It is worth a read.
  4. Must ... cause ... print inducing panic ... http://www.zerohedge.com/news/sarkozy-reminds-market-geopolitics-says-iran-nuclear-program-serious-and-urgent-threat
  5. A depression in the 70s??? You don;t know what a depression is I gather. Yeah let's revert backto the stereotypes at least we won't have to think. Meanwhile in the real world, one day you will realise that there is no black and white, there are no sides. It's all grey.
  6. In normal times I would agree with you. But the thread is about signs of depression and in that context prostitution is not a choice despite what you suggested in your original post. To also call on free market principles to justify your point (that women in a depression should have the choice ... to survive) I find rather sick. The free market ideologues who have run the state for the last 30 years are the ones who will likely make this outcome inevitable for thousands of women in the near future.
  7. I disagree, I'm sure they are there and will come back to prominence when he's old enough to have dependents. Right now his mission on this site seems to revolve around pretending to be the ultimate tough no nonsense guy. He just hasn't had a chance to think this through yet.
  8. I admit it is a struggle for me. How do you get that kind of point across to someone who is trying so hard to pretend he is incapable of empathy. I live in hope...
  9. Should one of your female family members have to resort to prostituion to support themselves and their families. Would you approve or even enjoy the thought in the name of your so called free market ideology? You are so keen to portray yourself as a radical, would you go that far? Or would you rather your dear daughter, sister, mother or whoever turns into a lefty, Guardian reading, sandal wearing scum who begs friends, family and state for handouts?
  10. OK, asking about your Mum's pension was probably too far fetched. I gather you are a young adult so she doesn't fit the profile but you never know, everything is possible in your kind of free market. Much better would be siblings. Have you got a sister with young children? Young Mums are the ones most likely to be desperate. And desperate people are most likely to CHOOSE to do desperate things.
  11. Uber low interest rates was not a European affair but a global one and doubtless not for the benefit of the Germans. The answer to whose benefit it was all for is here: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=172074
  12. Two families in Fulham (friends, typical middle class) have been without cars for a few weeks. Can't afford the repairs, can't afford to buy another one.
  13. Shhhhhhhh... Nobody is to say one word.
  14. But they probably won't have a choice. The way the economy is going the odds are that it won't be long before they choose of their own accord to do some good old free market business for the price of a meal or a week's gas bill. This is a typical development in depressions, more particularly so in inflationary depressions. Even assuming you are immensely financially successful, which I really doubt, the trusted rule of thumb is that it takes three generations to fall back to the norm. It might be your granddaughters that get to enjoy the benefit of doing some free market business of their own. They will take comfort in knowing that grandad approved of their willing participation of his version of free market economics. As they struggle to put food on the table and fight to give their kids an education while reimbursing their RPI + 4% student loan they will CHOOSE to do whatever it takes. How's your Mum's pension looking like? Is she OK for the next 40 years or so?
  15. You already know the answer. What would you require to agree to be liable for your entire family's debt, including nieces, nephews, cousins and such?
  16. I look forward to doing some good free market business with your wife or daughter.
  17. They're clearly very good at PR if you believe that. PE are the ultimate iteration in the inflationary environment created by the central bankers. Their business model consists only in buying things with debts and selling them later at inflated prices. I can only imagine how much debt (short term of course) they have to renew.
  18. Here's a good comment he posted in the comments section of another article.
  19. On the contrary. For this to happen we need to live on the same planet, the planet they are designing for us.
  20. Thanks for the post, very insightful guy. A rare occurence, a wildebeest that learned to think!
  21. A reasonnably credible CV. More important, he knows his stuff. Whether gold is the answer or not his description of the situation is 100% accurate, even if germany manages to impose an 'inflation light' in Europe. His use of the expression 'hyperinflationary meltdown' is a bit over the top, he probably thinks it will sell his book better. High inflation would have been more credible.
  22. 2008, how typical of the times! And of the Irish in those days.
  23. I find it amazing how seemingly intelligent people can blind themselves becuse of their political persuasions. To think an ex Goldman CEO is a crony of Obama when it is quite clear Obama is a crony of the Goldman regime is.to be completely blind to reality. For a money manager, assuming that is what he did, this is dangerous. Hopefully his clients will have found more reliable suppliers by the time Obama is replaced with another Goldman puppet.
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