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  1. Well the dutch market seems (somehwat famously) to have stagnated. Have been trying to find out at what kind of rental yields it stagnated at to see if it can really be compared with the situation here but have not had any luck. I don't suppose anyone else has a clue where or how to get this information do they ? Hubba.
  2. I originally posted this on another LR thread but thought I would try to draw some more attention to it as I think it provides a good way to visualise what is really going on in the market. Essentially it shows in 3 charts why the LR figures are misleading at the moment.
  3. OK. Here is a visual representation of why the LR numbers are misleading. The three charts below relate to the distribution of the number of properties sold between the various available price bands. Each chart compares the distribution of property sales accross the bands allocated by the land registry from July to Septemeber in the years concerned. Chart 1 compares July-September 2002 with the same period in 2003 Chart 2 compares July-September 2003 with the same period in 2004 Chart 3 compares July-September 2004 with the same period in 2005 Chart 1 and Chart 2 are there to show w
  4. For the person that asked "FOO" is "Former Owner occupier" by the way. Gone West - looks like you are absolutely correct. This chart shows the FTB and FOO prices alongside one another. I multiplied the FTB prices by 1.6 (the long run average) so that the relative movements are easire to see. Clearly only the less price-sensitive FTBs left.
  5. I've just compiled this chart from the latest HBOS stats. It shows the spread between the average FOO prices and FTB prices from their monthly series. The "spread" is calculated by dividing the std price for FOOs by the std price for FTBs. You'll see that this figure hovers pretty reliably around the 1.6 mark apart from certain times. Right now it is nosediving like it never has before. Not really the result I was expecting as it suggests that FOOs are leading the crash not the FTBs as you would expect. What's interesting from a bear's perspective is that the only other time this
  6. Minging. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-936...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy Do I win ?
  7. I live in Muswell Hill (North London) and that's certainly what's happening there. It used to be you would have little choice when looking for somewhere to rent. Now there are "To Let" boards everywhere. I've tracked at least 3 houses which after 3-6 months of trying to sell just went up for let. This has got to be pushing rents down. Nasty. Not just BTL though seeing a lot of GOOD quality family homes here in N10. (The rents are laughable of course)
  8. I thought something was up. The day after the show, I was on my way home from work sitting on the train while it stopped at Finsbury Park station - when who did I see ? but that bloke from the bungalow (he is somewhat distinctive looking). There are no trains to Norfolk from Finsbury park - but there are to Cuffley - so I figured it hadn't sold.
  9. Does anyone know anything about the dynamic of the Dutch property boom (that didn't end in a bust in prices but did end in recession) according to one of the economist articles ? Just want to make sure we've got this covered....
  10. I'm seeing an un-believable amount of stuff up for rent at present. Not just the usual BTL dross either. I'm talking about very nice family homes. My usual experience of finding a place to rent in London is one of a coiled panther waiting to find a place that is not a rat infested hovel. Right now though I reckon I could have my pick. I can only assume these (the family homes) are all being put up for rent by people who cannot sell. But how long before they do the maths ?
  11. ok. 1st of all sorry for the londoncentricity but it happens to be where i need a house. Having a look at the figures from Q4-04 to Q1-05 - they just look bizarre. Overall sales are DOWN 40% in between the 2 quarters and It's spring ? More strangely the difference in average prices for the different type of dwelling (I think it has a nicer ring than "property") are just odd. Again from last quarter to this .. Detached +10% Semis -1.38% Terraced 9.57% Flat/Mais -2.47% Anyone else seeing this kind of weird stuff ?
  12. Anyone know when the Q1 figures come out ? Q4 2004 figures bore no resemblance to the Haliwide ones (much more bearish) so it should be interesting. Hubba.
  13. Thanks so much for all the effort put into keeping this site running. It's really appreciated. Out of curiosity. How do you guys fund this thing ? Hubba.
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