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  1. well you surely don't expect them to drop that far in a year. this is already the speediest crash ever. its just when we are in the middle of it and in an internet age it seems slow. that said back to 96 levels is surely optimistic. down 30-40% in a couple of years, which seems to be where we are heading, is pretty good.
  2. looks like nestoria data to me why is it bad that its down anyway?
  3. well there website is down.... maybe they are insolvent. nice This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible www.wilson-property.co.uk
  4. ok so is it just me or does everything this guy say makes sense. I am baised as I have tended to vote libdem in the past and I know its easy to say anything when you stand very little real chance of being elected. however I'm sure he speaks more sense than all the rest of the politicians put together. long may that continue
  5. sure they should be helped, with finding decent rented accomodation at a good price and with a long term re-scheduling of their debt at a reasonable rate.
  6. I guess before the forced sellers turn up there will be a lot of people feeling the squeeze. so the city bonus driven people won't be getting their bonuses as much this year and they have probably had to re-mortgage at 6% from 4.5%. this doesn't mean they will go under (unless they were really foolish when buying). it does howver mean a bit of belt tightenng. so perhaps anecdotally we will see emptier bars and restaruents in islington and a stagnent housing market as everyone sits it out, whatever 'it' turns out to be. I just can't see people selling at a loss when they beleive they can hold on for a few years and sell then..... haha maybe we are going to get pent up sales now, not pent up demand for houses hows the rental market doing there? filling up with unsold houses? EDIT - typo
  7. lots 9-11 are pretty interesting. maybe a BTL that went under? or perhaps an investment that went wrong. still 150K for any type of flat in london is cheap....
  8. I don't buy the conspiracy either. I'm sure the time the figures comes out varies from almost mid month to a couple of days after nationwide. in fact I remember thinking a few months ago that they were out really early when it was just after the nationwide. I'm betting its just cos its quarter end so there is more work compiling all the quarter on quarter figures. and they for sure don't hire more people to do that so it makes sense the figures would take longer. then next month they will come out early again. then again I just refuse t see conspiracies everywhere as I don't think the country works like that really....
  9. i just get the live stream from the link posted which is phelps rabbiting on about potty training at the moment. am i missing something? which show is it on the listen again link. also did that scottish newsnight appearance ever get posted to youtube?
  10. I agree the off-topic conspiracy theory posts have gone way too far. Now I'm not saying I believe everything I read from mainstream media (for instance I watched zeitgeist and found it very interesting). however I have two comments to make 1) this site is clearly not the place for conspiracies theories - it does give us a bad name. 2) why do people with 'open' minds beleive every conspiracy theory there is. surely the likelyhood is that most of them are utter crap and there is a grain of truth in a only few of them..... on second thoughts I think point two is off-topic. oh no now I've started as well.
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