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  1. It appears they've nailed a table to the ceiling, maybe its a new way to attract buyers?
  2. Hi Dweller I'm now getting sent details of Reema properties, basically prefabs. When i pointed out to the agent this is fraud as there's no mention of their construction type on the details he went very quiet and not least of all due to them being un-mortgageable. But according to him there's "lots of demand for these in this bouyant market" absolute c**t! This brings it into sharp focus: Reema 1, https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/114554927#/?channel=RES_BUY Reema 2, https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/113599259#/?channel=RES_BUY Then googled affordable places in the UK and found these, admittedly i dont know what i'd do for work up there as i'm a joiner/maker but its tempting given the $hite i've looked at round my way (Southampton, Salisbury etc). The thoughts of living in a house i can barely walk around in given the size of the rooms compared to below, i dunno, going to do some research as a relocation from the 'beautiful' South may be in order............ County Durham
  3. Just been to look at a 3 bedder in Shaftesbury today, price dropped from £250k to £235k, lounge is full to the brim with one 3 seater sofa and two single seaters. The dining room is bigger than the kitchen. The kitchen consisting of literally 4 base units in the corner of the dining room - weird, came with a workshop, see 6ft by 6ft block odd outbuilding attached to the house. Bedrooms were a good size, the third small one was useless, no garage, tiny rear garden no front one, and a teminally cracked collapsing concrete driveway i could get my van on and nothing else, the street was rammed with cars parked on either side and overall a sense of overcrowding because of this. Plus the joy of being surrounded by poorly maintained social housing with all the problems that brings. Yet the photos make the property look a decent size.................it was not Also ive noticed these properties are superficially tidy, new gloss work and some carpet to make it looked cared for, interestingly to see these properties were £150-£175K 5 - 6 years ago. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/116052503#/?channel=RES_BUY I asked if there was room to negotiate on the price, me thinking its dear at £235k to which i was told no. I'll keep looking then...................
  4. Absolutely ridiculous isn't it? The depressing bit i find is getting sent details of a property then i see how much it sold for 1 to 5 years back and it makes my piss boil. The arrogance of the agents too, just does my head in.
  5. Just started looking last week, budget of £280K and am genuinely shocked at the amount of overpriced shite where i am on the south coast. Favourite last week outside Southampton, right next to fawley refinery. It was a 3 bedder, well one bedroom 10ft x 9ft and two box rooms up for £265k, but 'offer in excess of...." Was putting my shoes on in the lounge (new carpets upstairs (see cheapest contact carpet from carpetright) and was surprised when i looked up from the sofa - i was no more than a few feet from the opposing lounge wall. Just breath taking how these places got built. A check on nethouseprices and the place sold for £225K in 2020 and £218k in 2018 - unbelievable! The back garden fence was no more than 8 ft from the back of the poorly constructed conservatory, but the best was saved till last, spun round to look at the rear elevation to see what i can only describe as a giant moss pit engulfing the roof and down the back walls, I wondered why the skirting boards had popped in the back bedroom. (damp) With no access to the rear (terraced) i asked the agent how it was possible to get plant and machinery into the garden to sort out that mess, pointing up at it all (including sagging and broken guttering/fascias) to be met with a shrug. So this is paradigm, hence i'm going into rented for 6 months and see what happens then as all i'm getting sent is ex council houses and places in areas that are either permanantly on fire, boarded up or have a police presence in the community.............
  6. Thought it was just me, been looking around my way on the south coast and long story short cant find feck-all for my £300K budget. Most of the properties that are coming up at that price really should be no more than £200K. They're either poorly presented, need a ton of work (garden 6 foot tall and needs gutting inside) in a $hite part of town or ex-student HMO's. And the best bit of all, either no allocated parking or one car space........................brilliant. Out of curiosity i did the same budget for Manchester and can buy a well presented 4 bed detached with all the trimmings for circa £250 to 270K, wondering whether to relocate? P.S. Can someone explain, when did static caravans became 'luxury bungalows' or 'lodges' going for anything up to £350k, a check online show they can be bought new for £50-60K. Again another meeting i've clearly missed...................
  7. As part of a long running family legal dispute, I discovered my mum who i'd previously thought was good with money (book keeper by profession) has been living off credit cards, overdraft and loans from other family members for the last 7 odd years. Its mind blowing, not that i was expecting an inheritance from her but most of my circle are/were helped by their parents and have been left lumps of money. When my equally useless-with-money father died, he at least had the sense to work for a firm with a death-in-service policy so myself and brothers all got a modest payout when he died (£25K) but that was in 2004. Given the complete catastrophe my mums caused, i'm dreading it if she needs care. A guy i work with told me he hes only found out recently his mum spunked £150k of the family pension pot when she discovered she had terminal cancer, turns out his father didn't know (loveless marriage) and is super pissed. This has all come out since her passing I would've of thought the new cars and holidays with her girlfriends would be a give away.
  8. I found the above website (e2nz.org) after a family member moved out to NZ ten years ago with his then Kiwi wife, now divorced. As he couldn't understand the NZ he moved to bore no relation to the 100% Pure NZ (BS) mkt'ing campaign. Long story short keeps himself to himself with the other expats, currently stuck in baby jail until his kids that are there are old enough to make their own decisions. Where my brother lives is a rural $hithole full of emotionally stunted / borderline retarded idiots who bang on about the milk price???!! I'd take OZ over NZ any day having spent a bit of time over the years in both. Last time i visited NZ i bought my ticket forward by a week and went home, there's only so many grassy hills you can look at and so many times you can stick being ripped off by the locals. #youlldieofboredominnz #tallpoppysyndrome #cardboardhousing
  9. www.e2nz.org - a realistic site on all things NZ Peter Cook on NZ at 2:22 - priceless.
  10. I used to live on Edgehill Road 20 years ago, you're right in the heart of student land, when i lived there there were lots of HMO's lots of crap in the street, noise till the early hours all days of the week. And a good deal of the properties round there look like shite (read poorly maintained). But a lot of house for the money.
  11. For me it was an HMRC investigation a year before the GFC hit, after that $h!t show i never really got the motivation to work hard or really put much effort in, now i just bob a long and make enough to pay the bills.
  12. Personally-speaking i've never been busier (Carpenter/Joiner), my eldest brother has gone from high-powered professional (big big salary with benefits) in construction company to stacking shelves and working for Amazon, fair play he's doing whats needed to keep the bills paid. He's applying for jobs daily but nothing coming back, FWIW i see a lot of blokes my age (45) walking their dogs early mid afternoon. Friends-wise not many redundancies just shortened weeks (retail) a lot of my circle are public sector, Police, NHS, teachers etc so no real negative effects My view is this mini boom (for me) will be over by March next year when the stamp duty holiday ends. My goal at the moment is to get 12 months mortgage in the bank then i can ride out next year, but then after that who knows...................Last time round (GFC) i had savings to rely on to plug the holes, this time round i don't. I've been feast /famine since the credit crunch (12 yrs) so covid has no real change for me in terms of permanently worrying about where the next pay cheque is coming from. All i see when flicking the telly on nowadays is everyone is experiencing what its like to be self employed.
  13. I get this too, its the only thing i got right in my life so far (never getting married), its strange, as i have concluded women seem to think you're well off because you're self employed, "you've got your own business have you?" Me: "er yeah, could you leave me alone?". Like you say they don't know what to do hence the shaming and anger tactics I've witnessed first hand in this scenario from what were fairly ropey-looking, average women. When you find out they've got kids its a definite "please go away".
  14. I couldn't agree more, if i work 9, maybe 10 months of the year at the moment i'm doing well (self-employed joiner) and i too hear this BS day in day out (the £2k a week myth) from other trades i work with. Then in the pub after a skinful you find out they're upto their eyeballs in debt trying to maintain their lifestyle, hang onto their marriage etc or as the plumber who does my gas work did, take out the £50K covid loan to finish your massive house extension and buy the missus some trinkets he can't afford to shut her up. FWIW I get it all the time from customers ribbing me that it must be nice earning £2k a week, i tell them, "it was but it was 14 years ago!" Personally speaking, an HMRC investigation, the GFC and non-stop undercutting from migrant labour, baby-boomers (who won't or can't retire) plus ar$ehole property devs/house builders (non-payers & 120 day terms respectively) have all but destroyed my prospects in the long term. Put it this way I'm that confident in my future i'm presently converting my work van to live in as well as work. Fun times ahead...............
  15. Yeah you are, and my comments are based on real world experience living out there for extended periods of time, and given the prevailing anti intellectual attitude of your average kiwi its no wonder unicef are so damning of NZ's educational standards: https://e2nz.org/2016/04/18/nzs-education-gets-a-resounding-f-in-unicef-report-why-you-shouldnt-educate-your-kids-in/ It certainly echoes the sentiments of family out there who started their education here only to continue it in NZ, the thought is to send them back to me here in the UK in the next few years so they can attend University here in the UK or on the continent.
  16. I've been all over NZ for extended periods of time, I could bite but i'm not going to and for what its worth with an attitude as condescending as yours, trust me - you would last literally minutes in NZ, as i said go for it you'll love it out there...................................
  17. Seriously, go for it - go to NZ. You'll love it.............Honestly.
  18. Mine are too, about 25 years back (so yes it is hypothetical) but if i had my time again now i'd go to Germany and a pay a few hundred euros a year for a much better quality education and a better life. If i was told i had to go to NZ to live and study based on what i've experienced i'd take a long walk off a short pier.
  19. Everything. Crap internet, feck all decent paying jobs, housing that's little more than a caravan in terms of construction (plywood covered sh1te with no insulation - you'll freeze to death in winter) that you'll also pay through the nose for, shitty driving, moron kiwi blokes who dress and act like gangsters and think they're living in Compton, mainly mauri's to be fair. The average kiwi i met was as thick as **** & couldn't hold a conversation past anything to do with rugby. To quote the two kiwi blokes i employed over here, "all the ones with brains got out" And unless you like looking at hills all day (think XP screensaver) you'll die of fkn boredom, trust me. There's a reason why they have one of the highest teen suicide rates in the world together with 'world leading' levels of sexual abuse and domestic violence. For more info go to www.e2nz.org this site is no longer updated but brilliantly recalls many stories that mirror my own experiences out there. Last time i went out in 2016 to visit family i bought my return ticket forward by a week as i was that done after two..........
  20. A step in the right direction and only took, what - 15 years?
  21. I was listening to David Starkey on Peter Whittles podcast tonight about covid 19 and the govts response to it. Something he said that i had completely overlooked was that for all the talk of how the pandemic has highlighted the weakness in supply chains and the downside of globalised trade especially with a country like China. Its the fact this also highlights the glaring stupidity of having a good deal of UK's economy based in the service sector. I agree its going to be a good couple of years to get going if we ever do and whilst i myself have collected some handouts in recent weeks i'm more than a little worried about the long term implications of this. Can't imagine what the high street is going to look like in six months time given the sheer number of insolvencies of big names. Just got two jobs confirmed today to start in a couple of weeks time but after that who knows? I wouldn't rule out packing in my job (woodworking) and going and doing a driving job or something like that. I realised the biggest mistake i made after the credit crunch in 08 was hanging on for a couple years living off savings waiting for demand to come back. This time round i won't be waiting plus i have fuq all savings so that centres the mind a little. You know its bad when your previously greedy as fuq plumber /gas engineer (wouldn't get outta bed for less than £400 a day, couldn't be arsed to return my calls when i needed him) offers himself to you as a labourer for a job he knows i've got coming up! What will collapse next? Well I'm still waiting on the posh tat shop (think Harry Enfields i saw you coming routine) in my high street to go pop along with the artisanal bread and cake BS fest a couple of doors up. Fingers crossed.
  22. Exactly the same in construction, its normally construction news wailing about where the UK's gonna find the 250,000 people needed to fill existing vacancies, the answer is simply, not from the UK not on the rates i've seen of late. Same as the NHS, same as...........well just about every sector in the UK. To quote Mark Blyth when questioned about Brexit and immigration: "its not about bringing their wages up (to western european levels) its about pushing your wages down"..........................
  23. They should be shot............naturally
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