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  1. Property guru Ajay has created three accounts today to defend his honour on this MSE thread: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showth....html?t=1296061 For those of you so inclined this offers all of the fun of an MSE troll, with none of the associated guilt.
  2. It's very easy to feel sympathy for someone who has lost everything. what type of support would you advocate here? a.) 'I feel bad for you' or b.) 'It's not your fault, the bank is selling your house too cheaply, they have a moral duty of care to you that they aren't fulfilling and there was nothing you could have done to prevent this' While what you might feel is a what she is actually looking for is b, and its not a healthy approach to support imo.
  3. Johnny was right that was emotional blackmail to ensure uniformly positive replies to her thread and to get the MSE caerbears to defend her if someone pointed out that the situation is mainly of her own making. Suicidal people don't post on message boards looking for attention and sympathy, they just go ahead and top themselves. Childish women pull this emo shit any time they don't want to face criticism. I agree from a moral perspective with your point that why bail-out a bank, but not some poor family when thier behaviour has been equally reckless. Unfortunately homeowner bailouts would ins
  4. The way KD explained it in a ticker, can't reember which one, was that they need to scare money out of the stockmarket and into treasuries. Essentially creating fear and uncertainty in the stockmarket will raise demand for 'safer' government debt and therefore keep a downard pressure on treasury yields and interest rates. Pretty nefarious if you ask me, but it does explain quite a bit.
  5. I don't know if this has been said, but seasonality plays a part in foood prices too. In the summer things like strawberries and tomatoes come from fields and cost less, in the winter the same products are still available but charged at a premium because they are either imported or grown hydroponically. Don't ask me about Cucmubers specifically, I don't know. This has always been the case but the recent inflation just accentuated it. One way to get around is seasonal cooking, rather than sticking to a menu of a dozen or so dishes and just shopping for those, buy the ingredients that are in
  6. Don't forget those google ad's. For a brief moment I thought it might a site dedicated to some kind of grassroots activism. Don't get me wrong HPC is informative (sometimes) and has no doubt saved alot of people alot of money, myself included. What Britain is lacking though is a group of really pissed off people getting right in Browns face and making a fuss in the media to try and stop the madness and save at least a billion or two somehwere. The HPC community would be best suited to this IMO. Ecit: are you behind putting those ad's back into threads for members lou? If so, a pox on you!
  7. Quite right. KD over at ticker forum favours a 'cramdown' approach. In this scenario a bank is put into administration and the common and prefferred stock is wiped out. The company's debt is then converted into new equity- creditors become shareholders- and the bank can re-open for trade the next day, if there's still a problem it'll be much smaller, but since the bank is no longer hiding anything they can then be bailed out and it would actually work. The only people who lose out are the current shareholders, who took the risk in the first place, not the taxpayer. There's still a recession,
  8. When they deicided to spend christmass in my town one year the took over the car-park outside my bedroom window. For water they broke into the toilets of the closed theme park on the sea front. For electricity they broke open the street lights and stole it. For waste disposal- including sewage- they threw it on the floor for someone else to pick up. Because there so many of them the police stood by and did nothing. When they left the cost of cleaning up after them was tens of thousands of pounds. I don't really buy into the romantic free-spirit notion of travellor communities, in my experien
  9. This makes much more sense than the OP. However do you think the potential for a default on government debt has been priced in to the FTSE? Do you think this possibility exisits? If I was investing long term in the FTSE today the biggest threat is a collapse of treasury debt or even a government default, IMO. Its not about to happen tomorrow or anything, but it looks like the main event to all this will take place on the bond markets. I mean another few hundred billion in failed bailouts and johnny foreigner doesn't want any more we're probably going to be there.
  10. Yeah it'd be better, especially for me- interest would prob have to be on a par with student loans though- so you get my vote. It runs against keep the young'uns priiced out and renting from the voters philosophy of 'providing help for hardworking home owners', so it ain't happening. But almost anything, up to and including doing nothing at all, would be better than spunking billions trying to pretend its all going to be o.k. Maybe you could make a case for simply burning the cash in trafalga square instead, to keep the pigeons warm. I like your plan much more though.
  11. If they decide to save up all thier seasonal adjustment and spunk it one month for a bit of feel good, we could have a positive month. Otherwise its probably a no, we obviously won't see any rises in the front half, where the majority of traditional up months fall and Q4 is usually pretty dead anyway. Its pretty dam weak that the best VI spin can come up with now is a long shot at one (false) positive month in a year, probably best to stick with prices are higher than 200x for now.
  12. Agreed additional subdivision is needed to reflect the changind times. Maybe a NWO/Survivalist(loony) and recession subforums?
  13. I like the way the fund is described as 'Exclusive'. Contributers presumably had to be rich enough to be worth fleecing and stupid enough not to notice. I wonder how much he managed to get out for himself?
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