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  1. Hi Mono, it seems to me that you can comfortably afford a house of your own (with your 300k) and the fact you keep defering the purchase only seems to make you miserable. Ask yourself - am I prepared to stay miserable for an undetermined duration to gain an extra 150k (if prices drop by 50%)? if you are, then don't buy. However, if you realise that this need is eating away at you, carry out your research and find a bargain. Belive me only the wearer of the shoe knows were it hurts. As for advise on this site take all of it (including mine) with a pintch of salt - expecialy those that 'pred
  2. Just bought a house over the weekend and i am very happy with it. Paying a fixed term mortgage over the next 10 years which i can afford so hopefully any downturn in the near future would have a tiny impact on me. Good luck to any ftb out there, only take the plunge when you are; 1) happy with the property 2) and the maths all adds up. d
  3. very intelligent response.... may you find wisdom (and a home...eventually)
  4. Homeless - you are the steriotypical HPC cynic who spouts the same old mantra of doom without any reasoned thought or genuine intent other than profiting from other peoples misfortunes. it's probably fitting that others have benefited from your predicament. Oh i forgot - you and your ilk will accurately call the bottom of this crash when it happens because you are "smart" and well informed....the truth is if you were so smart you would have bought a house before the boom. Don't confuse my message, whatever you think, i'm not a troll i just happen to have an opinion that differs from the m
  5. come on now - is that the best you have. O' well i didn't expect very much from you in the first place.
  6. so predictable.... you guys talk about fair but in reality you cant handle the truth.
  7. well said ...you will always be "homeless" - get used to it.
  8. Guys - before you shoot the messenger, I just want to tell you that some posts on this forum have got darker and more sinister over the last year. I personally think that this is due to a collective frustration that things have not panned out as predicted on this site. Don't worry, its only natural that prices will correct themselves over a period of time and, in hindsight it was foolish of you to call the peak of the housing boom. Why not learn from this experience, concentrate your efforts on saving your money for the crash, even better - learn ways of making more money rather than blaming
  9. This sums up the position that most people on this forum cannot get their heads around. My opinion is that a full blown crash is possible but highly unlikely, the lust for property would not disappear and banks are becoming more risk-friendly hence the amount available to lend would keep increasing to satiisfy a stagnation / slow HPI over the coming years. Any shock which destabilises the "system" would be a global disaster (including FTBs). The biggest threat i belive is hidden inflation, which would devalue currency against other assets. This would indirectly prop up house prices for as
  10. Thanks for the feedback on my initial post. a lot of varying responses which is proof that this forum works and is not just a talk shop for neg-heads. The point i am getting across is that when you have taken a position in any market, do not let your ego make your decisions for you. If the market is not responding to your hypothesis, then its time to review your position. The facts are; This is a global boom of unprecedented proportions, if predictions of a fall out are true, then it would affect every facet of life meaning no one or asset (yes!! cash included) is safe or protected, so a
  11. i have been a lurker and a member of this forum for a few years. in that time i hung tenaciously to the 'precise predictions' of a HPC. At last i have come to realise that YES... there would be a correction but, nobody knows how or when. My advise to any person looking to buy a house is to not over strech themselves and under NO circumstances rely on the countless predictions on this site. I am a bear and have loads of respect for others on this site but, there is a great degree of wishful thinking factored into most predictions. i know i'll be acused of being a troll (who cares) but, for th
  12. A fool and their money are soon parted. As for pity, it’s not worth a tear, I don’t know of any business which would make you a millionaire in 3 months without any risks. I think for the dream of millions, 28-50k was a small price to pay (never mind the valuable experience).
  13. well said ABB. i am glad that despite the endless spin most people can see the woods from the trees. more legislation, less castigation.
  14. Brainclamp your defence mechanism betrays you. It’s come as a surprise that some one who has made so many well articulated posts could have a mask that slips off so easily. The last two replies to my posts have left you naked and what we see before us in its entire glory does not come as a shock because we kind of guessed any way. To put it in perspective has there been any tread which you have started that was not directly related to immigration? If there is then I must have missed it. This is not about the issue of immigration but about the relentless doctoring and skewing of statistic
  15. Brainclamp we have all seen your posts with their subtle undertones of you know what. You refer to me as a 'racist bigot' because I ask that people try not to generalise along racial lines.....hhmm I’m lost with the connection. Your senseless ranting may reveal more about you than you are willing to express on this forum. Anyone who has been on this forum can easily conclude that at best you are a VI with a political agenda. To what purpose do your posts enlighten us? Immigration = bad, so the logical conclusion is....... I ask that you save your energy for the party political broadcast. T
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