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  1. I agree, growing up in the 80's. the saying "lies like a cheap japanese watch" never made any sense to me!
  2. We develop all of our new applications in websphere. The intial lead developer was British who couldn't develop to save his life and never listened, who eventually left He hired a contractor who was british, talked the talk and after 8 months and 100k later had nothing to show for is work. We then had a Pakistani developer who is still there and pretty good. He hired two indian developers, one who couldn't develop and needed to have their code rewritten and the other worked slower than man digging his own grave. So just goes to show that they should be outsourcing to Pakistan.
  3. I have worked with the BMW Carsoft application (I used to own a 740i) hence the need for it. It is novel and does the job, however cannot be compaired to Client/Server diagnostics. Afterall the PC does not say please reinstall software with the following settings as per technical release 7.4.3a to resolve your issue. You get an error that reads something like "Error". There are a finite number of problems with a computer on a car. There are also tens of thousands of documents for every known issue with a car, all written by an expert. In IT you have a developer from any part of the world
  4. Our money system is based on debt, and in order for it to work people need to be in debt. If everyone was like shindigger than I am sure that we would have a credit crunch and loads of job lay offs and people losing their homes.
  5. I hold my hand up as an IT manager. And I think that your perception of IT Infrastructure is wrong. Yes, the basics of the job are that easy, and yes sometimes they are not the most enthusiastic of people. But have you actually worked in IT? Have you stood in front of a Board of a large Multinational company? and said you cannot fix their problem? and they cannot have their presentation as you cannot get their data off a laptop? because they have forgotten the only power supply that exists in this company, let alone this building. Have you every looked at a server that has had a software
  6. We do still have a British Motor Industry, Honda, Mini, Land Rover, Nissan etc. Manufactorers will have no excuse to put these prices up!
  7. My Mate worked for building control, he didn't start work till 10am and was nearly always finished by 2pm. And he was almost on 40k. However he was good at his job and all the builders hated him as he made them build proper houses!
  8. Does anyone know if there is an archive of the old posts when the website was first setup? (when the forum was text based threads) I was an original poster and would like to find my old posts.
  9. Imagine a world where people no longer bought new cars, you would probably pay £10k for any old banger that would work, pretty much like houses. Thats why classic cars are so expensive. Nobody builds them anymore.
  10. Does that mean if my rent period starts on the 1st of the month and the land lord wants me out say today. They would have to give me about 80 days notice? 2 months plus 2 and a half weeks?
  11. Hi Guys, Yes it is short term. We have been in the property for 7 months. What I can't understand is why I have to stay the notice period if they want to evict me? They have told me they want me out, but how can they force me to stay until they want me to? I can't see it standing up in court, especially if I have already found a new property? I though the two months was to protect the tennant and not the landlord?
  12. Hi, The letting agent called me yesterday to see if I wanted to buy the house that I am renting. I spoke to my wife and we decided not to. So my question is, if they serve notice on us. Can we leave the next day and not pay the rent? I anly ask that as we have seen another place that we like.
  13. I always find it odd that people seem to be fleeced by the land lord. I am in my third rented property and I have had 1 deposit returned intact (Country Wide Residential Lettings) and my seconf deducted £50 (Private Lanlord), £30 for carpet cleaning and £20 for lino for the kitchen. I was a bitter, however we did damage the lino and I failed to clean the beige Living room carpet. But now I accept it and don't feel ripped off. I think if you look after the place and clean it when you leave, you normally get most if not all your deposit back.
  14. I was under the impression most financial pundits were reactive.
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