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  1. I wonder if any others have had dodgy dealings with Tucker Gardner... an odd thing happened to me this week. Went to see a nice house in Haslingfield on Saturday, kind of open house thing, though not described as such. Phoned up TG on Monday morning to express interest and request a second viewing, and the woman said that the vendors were being a bit awkward and wanted to be out for viewings for health reasons, and she'd try to arrange more viewings on Thursday. Thought this was a bit odd as the house had no photos, nothing in the bathroom, no sheets on the beds, obviously a vacant rental property. Anyway, then she didn't call me back despite promising to do so (no surprise, perhaps), so I phoned again on Tuesday morning to ask what was going on, and she told me that in fact the viewings were taking place that very day (Tuesday, not Thursday as she'd said before) and that there would be no more viewings as the vendor was very keen to move quickly. She offered no explanation, and I put in an offer, to keep my hand in the game, which seemed fine; then the next day (ie today, Wednesday) in the morning I phoned up and she said that the vendor had decided to accept another bid and wasn't taking any more offers. I said we'd be happy to raise our bid but she said very sorry, the vendor has decided to go with this particular big. Why, I asked. Apparently the vendors liked those people (!), even though they had, apparently, made particular requests to be out when the viewings took pace. I made this point and she said Oh, well, we're acting for the purchasers, too.... so in fact they've pushed through the bid they wanted in order to make an extra sale. Incredibly irritating, and of course against the toothless code of conduct thing. But since we've had no financial loss we can't do anything about it, really, or at least nothing that'll make any difference. The only solace is to rejoice in rhyming slang.
  2. Anybody got any thoughts about Foxton? Going to see a house there this week.
  3. You think that's overpriced? Try this A really tiny house What I want to know is, who was it who thought, in Victorian days, "What Cambridge really needs is thousands of really tiny houses."
  4. So what happened at 3.15? FTSE lost about 80 in short order. Not being argumentative, just curious.
  5. Are you sure it's the same house? Looks pretty big and 530 would be incredibly cheap for a house of that size on Wilberforce.
  6. All the ones round our way seem to be Redmayne
  7. Steamlined. What a lovely image.
  8. Heavens alive - if that's "exceptional modernist design" then there's no hope for architecture. Has the shape of an archetypal village hall on the outside, and looks like Bond villain chic on the inside (that's a photo of Blofeld as a young man in picture 6). No interesting form or materials. Let's face it - it's a box. Like every other house. Only this one is half underground. And surely if you're going to put a big basement in at large expense you'd use that to make more space by retaining a second floor? Pictures looks nice though.
  9. Hard to tell, really. Newnham is the epitome of silly prices, and that one, although basically a small house with a small garden, looks (from the photos at least) to have been done nicely. Also it's right in the Newnham Croft area (that may not seem like a good reason, but...). This links in with my big bugbear which is -- if house prices are important enough to be a matter of public record (however that record may be massaged), why not rental prices? Surely it would be simple enough to have a massive public database... oh... I see... maybe not. But seriously, it does make it very difficult to compare rental prices, especially when there are so few available for rent in a given area. Having said which there is another terrace for rent in Owlstone Road, I think, for similar money.
  10. I went to see that one and, although the pictures looked nice and the garden was a decent size (for Cambridge, anyway), the extension had been stupidly thought out, and there was no flow to the house. The original features were ugly (especially the fireplace - yuk) and the original living room-dining 'area' was incredibly narrow and poky. Kitchen needed completely re-doing, and you would need another mini-extension to make any sense of the back of the house, which would be tricky because of the stupid way in which the roof levels had been done on the existing extension. Also the vendor, a friendly but somewhat garrulous man, let slip that it's a b*gger to heat. So all in all not a snip at 425. incidentally this one http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-22016923.html has had "63 viewings in 5 days", apparently. It constantly amazes me how many tiny or rubbish houses there are in Cambridge, and how few decent-sized houses in reasonable reach of the centre. The one above, for example, is basically a tiny house, and it's in fact a bit bigger than most of the ones around Mill Road etc. Aargh!!
  11. Sometimes I think so but then you get one like this http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-21417586.html (sorry - don't know how to do HTML links) which is for a pretty grotty house in an OK area
  12. Wasn't there some stuff recently about really nasty kids in Histon trashing playgrounds etc? I seem to remember they put glass shards into the slides etc. It was in the Cambridge Crier (I think). Also shops being targeted, possibly. Might be worth a google... Apologies to the good residents of Histon if I've simply dreamed all this up.
  13. erm... don't have one! I read it in an article ages ago (possibly the Guardian? or Prospect?) which debunked some of the myths which people use to justify being anti-green
  14. The tiny amount of mercury in the bulbs is far outweighed by the huge amount of heavy metals (including mercury) etc not emitted by the power station in order to generate the extra electricity for a standard bulb.
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