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  1. if you can trust yourself not to be tempted to start speculating and using silly amounts of leverage, selling gbp futures on a spread betting firm would probably be the best choice unfortunately, i went down that road, with the intention of hedging vs pound falling, but couldnt help myself seeking big profits, and lost <alot>
  2. fiat isnt wealth, so the drop is probably more like 50% in GOLD.
  3. guess that means its going to deflation. i do have gold, but see it could easily half... more likely than it doubling IMO
  4. since technology is always improving, and nuclear energy and particle accelerators etc are increasingly used, well.. I read that alchemy, changing base metals into gold would be possible with nuclear technlogy?? of course, i dont think we'd ever know about it either.. except the price of gold would fall and maybe central banks would return to gold standards, to trick people that their fiat was now not creatable from thin air hmmm /random thoughts
  5. <quote>Only four per cent said Gordon Brown was a natural leader and just two per cent said he was charismatic.</quote> thats quite funny
  6. yea not only are hsbc moving hq from london to hk, i read yesterday HSBC just sold their new york hq for $330m..
  7. its fallen about 7% in the past 10 days against the yen, too forget euro pound parity, maybe we are headed for pound dollar parity =/
  8. uhh, this article is 13 months old....
  9. so i know most people believe the UK is truly ****ed, and I agree, but i'd love to be proved wrong? Ignoring the social and political problems, since this is the hp/ economy forum... does britain have any economical relevence now? Ok so we had london as a premier financial sector, and a ..consumer led economy. now with most consumers tapped out, and more importantly, it would seem the only thing UK had to differentiate it from say, iceland was London being a financial hub. but now, not just with british banks on the ropes, but with firms such as HSBC (possibly the only UK bank not to get slaughtered) last week having relocated their HQ from london to HK, and with various countries removing their gold from london, often also to place in HK vaults, it appears that hong kong may have taken the place of london as a financial base. so what do we have now? i'd really like to know, thank you.
  10. seems I angered everyone with my post ^^ well, I don't agree with mandatory car insurance, and the idea that if one is involved in a crash, the other partys insurance should be responsible. I think any persons who wish to claim, should have their claim paid by their own insurance. If people feel they need a payout should they have an accident, they should take out personal insurance. The fact I drive with invalid insurance means, if I had a crash, i couldn't care less about being paid... I am not going to claim.
  11. no its cos its a group 20 car, and i'm 20. although, the 2000+ quotes were when I was 19... I havent tested to see if they've come down, since my current insurance hasnt run out yet. by not properly insured, i mean, i took it out in my mums name instead, and just for safety, i scanned the document and added my name onto the insurance docs in paint and re-printed.
  12. yeah, i drive uninsured, or at least, not properly insured.. I am no lowlife, and am actually well off, but I refuse to pay 2000 pounds insurance on a car I paid £1500 for.
  13. thinking of picking up some platinum, since i remember in 2008, plat at 2200 levels while gold was under 1k.. 1 thing im worried of though, is .. if i came to try to sell the platinum, it may be harder to do? especially in a SHTF zombies, shotguns situation, because no one recognises it and it could be fake??? with gold, because of its unique looks and weight properties its harder to make fakes, agree?/ so is this a problem i sohuld be worried about? or should i go ahead and grab some thanks
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