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  1. Today I did mortgage application with HSBC I have a 15 percent loan to value - wanted to borrow 35K - I earn 31K no loans not much in the way of outgoings and the max they would lend me is £57,000 I was shocked. Ok for me as only wanted 35 but I now understand why so many 'sold' properties are falling out of bed.
  2. I normally support the Fire Fighters but in this case they are being awkward because the current shift suits them. Two 15 hour nights shifts is ridiculous and the reason they like that is because they often sleep much of the night. It will probably cut down on the overtime bill if they were to work 12 hour day shifts and I think that is fair and reasonable in today's world. They are not playing fair in this instance.
  3. Sorry to say but they are so bent. I get more honest news on Russia Today.
  4. Why did the sellers pull out? One thing the HIPS did was to at least filter out some of the time wasting, attention seeking vendors.
  5. Lady MF If I were you I would email the EA and say something along the lines of, putting in writing my final offer of 200K which will remain for the next 2 weeks only or something like that? ML
  6. Would someone mind telling me please, why the BOE would follow suit and have QE2 just because USA are. Is it to stop the pound becoming weaker against the dollar? sorry I am trying to understand. thanks guys
  7. I've also sent my opinion to them..ie buyers are not there to take on vendors debts or the mortage THEY decided to take on before things went belly up and to get real. ML
  8. Ive just sent a tenner too! Well worth it.
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