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  1. are the audience real business leaders or are they actually just a bunch of gravy train parasites from quangos?
  2. ^^^ I've done this!!! but I am freelance so its pretty easy to do. I haven't worked for the whole summer, I have a contract from this week up to christmas and then will take off abroad from January. My tax bill should be under half this years compared to last
  3. a flyer from a local estate agent put through the door a few weeks ago.
  4. I seem unable to use the pm message system, I can offer you some editing skills if required. (Avid or FCP, freelance for over 10 years)
  5. I liked the way they quickly glossed over the outrageous £3/4 million price tag for the house the twatty young bloke in suit owned (was he also an estate agent I wondered).
  6. thats brilliant.... was that Melinda Messenger at 2 minutes, I couldn't recognise any of the other minor celebs in it. And Alan (emailer phone) Suger... his record needs examining someone on here I think posted a good account of how bad his businesses have been.
  7. I'm pretty sure that one is next to vauxhall bridge the opposite side of the road from MI6...
  8. Just heard this on the radio! thought I'd woken up in the 70's, how nice to see recycling extends to the student politics of Gordon's youth.
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