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  1. Hello, could I ask for a small expansion around Cambridge? CB23, CB24, CB25 would be great.
  2. Anyone know if this is Amazon, or who? Can't see it reported anywhere, and need to know who to boycott next!
  3. Does anyone have a link to where the figures may be seen? I would like to know if there has been any upward or downward revisions of the previous quarters.
  4. From the limited data I got (from houseprices.co.uk) the vast majority are identical. Maybe delving into the full data (£££) would reveal why they are there? What are you suggesting regarding tax? I don't follow. Having a ponder, one reason I came up with for the multiple entries might be sales to more than one person/group. This could explain the bias toward more expensive properties, as they are more likely to involve group purchases. 50% housing schemes may also get registered to two parties? Just guessing...
  5. My a-level statistics is somewhat rusty so maybe I'm missing something, but surely if it were human error the average price curves would be equal?
  6. Total entries 68873, of which 19394 are in the duplicate set. I don't know how many actual transactions that 19394 represents, but having a scan through it's mostly 2 entries for each sale, a few 3. Here's (hopefully) the chart showing transaction volumes.
  7. Sorry, not so clear was it. The two graphs are: 1) the average price of all properties (grouped by month), 2) the average price of all duplicate entries (where duplicate is identified by an equal date&address), grouped by month What I'm thinking is that all of these duplicates are pushing up the average price throughout the entire data set. If the duplicates were simply mistakes, you'd expect the mistakes to be across the whole price range, making the two graphs more or less equal, but they're not. So yes, I'm suggesting this is ficticious data skewing the statistics so that house prices statistics on the whole are higher than they ought to be. I was aware of the exclusions, not sure how that would affect this? Both result in higher 'stats'... @TaxAbuser- I've just graphed the difference. Can't seem to upload the picture, but the gist is: +10%ish in 2000, slowly decreasing to +7%ish by 2007, now fluctuating between +3-5%.
  8. Hi all, I've been doing some data scraping to get the land registry sold prices for cambridgeshire postcodes (gotta do something to while away an afternoon). In doing so I noticed a lot of duplicate entries. See triple duplicate for a pricey one. Thinking it was a problem with one source I checked some others, but they've got the same duplicates. It must be just mistakes by the data entry person, right? Or perhaps each time an entry is modified it gets a new entry? That's what I thought, but then I donned my tin foil hat and did some excel work. The attached graph is one outcome. Why is the average price of the duplicates so consistently higher than the overall average? If they were just random errors, you'd expect the two averages to be very similar. I smell fish...
  9. Here's a rather more pricey terrace in Snailwell (result #3) http://www.houseprices.co.uk/e.php?q=cb8+7lz&n=10 Looks like it was a mistake and result #4 is the real sale, but why is 3 still there? Anyone blindly using the land reg data to calculate prices by house type will include this!
  10. If you've found a house on a map (after a game of count the chimneys from rightmove pictures), and want to identify a house number so that you can then find out what it last sold for, you can access the planning portal website to see maps with house numbers. However, I can't remember where I found the links from, and Google doesn't index the website, so here are links to SouthCambs & South Norfolk: http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/planningportal/MapInterfaceServlet?mapaction=init&portalReturnUrl=/?PpAction=Identify&service=devplan_scambs&mapMode=0&bigMap=true http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/planningportal/MapInterfaceServlet?mapaction=init&portalReturnUrl=/?PpAction=Identify&service=devplan_southnorfolk&mapMode=0&bigMap=true http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/planningportal/MapInterfaceServlet?mapaction=init&portalReturnUrl=/?PpAction=Identify&service=devplan_staffsmoorlands&mapMode=0&bigMap=true Be patient, it's a very slow site, and you have to zoom in a long way to get the house numbers!!! If other people can figure out their council names and provide URLs that'd be great.
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