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  1. Or they could rebalance some of the retirement promises that the current batch of retirees made to themselves (without fully funding) and they could tighten tax law to ensure big corporates and the uber-rich pay their fair share. Their pension funds are the major shareholders in most of the large corporations. Wages and working conditions are constantly squeezed to prop up share prices. The old national companies were sold off and again are held in the majority by pension funds as a result we are all having to pay larger and larger utilitl bills. Local councils, in the majority, use 30-40%
  2. These questions don't appear to follow logically from what I have posted but what the hell, i'm bored. I have said nothing about times/dates and will continue not to do so. I respectfully refer the gentleman to my first answer. Why? What's the point? I mean is this a serious question? Do you see yourself fitting the description of an Evil Boomer or something? I'm struggling to understand where you're taking this conversation and why.
  3. I guess in the same way as a murder victim contributed to a murder, i.e. by being there. The banks needed a receptive victim, the government provided that through education and the lax controls on advertising standards coupled with television programming. This was a long play by both banks and government, they both had their own agenda and goals. Full time should have been called in 2005 where we would have seen the usual fleecing of the people by the banks but governments had got too used to the tax take and had started to believe their own 'no more boom and bust' rhetoric.
  4. The weakness of human nature has been known throughout history and when you throw in crowd behaviour people become very easy to control. Kings, Popes, Dictators and despots throughout history have managed to get a mass of people to do what one sane individual would not do, it's easy and proven. On an individual level ordinary people are not aware of this as they are not taught it so when the strings are pulled they are not aware they are being manipulated. And it is a criminal offence to sell intoxicating liquor to a person who shows signs of excess intoxication, section 141 of the licensing
  5. I think that is exactly the point I was trying to make.
  6. Okay, this is going to take a while so bare with it, My first post on this thread was in response to this from Campervanman: - And I replied: - Now the two lines highlighted are the key, here I am trying to make the point, probably poorly, that on this forum the term Boomer has adopted a meaning all of it's own in that it doesn't only refer to those born of a certain generation. Yes they are of that generation but also have to fit the other criteria I listed. Others may have other criteria to add to the list, and feel free to do so, but when I see the term boomer used it is in the conte
  7. Would not like to be threi next door neighbour Stuart Street Clayton Looks like next door went for 120K at 2007 peak
  8. Redlam Blackburn More 100K peak madness for a two up two down terrace in a northern town
  9. Gower Street Oldham Street Ave. 75K at 2007 peak.
  10. Flat 7 rothwell lodge Peak seemed to be c.45K
  11. 501 Chamber Road going around the 100K mark at peak
  12. 32 Domett street Blakely 57K in 2005, 100K at their 2007 peak
  13. 2 Ridge Road Burnley, no match – 4 went for 65K in 2004 but now fire damaged.
  14. Mortimer Street Oldham one went for 86K in 2008 , Ave. At 2007 peak was 65K
  15. The average person in the uk is pertty dumb, and 50% are more dumb still. You should be crediting yourself with the fact your in the upper 50% not assume everyone is of the same interlect. Do you honestly believe that if some simpleton walked into a bank with an 'I a financial retard' card that bankers would refuse them or rub their hands together? They are predators, we are the prey.
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