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  1. Extrapolating means nothing its only multiplying a short term rise or fall over a longer period How many houses sold in the barbican in that quarter compared to the previous year were they the same how many were larger or smaller To set a trend you need a large number of properties to get a true average Was it an average or a median figure?
  2. From a landlords point of view whats wrong with that ??? As far as most landlords are concerned its the rent that matters no who pays it
  3. For 30+ years always managed to pick nearly the right time missed it a couple but thats life As long as you win more than you lose
  4. Work the figures & get a life instead of feeling the world owes you a living & a house NO PAIN no gain
  5. Did mummy never tell you what you lose on the swings you gain on the roundabouts
  6. No we're just keeping an eye on the opposition I'm sure there are many more like us around who don't make their presence known
  7. If BTLS keep buying FTB can't get on the housing ladder producing more people wanting to rent so rents will increase raising the yield A dangerous tactic but if BTL keep their nerve a success change this country to a renting society just like most of europe
  8. The simple fact is if you get a HPC & then a general slump your job is at risk Public sector gets its income from taxes paid by business & workers so if they have no money there are no taxes I know its more complicated than the above but thats the simple answer
  9. Why do all the people wanting a HPC seem to think all BTLs have no capital Some of us are wealthy people & BTL is just part of our portfolio Worry more about yourselves if HPC happens Is your job safe ?? how long can you last without a salary ?? Don't rely on the government if its as big as you're all predicting there will be no redundancy or benefits Good luck & pray
  10. Do any of us know why he committed suicide Please stop this stupid speculation
  11. Its interesting reading about all the people who are threatening to emigrate Where are they all planning on going? Other countries have their own problems Aus has a HPC waiting to happen NZ pay is poor Canada you work 50 weeka a year USA ditto Remember the fence & the grass
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