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  1. My three bed end terrace, bought for £66,750 in 1987 was probably worth about £80,00 at the peak of the boom. In 1994 it was professionally valued at £59,000. Two bed terraces in the area, of which there are many, peaked at £65,000 and hit bottom at £35 to £45,000. Wicky makes a good point about RPI inflation at the time. It was much higher than it is now so the real falls in value were far higher than even these cash figures would indicate.
  2. I remember the last crash. Values peaked in autumn 1988 and although volumes fell in 89 it was 1990 before asking prices started to fall. Its happening much faster this time.
  3. I cant see how a stamp duty moratorium can prop up a market as overblown as the current housing market and last time I looked I had MRICS written after my name.
  4. Hi Longinthetooth That makes two of us Chartered Surveyors on this forum that I know of. Between us we have 67 years experience. As you are the senior man I will let you deal with the really hard questions. Rude not to. I empathise strongly with the closing sentance of your first paragraph.
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