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  1. You may well have something there. The young people in my family do seem very well behaved compared to my memory of their parents, aunts and uncles at the same age.
  2. In 1973 a pint of bitter in my local cost 20pence, as did a 1/2 ounce of Old Holbourne and a packet of Rizlas. I was grossing £25per week as a factory porter. I remember at about the same time paying 14pence a pint in a Students Union bar. The same year I bought an old but working Triumph Tiger Cub for £22. My week at work was 38 hours so the hourly rate was 65pence. Strangely I don't remember what income tax I paid so it was probably negligable. You did not have to work many hours to pay for a skinfull on Friday night.
  3. They tried this with some council tower blocks years ago. Larner Road Erith was one if my memory serves. It did not go well.
  4. You are right of course but I wonder how many of this earlier lot will have planned to deal with the shortfall by selling up and buying something smaller. Could add a decent few motivated sellers to the market in the next few years.
  5. There doesn't seem to be much information available, just a lot of speculation. The number maturing between now and 2020 appears to be between 131,000 and 158,000 annually. We wont have long to wait before the Daily Flail alerts us to sob stories of people who can't do arithmetic. Here is where I found the numbers. http://citywire.co.uk/money/interest-only-mortgages-what-will-lenders-do/a580145
  6. I had an interest only mortgage. The great thing about a lot of IO deals was that there was no penalty for early repayment. I overpaid mine from day one and paid it off eight years early. The interest rate was quite good as well.
  7. One of the things I love most about not being at work any more is never having to tolerate being told how to conduct myself by a useless overpaid t0sser incapable of doing a real job. Never having to restrain myself from punching the sort of person who instead of being pleased I didn't have cancer questions the amount of time I took off for medical tests. Useless time wasting scum now infest the UK workplace to the detriment of people with real skills. Now if I happen to meet such a creature I am free to express my contempt. Happily they are usually the sort who are as useless at fighting as they are at everything else.
  8. Nurse pay scales http://www.nhscareers.nhs.uk/working-in-the-nhs/pay-and-benefits/agenda-for-change-pay-rates/ Band 1 Point 1 14,153 Point 2 14,508 Point 3 14,864 Band 2 Point 1 14,153 Point 2 14,508 Point 3 14,864 Point 4 15,279 Point 5 15,694 Point 6 16,110 Point 7 16,645 Point 8 17,253 Band 3 Point 6 16,110 Point 7 16,645 Point 8 17,253 Point 9 17,618 Point 10 18,104 Point 11 18,652 Point 12 19,077 Band 4 Point 11 18,652 Point 12 19,077 Point 13 19,750 Point 14 20,433 Point 15 21,054 Point 16 21,176 Point 17 21,798 Band 5 Point 16 21,176 Point 17 21,798 Point 18 22,676 Point 19 23,589 Point 20 24,554 Point 21 25,528 Point 22 26,556 Point 23 27,625 Band 6 Point 21 25,528 Point 22 26,556 Point 23 27,625 Point 24 28,470 Point 25 29,464 Point 26 30,460 Point 27 31,454 Point 28 32,573 Point 29 34,189 Band 7 Point 26 30,460 Point 27 31,454 Point 28 32,573 Point 29 34,189 Point 30 35,184 Point 31 36,303 Point 32 37,545 Point 33 38,851 Point 34 40,157 Band 8a Point 33 38,851 Point 34 40,157 Point 35 41,772 Point 36 43,388 Point 37 45,254 Point 38 46,621 Band 8b Point 37 45,254 Point 38 46,621 Point 39 48,983 Point 40 51,718 Point 41 54,454 Point 42 55,945 Band 8cPoint 41 54,454 Point 42 55,945 Point 43 58,431 Point 44 61,167 Point 45 65,270 Point 46 Band 8d Point 45 65,270 Point 46 67,134 Point 47 69,932 Point 48 73,351 Point 49 77,079 Point 50 80,810 Band 9 Point 49 77,079 Point 50 80,810 Point 51 84,688 Point 52 88,753 Point 53 93,014 Point 54 97,478 67,134
  9. HMRC refer probate valuations to the governments Chartered Surveyors at the VOA. Often the VOA valuer finds the returned valuation acceptable and that is the figure tax is paid on. If he does not find it acceptable he will inspect the property and this will often reveal why the valuation is low. If the valuer still thinks the returned value is too low he will put his own valuation to the executor and a negotiation will take place. If this results in an increased valuation being agreed that is the figure tax will be paid on. A fine will only result if the returned valuation is fraudulent and has been submitted with the intention of evading tax. There is no fine for an honest mistake or difference of opinion. This has been the way the system has worked for decades.
  10. Assuming the property is let at a market rent I have seen yields supported by evidence ranging from 3% on a prime shop in central London to 16% on a storage unit in a pikey infested semi derelict industrial area. These examples are not comprehensive or up to date and merely reflect ones I can remember.
  11. I vaguely remember writing a report about residential investment property in about 2004. One of my conclusions was that the returns were so low that such investments were just a bet on future capital growth. Little appears to have changed in terms of nett yield. It seems incredible to me that such an investment still sells today when the prospects for growth are far worse than in 2004.
  12. I started using charity shops when I was skint back in the 90s. I have not bought a shirt, suit, pair of trousers or jacket anywhere else since. Good brands with no visible wear for a few quid. Why pay more? I could afford to pay retail now but would choke at the thought of wasting the money.
  13. Interesting question. Shooting Funding Award (2009-2013) £2,461,866 Performance Target for London 2012 0-1 Athletes on World Class Performance Programme 10 That's about £61,500pa per athlete on a 4 year cycle. I wonder how much each athlete sees and how much goes in keeping the administration running.
  14. That sort of money would sure as feck encourage my participation.
  15. The cheapest medal appears to be the £2.5M shooting gold in the double trap. If they give me £2.5M I will promise to practice every day possible until Rio 2016 by which time I reckon I will be pretty good.
  16. I've put up with a lot worse when there was a shag in it.
  17. The house next door to me had been a rental for about ten years. The landlord decided to sell up this year. He got £160,000, the house would have been worth about £175,000 at the peak. He took the view that he might get less next year. Some people are seeing which way the wind is blowing.
  18. Mine does exactly that when the battery starts to get a bit low.
  19. Back in the 1970s I lived in an area where the streetlamps had 150Watt bayonet fitting tungsten incandescent bulbs. Theft was definately an issue. The speed at which I, and many others, could shin up a lampost and remove the bulb was remarkable. We sat in rooms with lovely bright lights.
  20. Yes but just like other possessions you can get a lot more use out of them by treating them prudently.
  21. Very true. Seen damp problems on the inside of the inner leaf caused by this more than a few times. A surprising phenomenon was the number of people who refused point blank to believe the insulation was the probable cause.
  22. Indeed there should. The problem is not, as far as I am aware, with newbuilds. The problem ones I have seen were in houses that had been 'improved' by people lacking an understanding of how the building worked. It is one of the things I wish I could have had the opportunity to look at more closely but time was always pressing and I was only paid to spot the problem.
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