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  1. I used to be an expert. My predictions were usually wrong.
  2. If brexit was the theme how about Arthur Harris or the other famous Arthur Wellesley. edit typo
  3. How about Sir Joseph William Bazalgette pioneer of mains drainage. Built most of the main sewers still in use today in London.
  4. Freeholder

    SJW meltdown

    The last time we were given one of these on paper I ticked White British, Irish and Other European, which is accurate over three generations. I then bracketed the rest and wrote 'not as far as I am aware but some of my ancestors got around a bit'. HR were not amused.
  5. Freeholder

    Alternative discussion sites to FUBRA

    There must be something somewhere on Reddit. I echo your comments above. Rules are rules and they were broken.
  6. Freeholder

    Oh dear Labour

    Labour MP Vernon Coaker said "But we're proud of what we did. We kept our deposit which some people said we were going to lose." Nothing like setting an achievable objective.
  7. Freeholder

    SJW meltdown

    My facebook friends are looking on the bright side. Quote On a positive side.... Pound against dollar rate is much better than a day ago
  8. Freeholder

    Stand By For Euro Crisis 2

    Because the ECB would threaten to stop providing their banks with liquidity. Same as happened with Greece leading to the big Syriza climbdown.
  9. The Conservatives are the party most likely to keep Labour out where I live so I will vote for them. As I did last time and every other election back to 1974.
  10. City Link managed to break a steel safe being delivered to a friend of mine. Not the only improbable breakage I have heard of by them. I have long had a policy of not buying anything to be delivered by them. Now I don't have to check for that my on line purchasing is a little bit easier.
  11. This one wasted £2.7 billion http://www.taxpayersalliance.com/waste/2011/08/system-failure-11-billion-nhs-system-finally-abandoned-slamming-high-bill-taxpayers.html
  12. A quick google finds this http://www.huntspost.co.uk/news/latest-news/under_fire_regional_control_centres_for_fire_service_1_1028258 apparrently a c0ck up from day one courtesy of that oaf Prescott.
  13. Freeholder

    Anyone Watching Bonds?

    Italian government 10 year bonds are yielding 2.82% when the dogs in the street know the Italian government is broke. http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/GBTPGR10:IND
  14. I think the situation would have changed a lot between 1970 and 1979.
  15. As a child in the 1960s my wife lived in a house with an outside WC and no bathroom. My first house was a Victorian terrace. The bathroom in it dated from the 1970s. An elderly neighbour told me a lot of bathroom conversions/additions were done about that time.

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