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  1. Blimey, I'd have though HPC would be all over this but no replies in two months! http://www.youtube.com/results?q=queen%20of%20versailles%20trailer
  2. It'd be quite a bargain if it went at that price.
  3. Better value than Phil Neville's flat in Manchester: http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/news/s/1424931_too-high-phil-neville-slashes-price-of-beetham-tower-apartment-by-250000
  4. That link says: "Foster, whose fund has outperformed the IMA Strategic Bond sector over the last three years returning 28.9% versus the average return of 19.5%," I'm confused, are they saying that, in a year, for every £100 invested with his company they gave back £128.9? Edit: Just re read it, its over 3 years! Still not bad
  5. Hi Mikhail, You've managed to tell us how much your house is worth, how much you earn (twice) and how you are absolutely brilliant at your job. Fancy mentioning how big your c*ck is and how beautiful your wife is so its all out of your system?
  6. Yes, to draw another analogy its like those cards you get in hotels which say "We care for the environment so won't wash the towels unless you tell us to", this from hotel chains that rely on people flying around the world to get to them. Because its about the environment you can't argue against it in the same way that if you mention you have several children people are expected to not question things when you say you produce an excess of rubbish (I tried to work a litter pun in there but it seemed forced, feel free to try to run with that though as I noticed you did a rather good one higher up the thread! )
  7. Exactly, also in theory by paying extra you are contributing to the cost of dealing with that extra waste Sadly true. Its obvioulsy not a perfect system, I just get annoyed with people trumpeting the old line about "I pay my council tax" as if that entitles the to limitless services to abuse at will because they are too stupid to realise these things cost and someone somewhere has to pay for them. They strike me as those people you see on £5 easyjet flights acting as though they are Joan Collins travelling first class on Concorde.
  8. Indees, as we all are so what are you suggesting, we raise council tax so that the council can afford the fines? I'd certainly be happy to pay the extra provided other people are prepared to share my burden when it comes to paying for my booze and flash cars.
  9. Saying what? Dear Merv, I demand that you lower the global prices of all commodities? If house prices are falling anyway what woud be achieved by raising IR? Wouldn't it just strengthen the pound and thus exacerbate the problem?
  10. Obviously what they think their house is worth and what they could actually sell it for is going to differ wildly. However leavng that aside there's only a short fall of about £5 to £10k. Are people in jobs really able to go bankrupt becuase they don't want to pay back those amounts? If I'd have gone bankrupt last year it would have made no difference to my life what so ever so where's the deterent?
  11. Fortunately it does, 53 indicates positive growth, just at a reduced rate. I'm sure no one on here would hope for anything less?
  12. If by forced sales you mean ''snatch backs', let's hope there aren't many of these as to lose your home as well as your job is not something any right minded person would wish on anyone.
  13. Natalie, As someone who's lived there for 5 years and has the choice of living more or less anywhere I feel I ought to offer some balance to the out of date views being expressed here. Whalley Range, by all accounts used to be a right dump but like I said in an earlier post, I've had much less trouble here than in either Chorlton or Didsbury, where I live is *really* quiet, I may have seen prossies on the street since I've been there but I've not really noticed, they are not invasive and its certainly not somewhere were curb crawlers go. The idea that there are any nice areas in Manchester that are not surrounded by 'bad' areas is just rubbish and the differences between the bad areas doesn't matter, there may be more shootings in say Moss Side (again, I don't know if this is true anymore) than Burnage but you'll never be affected by it, what will affect you are muggings, burglaries, car crime etc, I've not heard of a single instance of these among my neighbours since I've been there. My house in Didsbury got broken into three times and my car broken into twice within the first two weeks of moving to Chorlton. I have three female lodgers between 29 and 34, they all love it here and will not move anywhere else. I can only repeat what I said in my origninal post, I wouldn't move anywhere else in Manchester but would keep to the area bordered by College, Withington and Upper Chorlton Roads. Obviously you could listen to people who don't know anything about the place, they're probably the same people who would turn their nose up as Hoxton or Nottinghill based on something a mate in the pub told them 30 years ago.......... PS. Heaton Moor was somewhere I looked at really closely, it's quite nice but as with everywhere in Manchester you don't have to go far to be in the badlands.
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