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  1. Today we noticed something was not right with the wiring - we were getting slight shocks off appliances and taps. Landlord just came out and helped us isolate the problem by turning off the breakers until no current detected in taps. Was the electric oven. Breaker obviously not working for the oven! When he left, I turned on the breaker for the oven again to observe the electricity meter, it showed noticeable power draw. Tomorrow morning I shall try again with everything else turned off to see exactly how many revolutions per minute the short circuit is responsible for. My question is, if this oven has been leaking electricity to ground for a long time, who is responsible for the electricity bill? How long could this have been happening without us noticing? Any other advice? Cheers, Vae
  2. do you think that the figures take into consideration that february this year was a leapyear?
  3. had a good lol at the SSL joke. I think there would be 50% less vehicles on the roads if this tech takes off the way i think it would. Hit a button on your iphone and within a minute a carpooled cab picks you up.
  4. I dont think we will have to wait long to see what things the recent technological advances can do to our society, good or bad. I think that when driverless cars gain traction in the real economy, the effects will be huge, so huge, that it will be extremely disruptive to the status quo and there will be millions of people crying about it. Think how many people are indirectly making their living because only humans can currently drive a car, and that sharing one is extremely difficult. Nearly everyone has a car. When the driverless car technology is truly ready for the road, watch out, because it will be life changing.
  5. google image search for blue waffle, you will not be dissappointed
  6. What do subway train drivers get paid in New York? It's expensive to live there. Would be nice to see the comparison. Also, driving a subway train in New York probably pays danger pay. Crazy terrorists with Russian accents love to take over subway trains and kill the driver. That's if what happens in the movies are true... Market forces should drive these pay scales. I am sure that people would prefer to drive a subway train rather than a bus around london, and the pay should reflect that. edit: seems that new york transit conductors get about $50K
  7. To say that Euroland inflation is only 3% pa is laughable I have friends/family in France, Germany, Belgium and Spain and they are all complaining. Energy up Stealth inflation in food (smaller everything) Broadband up It's all a frigging joke.
  8. 180mill of taxpayers money pissed away. Could have threw the money at ITER instead.
  9. Every bit of oil or coal we do not burn WILL be burnt by someone else. We are unnecessarily giving other countries a competetive advantage over us. If we are going to do this right we need to go nuclear in a big way and start immediately.
  10. Belgium is an interesting one. The government are already up to their eyeballs in debt. I think national debt is equal to 100%, maybe more, of GDP A huge amount of tax revenue is dependent on people buying property. The taxes are immense, and makes buying a property extremely expensive. The transaction costs in Belgium are amongst the highest in the world. Weakness in the property market has no doubt had a big impact on their deficit. Taxing the population more in other areas to make up for this is going to be difficult. VAT is already at 21%, not much room for increase there. Income tax is ridiculously high too so again not much room there. Fuel, factoring in the strong euro to the pound, is already as expensive as is here. Their road tax is also double of ours. Because the nation is so split politically, any austerity measures will be near impossible to implement without causing significant social unrest. The only saving grace for Belgium it is that most people take fixes on their mortgages for the entire duration of the mortgage so a lot of people are pretty much immune to interest rate rises.
  11. I think there will be a shock and it will not be portugal spain or italy next; it will be BELGIUM
  12. I would buy her out so it's all yours, less complicated that way.
  13. It is more of a hedge against price movements, but would be bought in the area that I grew up in so know the area well and have lots of family there. I would like to buy there, but I feel that the prices in the area that I would be working are even worse value than those in the uk. Also, the taxes when buying a property are huge, the size of a deposit in the UK, so renting in the area I will be working in just seems like a no brainer.
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