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  1. No amount of conspired 'dumping' could move the gold market down from $1900 to where it is now. At what point are you going to admit that your position is wrong?
  2. Err, none of Dent's predictions from that video have actually happened. Do yourself a favour and check out his real predictive record, no the one he says he has, but the one he actually has. It's easy enough to find on google. Dent is an absolute fraud, as are 99.99% of economic pundits.
  3. Hmm, what should we do today Ed? I know let's increase the level of business risk associated with highly indebted football clubs! Cue reduced investment in English football (I presume it wouldn't apply to Scotland) in 5,4,3,2,1.....
  4. No, they are going to throw everyone and everything under a bus to save their bond markets.
  5. Plus of course higher taxes and lower spending/reduction of services. Even corporate welfare is likely to struggle going forward as their unofficial government subsidies decline.
  6. Depends what level of freedom you're talking about. Even your beloved EU regulates those 4 things, so if we're sticking with your absolutist tosh, they don't believe in them either.
  7. Campervan is laughable, and it's highly entertaining to see him become increasingly deranged as UKIP continue to grow. Hypocritically defending policies with clear downsides for people in the UK, while insulated from their effects in the comfort of his mansion in France. He's also a rentier to boot - HPC's own Polly Toynbee.
  8. Not surpising to see Westminster's management of this has been to the usual standard - atrocious. After months of condescending disinterest they've now adopted their emergency fallback position of panicked shambles. Cameron has unbelievably just ordered the Saltire be flown from no 10 until the polling day, another astounding lack of judgement on his part. A 'yes' vote breaks the shambolic UK cartel, for that reason alone it should be supported imo. Even if the result swings to 'no', I get the impression the damage is, prehaps thankfully, already done.
  9. A myth. You can't dominate a market as big as online retail. It's like trying to eradicate all the mosquitoes in a swamp, there are so many and their resource requirements are so low they'll always come back, stronger than ever. Amazon is a fine firm, but its current model is also based on massive, massive amounts of ******** and wishful thinking.
  10. Yes, thank god it's all over. The great recession, 2008 to 2014.....
  11. They really shouldn't be fooling anyone trumpeting any kind of growth figures (especially in percentage terms) from their post-2008 base. They have managed to lift their head slightly of the tarmac during a sustained upswing in the business cycle. What happens when it turns down again?
  12. This in the Spectator, albeit by Cohen, suggests the start of a disownership campaign by CCHQ: http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/nick-cohen/2014/06/the-conservative-case-against-iain-duncan-smith/ The catastrophe is simply too big to hide, so the operation to distance him from the rest of the party begins.
  13. Another +1 from me. Wherever I look, all I can see is people who are 'all-in', totally dependent on the continued success of a system which is already in a precarious state. Housing is just a symptom.
  14. It's a classic part of the zealot's mindset. Those with differing views are just too stupid to understand, or they're shills, or dupes. This one loves the EU, a few clicks away are the goldbugs and bitcoiners. Regardless of the subject, the 'arguments' are always the same.
  15. He didn't like today's result so the mask is slipping, also see comments about the entire population of Basingstoke a few pages back. I'd imagine it's hard for him to dissemble as usual when he's boiling with rage.
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